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 Post subject: COOL laserdisc find in Paris including many Discovision
PostPosted: 27 Jan 2018, 21:15 
Genuinely interested
Genuinely interested
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(link to picture below)

Shortly after finding some interest in the "firsts" (Discovision etc), I had to find a decent CLD-2950 and a guy living near my shop passed by pure coincidence and sold me his DVL-919 along with his collection of laserdiscs, most of which date 1978-1984 along with several later titles.
In a nutshell, he traveled over the planet several times every month and ran a US company. He bought Discovision LDs as soon as they came out and would return every defect disc.
The batch of Discovision titles has cartoons, films and music. It's missing Jaws but hey, can you ever find anything better in France instead of paying expensive shippings from abroad ?

There's Jaws 2 but with a dead side 3. Sides 1 and 2 have defects at the end (freezes and sort of accelerated motion probably due to skips).
What I noticed is that all playable sides of Jaws 2 have the same constant spekles in the same portion of the screen (about the first 1/5). Side 2 has distorded sound.

I don't know what title are hard to come by but I can always make a list. However there are other brands. There's even one discovision with one CAV side and the other looking like CLV.

I'm just back from work with the four boxes.
There's even the ABBA and the other featuring one ABBA singer alone.
What I find totally amazing is that some people in Paris already had the US laserdiscs straight from the begining. Anyhow...

Picture at Image

PS: Should I try to clean those dead sides ? One seems to be a General Motors video (Mint starts with GM) but I would be wrong. Let me know how to safely clean those sides. Is 90 degrees alcohol sufficient ?
 Post subject: Re: COOL laserdisc find in Paris including many Discovision
PostPosted: 28 Jan 2018, 21:35 
Serious fan
Serious fan
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Hi David,

Well, I'm certainly not the best authority on cleaning the "dead sides", so I can't be of much help with that. I've never tried it myself, but have heard of others doing that and finding some parts of hidden treasures on those. I don't have a lot of Discovision titles in my collection. I generally avoid them due to the high defect rate they have. Also, there are only a few of them I have any interest in, mostly the "non-feature" titles and some of the others which were never re-issued later in better versions. The one piece you have there which is an obvious standout is "Let It Be". That one is a pretty sought-after and valuable piece, assuming that it is in playable condition on both sides. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on that one, and hope when you check it that you don't find it to be a "snowstorm" on either side. :thumbup: The other piece I can't help taking notice of is what appears to be the older pan & scan version of "Dune", which is in the front of the other box behind the one with "Let It Be". That was one of the very first discs I ever acquired. I bought it used from a guy who worked at the store where I bought my first player in 1987. I have long since upgraded to the later letterboxed release of "Dune", but I still own the older disc too. I pulled it out a few days ago, as I was spot-checking some of the older discs that I hadn't looked at for years to see if they have aged well or not. Fortunately, I found the older "Dune" disc still looks just as good as it did the day I bought it from that gentleman! :thumbup: So far, all of the titles I bought from him seem to have fared well after all these years, including "The Delta Force", "The Color of Money", and "Last House on the Left". When I have checked them recently, none showed any signs of rot! I hope that you have good luck too when you check out these older discs that you added to your collection. If you don't turn up too many rotters, it looks like you made a great find there, my friend!

Best Regards,
David :wave:
 Post subject: Re: COOL laserdisc find in Paris including many Discovision
PostPosted: 28 Jan 2018, 23:53 
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The way I cleaned the dead sides is using denatured alcohol.
Be careful to keep it away from the labels and you will need a bunch of clean rags or paper towels then wipe away and use a clean spot and keep wiping.

I would also use the novus plastic polish after to clean any light swirls.
It takes a lot of time but you can get some really cool dead sides.
Keep us posted on what you find, some are only playable in GM type players.
 Post subject: Re: COOL laserdisc find in Paris including many Discovision
PostPosted: 29 Jan 2018, 06:40 
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The Beatles: Let It Be (1970) [4508-80] alone is quite a find!

It's probably rotted like other copies I've seen but still a collector's item for Beatles fans.

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