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Posted: 22 Dec 2019, 20:26 

Interesting to see the wide range of opinions here. I think the BD hate is overblown, where are the two guys that used to fight forper on that lol.

I am telling them if LD were still manufactured today they would be getting the same masters with the same orange and teal color timings. Rest assured that they would also implement forced warning and trailers into any new players.

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 Post subject: Re: new to the forum,
Posted: 23 Dec 2019, 19:03 

Some notes:

Most Laserdiscs aren’t worth the cost of shipping.

The number of discs is determined by the running time. One hour per side with CLV discs, one half hour per side for CAV discs. A short movie may be one disc, a movie in CAV format may be as many as five sides.

Those thick plastic ziplock things, at least one ones I’ve see, can really mess up jackets pretty bad from my experience, especially if the owner liked to leave the jacket in there and just pull the disc in and out. I’d expect the opening edge of the jacket will be pretty dinged up.

The LDDB Top Ten is the last ten discs most people want. It represents what they already have and what the most common discs are. They WERE in demand, but now that there are enough LDs for everyone at super low prices nobody is going to pay much for T2 special edition anymore because they already have three copies.

Good luck. There must be an LD fan on Guam still.

Not related to this ad here but I love it when some people list “most are two disc special editions” for LDs :)

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Posted: 25 Dec 2019, 23:44 

There is a somewhat scientific way you can calculate minimum difference between certain players. Image science foundation says average human eye can tell errors in color accuracy if the error is above %3. In other words if you have two TVs side by side, when you play the same material on both simultaneously and let’s say one of TVs colors are off by only %2 then they will look identical to you but once the color accuracies are off by %3 and above then you will be able to point them out. Now keep this in mind but also keep in mind we are more sensitive to certain colors and way less sensitive to others so this %3 is an average. On more sensitive colors we will likely pick up errors of %1 where as less sensitive ones perhaps even %7-8 will look the same. Nevertheless %3 is a good base line.

Now, can you tell a difference between a CLd- 50X and 60X? I will say most of you will say 60X models have slightly less noise. I will say then going from 5 series to 6 series is at least %3 improvement. I think a dvl-909 is somewhat on par with a 604. Let’s climb the ladder from here. 60x, 704, 97, s2, x0. I have 5 players of 5 different levels. I don’t think anyone will argue there are easily identifiable differences between these players. 5x %3 = %15 at least per this calculation. Also remember %3 is when you can start to see difference but this difference can be much greater. So I claim HLD-X0 is at least %15 better than a DVL-909 and this above is how I back my claim. %15 may sound small but in my opinion very significant. Especially since the LD medium has very limited resolution where every scan line and detail is needed.

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Posted: 26 Dec 2019, 02:07 

I enjoy the show but I wouldn't say it's the best ever either. Probably top ten though in the 8-10 range. I actually read the books first as I am a pretty big reader. It's cliche to say they are better but it really is the case.

I am with you on your ranking. It really is good. It is a better show overall than Killjoys and Dark Matter (the other two heavy sci-fi shows in the air) but those two have much more likable characters. I don’t want to sound like complaining a lot though. I am grateful that we have these sci-fi shows. It was far worse a few years ago with nearly no heavy sci fi shows whatsoever.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2020, 03:30 

Jaws wins this one too. Comes with both CD and Book. The most complete home release ever.

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Posted: 15 Jan 2020, 05:54 

Just watched Gemini Man in 4K UHD Blu-ray. This is one of the two US 4K UHD releases with High Frame Rate (HFR), the other one is also an Ang Lee film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. It was shot in 3D 4K HDR HFR (120 FPS) which is the highest technical achievement in film so far. 4K UHD disc has this film in 2D 4K HDR HFS (60FPS), 3D 4K and 120FPS aren’t supported formats (no home video formats known to support these). I believe only a handful theaters showed these films in their respective format. So, how do I feel about the look of this film? I am not sure. It definitely has the soap opera look, you notice it within minutes of the film starts. It is also super sharp. In many scenes it felt like you were really there. I also own Billy Lynn and I felt that it was very suitable for HFR, I am not too sure on Gemini Man. I think it is something too new and I need to watch it again to develop any opinions on it. Overall, I liked the film. Excellent action scenes, perhaps “none others like it” type experience due to HFR. I would highly recommend this 4K UHD disc just for its technical merits alone but the film isn’t bad either, with some very good action scenes.

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Posted: 15 Jan 2020, 06:38 

Oh another note, after watching Gemini Man on 4K UHD BD I continued watching The Man in the High Castle on my Apple TV 4K in supposedly 4K HDR. Oh my, what a disappointment after coming from true 4K. Streaming 4K right after watching a 4K discs was like watching VHS after a Blu-ray.

