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Posted: 14 Apr 2019, 16:48 

Try a cav disc on both of them. 703 might be out of alignment and cross reading on clv discs which causes noise like artifacts

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Posted: 03 May 2019, 14:06 

In a way it's positive that he won't see SW9.

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Posted: 25 May 2019, 21:49 

Yeah, we’re going to need some kind of technical info or this story isn’t of much use. Your friend clearly knew exactly what the issue is, perhaps you can quote him. You’re saying that the TV has a composite video input yet it’s non-functional from the factory. Did your friend build a sync device or an NTSC/PAL converter or flip the pins or what?

I’m sort of surprised Sony didn’t just replace the thing instantly. There’s no reason they should disbelieve your claim and even if they did you guys still have warranty laws over there.

I don’t have any trouble believing that the picture eventually was great. I have a 4K Bravia from 2017 and it is just amazing with LD. People really need to be looking at what new TVs can do before they blow thou$sand$ on boutique boxes. I’m not saying I’ve ever seen those high end scalers in action but I am a total nit picky snob and my main setup is still HD CRT so I’m pretty sure for %90 of LD owners new Sony’s (and probably other makes) will satisfy completely. If I’m not miserable watching any LD setup its probably a good one. :)

Keep telling people current TVs way surpassed almost all of those now obsolete video processors but see many people blow hundreds on them anyway. Expecially those old Faroudja, DVDO and no name boxes are literally door stops now. Unless you have the funds and fortune to find a working Crystalio II or Lumagen Radiance 2144, there is no reason for video processors. They actually degrade video, they are antiquated technology.

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Posted: 25 May 2019, 21:57 

It's a 4 pole 3.5mm headphone phone jack on the TV. Pole 2 has video and Pole 3 has common ground. Pole 1 and 4 have L and R audio respectively. It's a breakout cable not supplied with Sony TVs. it's a composite input and stereo audio on one jack. You don't need an engineer for this.

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Posted: 08 Jun 2019, 04:35 

1- The wrath of Khan
2- The motion picture (I love how grand and epic it is)
3- First contact
4- Undiscovered country
5- Voyage home
6- Search for Spock
7- Final frontier
8- Nemesis
9- Generations
10- Insurrection
11- Star Trek
12- Beyond
13- Into Darkness

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Posted: 14 Jun 2019, 12:49 

Watched I am Mother on Netflix. I really liked it. I generally like these minimalist sci fi films. It is slow, nearly no action and the story is very simple (perhaps stupid too) so it’s not a film for everyone. If you liked Duncan Jones’ Moon, you will probably like this one too.

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Posted: 16 Jun 2019, 01:49 

Hi. I have read this thread with intrigue and am interested in procuring a 2144. I reached out to and they were very responsive, but basically told me they have no options for getting a 2144. Does anyone here have a lead on a new or used unit? I know that Substance and Admin (Julien) mentioned that they had direct contact to Lumagen (Jim). Any chance one of you can help me with getting info on a 2144? I am trying to build a setup with an HLD-X0 and really need the 2144 to make it right. Thank you in advance for any help.


I can get you in contact with Jim. They take trade ins towards their new 4K models time to time. They refurbish these trade ins and offer for sale but typically not listed anywhere. I also use a HLD-X0 with my 2144 and haven't seen better picture from LD on any other setup.

You can email and mention my name Mahir Derman. PM me your full name to me and I will email Jim to look for your email. I don't make any commissions or benefit from this in any way. You will find 2124/44 owners very friendly and helpful. We will help you with the setup and tweaks later on your journey.

Like audioboyz mentions, your "only" other option is CII if you can find any. CII can be a tad sharper in the expense of combing artifacts. Also it would be solely for LDs as the rest of the hardware is pretty antiquated for anything newer.

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Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 01:35 

Moebius also designed the spacesuit used in Alien.

So both Geiger and Mobius worked on Alien? that's completely awesome!

I recommend watching Jodorowki’s Dune for how that team came up together for Dune but later used on Alien. Ridley Scott was hired after Jodorowski has been dropped off to direct Dune but later replaced by David Lynch. Scott took Giger, O Banon and others to work on Alien.

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Posted: 02 Jul 2019, 11:50 

Not to threadjack, but WTF does this have to do with TV on LaserDisc?
Who knows.
I think this is why it got jacked in the first place :lol:

Did Voyager ever get on Laserdisc or did it stop with DS9? getting slightly back to the topic but these threads... :lol:

First 5 seasons of voyager and ds9 were released in Japan. 60 episodes of ds9 were released in the US. There is a “captains” themed set in the US, also released in Pal in Europe, which includes one episode from tos,tng, voy and ds9. That is the only Voy episode for the US region on LD.

Voy and Ds9 didn’t make it to Blu-ray. There is one ds9 episode as an extra on the tos season 3 Blu-ray set. Tos Blu-rays allow you to watch the series with original and enhanced special effects. Tng Blu-ray are only available in enhanced special effects.

If you want the original effects and original soundtrack in lossless mono (dolby surround for tng) then the Lds are the best way to watch them. All st lds look phenomenal for ld btw. Blurays have the original soundtracks as well but only in lossy dolby digital 2.0.

If you don’t mind the new remixed 5.1 soundtracks then Blu-ray are the best. The enhanced effects are very well made and don’t freak you out like in star wars se.

They are also available on prime and netflix from the same masters as the Blu-rays but the lossy nature of the streaming puts them even a step less than the lds.

