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 Post subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
Posted: 20 Nov 2017, 10:12 

I haven't even seen it and I already agree with you Confederate. I will avoid Blade Runner 2049 at all costs and never watch.
Take off your nostalgic LD glasses and embrace new things, sometimes they turn into gems like Blade Runner 2049 which mind you is full of practical FX miniatures exactly like the orignal. Just look at this beautiful crafted work.
Speaking of which have you even seen the Final Cut? Best cut of Blade Runner easily and its not on LD, so once again you are missing out.

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Posted: 28 Nov 2017, 05:30 

Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital and DTS are all different types of “surround” found on LD but none of these were designed for headphone uses. Any “surround” from headphones is a hack above and beyond home theater standards. Putting “5.1 in my headphones” is impossible, it makes no sense.

The players put out stereo. Your headphones put out stereo. Just plug the headphones into your player. You’ll get loads of imaging that way from any high budget action movie. T2, for example.

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Posted: 14 Dec 2017, 20:16 

Hey Guys, the topic says it all. I´m interested how long you are willing to wait for a payment, if someone ordered LDs from you here. Or to be more precise, if communication is slow, and nothing happens on the buyers side (no payment, no more mails),when is your personal limit reached and you say: OK, thats it, I´m going to cancel this.
I just don´t get it, when I order something here, I want to have it , right ?So the first thing I´m doing is to pay, so that those Discs start flying in...Ok, excited to hear your stories.

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Posted: 15 Sep 2018, 17:48 

Just curious, in theory could I swap out the ABT2010 chip in my Yamaha receiver for the ABT2015?

I stumbled across Anchor Bay's info sheet which proudly proclaimed "The ABT2015 is pin-for-pin compatible with the ABT2010."

Other than it being technically beyond my ability for the de-solder/re-solder, what would the results be?
What "improvments" are on the 2015 that are not on the 2010?
Would it be more like swapping out a CPU where everything just works better,
or would firmware be necessary to access new features making this have little or no difference w/o it.

I do have a local repair guy I might trust & the part isn't very expensive.

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Posted: 25 Oct 2018, 19:59 

Rein-o, I didn’t make a single dollar from any of the Lumagen sales here or anywhere. Others will back me up on this, I have never asked for compensation in any means for any of my advice and help.
OK Its just funny how you, admin and one or two others keep pumping this unit and it seems like a sales pitch.

Guess its just my reading it wrong as a salesperson myself.

Substance has freely given me hours (probably days) of his time answering questions about Lumagen, Algolith, Faroudja, any kind of video processing and calibration you can imagine and all he has ever gotten in return is the smile on my face as I watch my LDs. When people ask what is the best way to watch your LDs, we all answer honestly, it usually isn't the answer people want due to the cost but it is the truth nonetheless.

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Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 23:04 

rein-o wrote:
blam1 wrote:
Not to threadjack, but WTF does this have to do with TV on LaserDisc?

Who knows.
I think this is why it got jacked in the first place :lol:

Did Voyager ever get on Laserdisc or did it stop with DS9? getting slightly back to the topic but these threads... :lol:
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