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 Post subject: Re: Pioneer HLD-X0 Review
Posted: 16 Jan 2020, 02:20 

Ld-S2 has a bnc output. In fact, the X0 is GR44 the enhanced universal soldier Van Damme and the S2 is Luc Deveraux.

Julien, welcome to the club. You have reached the LD nirvana! Having tried every possible player/video processor combinations under the sun, I can confidently tell you your X0 + 2144 is as good as it gets by a long margin. Enjoy them!

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Posted: 23 Jan 2020, 23:37 

There are two titles with Japanese audio and English LD-G. All other titles have English audio and English LD-G.

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Posted: 29 Jan 2020, 12:38 

Terminator Dark Fate last night. It wasn’t bad at all in my opinion. I thought it was going to be really really bad. Action scenes are well worthy of the Terminator franchise. Linda Hamilton was legit bad a**. I think the story has some issues but passable in my opinion. Arnold was good and some jokes made me laughing really really hard but they didn’t feel out of place. It is worth a watch. And I think it is far less irritating that other modern remakes and sequels. Is it a good terminator movie? No and that was expected (and unfair to ask). Terminator movies main wow factor was being pioneering and groundbreaking in many cinema techniques and special effects technology. Dark fate offers nothing new on these. Until the next technology revolution in cinema I doubt any terminator film have the same effect as the original two films. Same goes for Jurassic Park, Toy Story, Tron, and many others

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Posted: 29 Jan 2020, 12:40 

Started watching Fruits Basket with the wife. So far so good.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2020, 23:20 

I use the lightning port on my LD player for 6K.

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Posted: 08 Feb 2020, 20:55 

Frankly if you want to maximise image quality this isn't the hobby for you, just buy it on Blu-ray. There is a reason why nobody makes new LaserDiscs any more after all! Most of us are here because we are interested in the format in some way, either due to the rare content, or the impressive special edition sets, or simply for the interest of seeing an old format in action.

Nope. I believe Laserdisc on a good setup often has the best image quality ever available for many titles.

I wouldn't say often. The majority of titles available on LD you'd probably be better off watching on Blu-ray or even DVD, if picture quality were your primary concern. Perhaps occasionally you will get transfers that overdo it with DVNR or screw up the colour timing; it happens (the fact that this happened to most of the Star Trek films annoys me a lot; but even then you can get earlier versions unsullied with these problems on DVD which are still therefore of higher picture quality than the LD). But I don't think this is anywhere near the majority of titles.

For example, the endless remasters of Macross: Do You Remember Love? , I have many of the DVD remasters but the best image is still the laserdisc Perfect CAV. It's literally perfect.

Also, sound. Sound is a big reason why Laserdisc is still the best format overall.
In terms of the stereo CD quality uncompressed audio, yeah, LD is pretty nice. But I don't think it's substantially nicer than Blu-ray these days. The problem of film soundtracks having their dynamic range compressed for home releases has largely gone away though I believe with Blu-ray players now having the option to automatically compress the soundtrack. And when it comes to surround sound setups, LD is no better than DVD or Blu-ray and infinitely harder to set up. Again, there might be occasional screw-up with the sound mix on individual titles, where some enterprising engineer think they know better than the original sound designers, but by and large these are in the minority.

In terms of things like animation, this is where LaserDisc is likely to shine due to the lack of DVNR, the problems with MPEG2 compression on DVDs not being great for animation, and the fact that most animation doesn't need to be particularly high resolution for your mind to be able to fill in the rest. I do enjoy watching The Lion King on LaserDisc though I never consciously noticed anything with regards to the picture quality; it's more because I own the beautiful CAV boxset release.

Don't get me wrong, I do love LD for many reasons, most explained in prior posts. But ultimately on today's TVs, unless your eyesight is particularly poor, 268 lines of horizontal resolution (for a 2.39:1 film on an NTSC LaserDisc) is not ideal for a live-action film heavy on impressive visuals. It was the best folks at home had in the 1990s, of course.

My vote is for DVD or Blu-ray too. There was an era you could buy a ton of LDs for $1 each. In that era we would call out any above $100 sale for a rare title absolutely ridiculous. That era is over. Even common titles are $10-20 and anything somewhat rare is automatically $100 or so. Now DVDs are dirty cheap. So are used Blu-rays. There aren’t really all that many exclusive to LD content, cut, and supplementaries as people think of. Most of those have been released and re-released on Blu-ray. Today there is less and less reasons to start collecting LDs beside nostalgia and high curiosity.