Lds are super expensive though. You can probably find good deals on Japanese sets but shipping will cost an arm and a leg. Blu-ray sets are like $10 a season nowadays.

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Posted: 19 Jul 2019, 14:08 

You made me power up my LD setup after like a good 8 months of no use :)

Here is my current setup:

HLD-X0(composite) - Radiance 2144(genlock auto) - Radiance 4449 (9Ghz input, 18 Ghz output, genlock off) - Sony XBR-A1E 65” OLED (18 Ghz input)

I used Star Trek : Borg Collective, disk 2 for the test.

I played the disc for 20 mins uninterrupted to warm up the system then tried pause, FF and RW.

Pause and play immediately works perfect, video resumes with sound. If I pause and play several times repeatedly then I lose the signal for a second or two (black screen) then video and sound resumes.

FF and RW works fine if I click the button for a second or less ( a few frame FF or RW), if I hold the button down for more than a second for continuous FF or RW for many frames) then I lose the signal up to 3 or 4 seconds (black screen again) then video and sound resumes normal. My player is single side only so I can’t test side changes.

I turned off genlock on 2144 (4449 was already off). I tried the same test above and lost picture after a couple seconds of FF and it never resumed again, I had to power cycle the 2144. I tried genlock on 4449 and 2144 and it was the same outcome.

I recommend genlock auto on 2144 for sure. 4449 genlock on or off didn’t change anything. I keep mine off.

To be honest, I never really used FF or RW ever before. I simply start the disc and play to the end. With the above settings, losing the picture for a second while FF and RW isn’t bad in my opinion.

ADV7800 chipset in 2144 already has a frame based TBC, weak, poor time base, nonstandard signal support. Adding another device wouldn’t help it. The issue is in the dropped frames that occur during FF and RW which cause clock changes on the HDMI. Up to a second FF and RW seems to be within the compensation of the genlock function on the 2144 but not anything beyond.

I and some others had issues on 4449 on earlier firmware with genlock(which was ported from the older Radiance), especially on Sony Tv/projectors ( and some other brand). Newer 4K displays with HDMI 2.0 are a lot more picky with the clock changes and have difficulty handling dropped frames which causes these clock changes. Lumagen rewrote the genlock code on the 4xxxx models to handle this and it works great now.

For 2144 to work right with the issues you are having, they would likely have to re-write the genlock for the older Radiance units. I can tell you this is extremely unlikely to happen. The new Radiance Pro and older Radiance units are on different codes, it isn’t easy to port codes between them. It would take major effort to write new code for 2144 and it makes no financial sense on a discontinued product.

Try genlock auto on 2144 and report, let’s go from there.

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Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 00:16 

Twice a year barnes and noble and criterion online %50 sales, that’s 4 sales a year. Just buy it in one of these sales and it will be $100.

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Posted: 06 Aug 2019, 04:15 

Highly dependent on how revealing the rest of your setup is. The player alone isn’t worth it.

I would start with the best display you can buy. Oleds are the way to go on modern displays and last generation pioneer or panasonic plasmas for used stuff. A modern Oled will also benefit any other format you may watch. The infinite contrast is simply amazing.

If you can add a Lumagen Radiance 2144 or Crystalio II, you might like the video on any ordinary player. Radiance will improve all other source excluding 4K, CII is antiquated and good for LD only.

You can always take it further with a hld x0 and reach LD nirvana but as I said upgrading others components will probably give you more improvements than the player alone and they will benefit all formats.

I know these aren’t cheap but the last %10 improvement is always an exponential cost add on.

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Posted: 13 Sep 2019, 11:57 

Oh boy

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Posted: 21 Sep 2019, 13:25 

Refund their money and they keep their discs. That simple. Then you hope that they will again buy from you in the future.

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Posted: 22 Sep 2019, 15:04 

Correct. I agree with everyone above. Buyer b is a thief. His dignity and honor is worth $150. For $150 he will make us talk s**t about him.

I meant the seller should ask for %10 less for the inconvenience. Buyer B should pay that. Rein o is right, you should expose him so we know.

Julien you did nothing wrong. You couldn’t have known this. I don’t believe buyer b will pay so unfortunately seller will come to understand this.

Seller should have asked the items to be returned to him, inspect then ship to the right buyer after clearing the money. He sounds like a honest man and went to enthusiastic about fixing his mistake. It is sad the buyer b doesn’t have the same class.

I would say buyer b name goes to cavaet list.

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Posted: 28 Sep 2019, 18:52 

You need a high quality DAC to accomplish this. (DAC = digital to aqua converter)

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 Post subject: Re: HDVS Demo disc on eBay
Posted: 04 Oct 2019, 19:48 

If the seller had the player for sale along with the disc then there would be a lot of interest. I got into HD-VMD discs at one point. I am sure most of you have no idea what these are. No they are not UMD discs for the Sony PSP. Believe it or not, HD-VMD was a third option while Blu-ray and HD-DVD were in war. They used regular DVD technology with more layers to make the cost low. There were 2 models released and about 20-25 titles before the format died. I missed out on one auction for a player and about 8-10 titles. I won the second auction which only had 2 titles included. I don’t remember what I paid but it was a couple of hundred or more for both auctions with many bidders. Since then these players showed up for sale many times with no discs included and they all failed to sell even for $25. You got nothing to play it on, it has no value. The same for the players, no discs to play then no value. I have been looking for these discs for over 5 years now and so far found none.
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