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MSC-4000 (little warning)
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Author:  admin [ 01 Oct 2011, 07:18 ]
Post subject:  MSC-4000 (little warning)

Just a word of caution on SONY MUSE decoder (no idea about other manufacturers):

Back in 2004~2005, while I was working in Tokyo, I bought a SONY MSC-4000 decoder online. When plugged on my system, MUSE LDs with a digital soundtrack would play fine but the analog output had background noise and distorsion.

Luckily, SONY's customer service/repair center was 15mn walk away from my office. I sign up for a (paying) check up to get an idea of the cost to repair it.

It took them 3 weeks to get back to me. They basically gave me back the money for the check up and explained that there was nobody left in SONY who knew how to fix complex analog designs like these anymore. They had all retired/left already...

Conclusion: if you're planning to buy (even cheap) a MUSE decoder, have it fully tested first because chances are that nobody knows how to fix a broken one anymore!


Author:  publius [ 01 Oct 2011, 16:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: MSC-4000 (little warning)

I attempted to get the service manual for the MST-2000 from Sony Japan & was told they couldn't find it in their archives! I'm not sure how thoroughly they looked, but they did send me a .PDF of the user's manual, with an original dimension drawing attached at the end.

Author:  vinylcollector [ 17 Oct 2011, 23:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: MSC-4000 (little warning)

Is this the one Julien

(obsolete link)

Author:  admin [ 18 Oct 2011, 00:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: MSC-4000 (little warning)

Yes, that's the one.

Not that someone who purchased a HLD-X9 from me didn't mind getting a free half-working MSC-4000 (digital audio: OK, analog: BAD) with only an incremental cost of extra-shipping.


Author:  cpix [ 14 Sep 2012, 14:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: MSC-4000 (little warning)

i just tested my msc-4000 with the analog outputs and there are no distortion in the audio! works great!=)

Author:  publius [ 22 Sep 2013, 04:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: MSC-4000 (little warning)

My MSC-3000 has some kind of problem. The first time I went to use it, the on-screen display simply didn't work. I tried it again today, & the OSD worked fine, but there's something badly wrong with the output timebase. All vertical lines sqiggle back & forth in the most distressing fashion, & I think it gets worse as the unit warms up with waste heat.

I'm going to try to figure out if it's anything I can actually deal with. I think there's actually a reasonable chance, if it's a dying decoupling capacitor or something of that nature.

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