I have said it elsewhere before. Different color timing, DNR, near field mixes, these are all due to the era. If LD lived on, they would get the same treatment. On the technical side of things, this has been discussed a million times, LD does not have better picture than DVD or Blu-ray. Technical specifications easily tell you this and so are your eyes.

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Posted: 11 Feb 2020, 01:13 

If you are buying generic non-branded or cheap cables, go for digital coaxial cable. Electrically there is no difference. Digital coax must be 75ohm and most manufacturers make sure of that.

Svideo is only useful for 2 or 3 players which have debatable quality comb filters. Component video doesn’t exist for LDs. Theta Voyager version 2 with the progressive scan output module is the only LD player in existence with a component output and its output isn’t that great.

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 Post subject: Re: LD: 2050
Posted: 16 Feb 2020, 08:50 

Be optimistic. 30 years is a long time. You can teach yourself how to fix LD players in that time frame. Hopefully ever faster advancing technology will get us to a point we can replicate all parts. If there is will there is always a way.

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 Post subject: Re: LD: 2050
Posted: 17 Feb 2020, 17:21 

Just to chime in on keeping electronics on power or off while not in use. If you are using it daily or even a couple of times a week, it is always best to keep it plugged in and in standby. Use a decent surge suppressor with MOVs (very common and cheap) or even better with a micro processor controlled relays (rare and more expensive) with some common mode and differential mode filtering.

Unplugging and plugging power often will put a much larger stress on electronics. They will wear and tear much quicker. Minor voltage fluctuations and some transients are tolerated and filtered at the power stage of electronics. That’s why keeping it in standby is no a problem. As a matter of fact it is the preferred way as most electronics do not have hard power switches anymore.

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Posted: 18 Feb 2020, 05:08 

Y/c being combined is overrated. In signal processing applying the inverse of any function returns the original signal. In other-words you split y/c in a mediocre function with poor results then you recombine it the result is equal to your original signal. The issue is some players recombine in an analog circuit which introduces noise and some high end players recombine in digital which is non destructive.

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Posted: 04 Mar 2020, 16:03 

Theta Voyager for sure for the prettiest one. Most karaoke ones are ugly with the added buttons and mic inputs. I am not a fan of top loaders either.

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 Post subject: CC and LD-G implementation
Posted: 23 Apr 2020, 22:22 

While I was researching a serial controller device and reading the serial protocol on the Lumagen Radiance series, I realized Radiance processors have the ability to take serial commands and display them on the screen. One could potentially serialize the display output from a LD-G decoder and/or a CC decoder and feed it into Radiance.

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Posted: 27 Apr 2020, 05:42 

S2 has a comparable s-video output as far as comb filter artifacts and 2D comb filter limitations go. S2 has much cleaner video from video noise.

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Posted: 29 Apr 2020, 16:14 

Hey Forper,

Don't own my own home
Don't own a car (sold old 2nd hand piece of crap because worked hard enough to negotiate a company one)
Not married and no intention with partner of 18 years (marriage 'industry' is a crock off s**t for one thing....)
Guess I'm pretty lucky health-wise.

Some do it tougher than others. Life isn't fair. I have mates who got thrown out of home by bad parents for no good reason. They still don't go round wishing death on them in online forums. No matter how bad your parents were it makes you look bad too.

Apologies to substance for stirring this up.

That’s ok mate. Everyone is bored, tense and ready to get triggered right now. Everyone has their story. I have mine too. I don’t know the situation in Australia. I can not comment. But I am an immigrant in the US. I came here from a poor country and I came with near empty pockets. When people tell me how nice stuff I have, I tell them how much nicer stuff they would have been if I was born in this country. But then what do I know? Everyone has a different life regardless where they were born. Some are more fortunate than others. Maybe being an immigrant I was more motivated more driven. But I can give you an example, college took me 10 years to graduate and not because I was dumb but I never gave up. After I graduated, I realized it was useless and I didn’t need it but maybe I do? Maybe not the knowledge they teach but being able to say I have an engineering degree? Or that decade long suffer made me who I am. No one has the right formula. We try our best. Forper has a solid plan and he knows it’s gonna happen. Ideally you want to love your parents like you do. I respect you for looking after your mother. I left my mother behind some 20 years ago. All I can do now is to call her everyday and tell her to stay home. The rest of my family calls me only when they need money. I stopped answering their calls long ago. I hear you both. Life is complicated. I am sure more will chime in here soon. Sometimes one needs to vent. That is ok. As long as we are respectful to each other and not judging.

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Posted: 03 May 2020, 22:48 

I haven’t been paying much attention lately but typically late 1999 and 2000 releases get the most money. There was even a few that constantly sold at over $1000 such as the sixth day, u-571 and titan ae. I believe there was only a handful of collectors who would pay such money and those already have these in their collections by now. It still doesn’t stop really high prices though. The same collectors go for second or third copies in order to use them as trades for other rarer titles like the cell and tokyo raiders.

I feel the upper end came lower but the lower end elevated. It is difficult to buy any Ld for under $20 plus ship unless you are with buying a lot or hunt down from local ads. Also $60-200 titles are very common now. Ironically these expensive LDs make even less sense now as they all have far superior releases on BD or even 4K for $20-30 new.

Some will claim the superior audio tracks etc 1- Lds don’t have superior soundtracks. 2- most who makes these claims watch their Ld tru TV speakers or a sound bar.3- do not confuse louder for better sound.

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Posted: 06 May 2020, 18:14 

Superbit is a marketing term. It is not a standard. Sony released some titles under Superbit. These titles have no special content on the first disc but the entire disc is used for the film. This allowed much higher bitrates. It is not a constant bitrate but highest possible depending on the length of the film. They also advertised full bitrate DTS audio but this is not true. Full bitrate DTS is 1.5mbps on DVD (1.4 mbps on LD) but only used on 25 or so titles ever. All other DTS discs including all Superbit discs are at half bitrate of 768kbps. It is nevertheless higher than DD at 384kbps (320kbps on LD).

Sony did the same thing for Blu-rays and called those Super Bit Mapping (SBM) or Mastered in 4K titles. Some of these titles have huge “Mastered in 4K” on the front or some of them have a small SBM logo in the back. Same was done for Superbit, earlier titles have Superbit all over them but later ones had a small logo in the back (Ex.Panic Room). On the Blu-ray iteration Sony claims higher bitrates are used. If you use a later generation Sony blu-ray player with SBM, you get better picture when upscaled to 4K. Sony claims their SBM blu-ray players use the inverse formula of the downscaling algorithm used on their Blu-ray mastering (4K master downscaled to 1080p for Blu-ray). Does it work? I don’t think so. I believe all Sony video equipment applies artificial sharpening to achieve faux 4K from lesser resolutions. It is simply not possible to reconstruct bits that aren’t there in the first place.

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 Post subject: Re: A Cure of Laserlock
Posted: 07 May 2020, 01:48 

So the mystery disc is from ... Alf!

I remember that I made a rip of the disc when I initially got them. Pulled up the recording I made and its only 20 min. This newer one I got 7 more mins. I think there's a few more mins left on it. If you wanna take a crack at ripping it with a HLD player, hit me up.

Give me about a month to become fully operational, I just moved and still installing my setup. I have an HLD-X0, Radiance 2144 and BMD Intensity Pro 4K capture card. The capture card has a crap for comb filter. Radiance 2144 has the best but doesn’t output 480i. So ideally 1080P24 for film base or 720P60 for video content for captures.

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Posted: 07 May 2020, 18:31 

There are successful sellers (not many) here. I don’t mind paying them a little extra for an individual disc or a bunch. I totally understand they probably get discs for a penny on the dollar and now selling for 20 to 100 times of that.

Why am I ok with this?

1- Because these sellers have done the leg work of buying huge lots and separating valuable/desirable ones.

2- These sellers have the knowledge and experience of years. They know which lots to invest in. In a way they know what vast majority of the people look for and they hunt those down. And again in a way they do the monitoring the internet, local adds and other means to obtain these discs.

These above two are values. I can spend weeks/months seeking on the internet and local adds for a title/s I am after. I might have to buy a huge lot for that one specific title and potentially drive more than I would like. There is the risk of rot, incorrectly advertised version of the title (happens a lot) and they might even end up being CEDs ;)

Depending on how much your time is worth to you and how bad you want these discs, you might be ok with paying extra to a reputable seller and get the titles you want (and be done). The keyword is “reputable” seller here. I know that the grading is accurate, I know the advertised title is the correct version. I know the title will arrive to me in a correctly packed package.

Based on your posts, you are doing the item# 1 above. That’s some value and justifies some profit. However you seem to be asking the item# 2 to us. Sure no harm in asking but it is not realistic to get years worth of knowledge and experience from a few posts. You really need to spend months, potentially years watching sales, conversations and making your own statistics.

You also need to prove your skills in packaging and how to meet grading expectations of your buyers. LD sales is a different animal. You will see that those super rare discs will sell for really high dollars if they are in extreme mint condition but less than stellar ones will sit on your shelf (even if you discount them %80 off).

You got a lot of researching to do if you want to capitalize on LDs. It is not as big of a market as it seems. There is really a handful of titles you will get the money you got for the Song of the South.
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