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 Post subject: Re: Blade Runner 2049
Posted: 20 Nov 2017, 10:12 

I haven't even seen it and I already agree with you Confederate. I will avoid Blade Runner 2049 at all costs and never watch.
Take off your nostalgic LD glasses and embrace new things, sometimes they turn into gems like Blade Runner 2049 which mind you is full of practical FX miniatures exactly like the orignal. Just look at this beautiful crafted work.
Speaking of which have you even seen the Final Cut? Best cut of Blade Runner easily and its not on LD, so once again you are missing out.

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Posted: 14 Dec 2017, 20:16 

Hey Guys, the topic says it all. I´m interested how long you are willing to wait for a payment, if someone ordered LDs from you here. Or to be more precise, if communication is slow, and nothing happens on the buyers side (no payment, no more mails),when is your personal limit reached and you say: OK, thats it, I´m going to cancel this.
I just don´t get it, when I order something here, I want to have it , right ?So the first thing I´m doing is to pay, so that those Discs start flying in...Ok, excited to hear your stories.

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Posted: 15 Sep 2018, 17:48 

Just curious, in theory could I swap out the ABT2010 chip in my Yamaha receiver for the ABT2015?

I stumbled across Anchor Bay's info sheet which proudly proclaimed "The ABT2015 is pin-for-pin compatible with the ABT2010."

Other than it being technically beyond my ability for the de-solder/re-solder, what would the results be?
What "improvments" are on the 2015 that are not on the 2010?
Would it be more like swapping out a CPU where everything just works better,
or would firmware be necessary to access new features making this have little or no difference w/o it.

I do have a local repair guy I might trust & the part isn't very expensive.

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Posted: 25 Oct 2018, 19:59 

Rein-o, I didn’t make a single dollar from any of the Lumagen sales here or anywhere. Others will back me up on this, I have never asked for compensation in any means for any of my advice and help.
OK Its just funny how you, admin and one or two others keep pumping this unit and it seems like a sales pitch.

Guess its just my reading it wrong as a salesperson myself.

Substance has freely given me hours (probably days) of his time answering questions about Lumagen, Algolith, Faroudja, any kind of video processing and calibration you can imagine and all he has ever gotten in return is the smile on my face as I watch my LDs. When people ask what is the best way to watch your LDs, we all answer honestly, it usually isn't the answer people want due to the cost but it is the truth nonetheless.

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Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 23:04 

rein-o wrote:
blam1 wrote:
Not to threadjack, but WTF does this have to do with TV on LaserDisc?

Who knows.
I think this is why it got jacked in the first place :lol:

Did Voyager ever get on Laserdisc or did it stop with DS9? getting slightly back to the topic but these threads... :lol:

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Posted: 09 Feb 2020, 23:55 

I was half way through What We Do In the Shadows (TV) and really getting into it when it got yanked from Hulu.

Streaming kinda sucks...often I buy a disc and don’t have time to watch it for a year. That kind of thing doesn’t work well with Netflix or Hulu where the selection is constantly changing and the list of what they have now is way smaller than what they used to have. They’re dropping billions on original programs that bomb and meanwhile I’d just like for my kid to be able to check out Knight Rider without actually buying the POS. The streaming companies are all in this huge arms race that didn’t even exist when I first subscribed to them and now they use their revenues to generate almost exclusively content I never watch.

Classic TV is starting to become an eBay only thing. Stores hardly carry DVD anymore but it’s not like you can reliably steam stuff like Happy Days or All in the Family. My cable company decided to move TCM up to a tier to where I’ll never pay for it and the “classics” sections on these streaming services sometimes have only about a dozen movies and some of them are like Ghostbusters or Jaws so you know they aren’t going to have the complete Busby Berkeley or a bunch of silents.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2020, 05:28 


Cleaned up the topic and put forper on another temporary ban (3rd one?) to the forum -- no need to explain him why, same reasons as before: language, personal attacks, off-topic posts.

We'll let him cool down for a while.


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Posted: 06 May 2020, 20:54 

“I’m here to profit and only profit off you people and your scene that I personally have no interest in. Having apparently maxed my dollar from Facebook I was hoping to somehow milk actual fans of any sort of information that I might use to make even more money off them.”

At least he’s up front about it.

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Posted: 27 Sep 2020, 14:49 

Yeah that's not how it works.

Get into another collectible market to buy and flip for profit.
If you want to make real money get a business license for your town or state and start buying wholesale and selling like the wayfair guys.
Search up that radio interview they just did, they make a little more than you will ever dream of.

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Posted: 27 Sep 2020, 15:04 

Seek traditional employment.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2021, 11:46 

This format is way inferior in quality, expensive, inconvenient, the players are breaking apart, the players don't have cables compatible with some of the newer TVs, buying movies is only available via online stores, Not 1 single new release in 2 decades, and it weight and size make it expensive to ship and store. Yet, here we are.

For me I never got to experience this format when it was current and it just stayed with me and I finally got to it. A hobby if you may. Different mediums interest me, and the whole thing gives me the nostalgia I crave from the 80s & 90s. I also feel it gives the older movies that extra kick of fun watching it on a medium that was current on its release date/era. Kind of why some people like to watch horror movies on VHS.

I am guessing most of you here having been with the LaserDisc format since it was in its prime, and have been 20 years after it was terminated. Haven't you already watched all the movies you want during that period of time? Haven't you got enough of experience with this medium? Why are you still interested in watching over LD?

I am guessing we ,members of this forum, are the last people on earth still watching LaserDiscs, and I have no idea why there are still people with stock of films to sell 20 years later. You would think by 2010 they threw them in the trash or something and move on with their lives.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2021, 17:39 

because I bought it and don't need to buy the same film again.
I'm not one of these people who needs the same film on every format, this one is still working for me.
my father bought this stuff new and i took the collection, only in the past 10 years have films become super dirt cheap i.e. 50 cent DVDs.
and less that you can stream good stuff for free or very little cost.

I remember when the only way you could see "insert film or anime title here" in widescreen or uncut was on LD.
Think of old and older films like horror, scifi, anime or silent films.

Lets say Angel's Egg, the only way to see that until 2 or so years ago was to own the LD now you can stream a poor copy on youtube.
If you bought that title for 50 bucks 20+ years ago you wouldn't be so willing to give it up or away.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2021, 18:41 

The inferior quality is not true. With the right scaling equipment LD's look gorgeous on modern Ultra wide displays.
Just because LD can look really good with the right equipment doesn't mean it has comparable quality to modern formats. You're still limited to 480 horizontal lines per frame, which puts a lower ceiling on how well an SD format can capture the content of a frame of film than 1,080 or 2,160 lines can (and no, the analog nature of each line on LD is not enough to make up for this, especially not when we're talking about a composite interlaced signal). I simply don't believe anyone who tells me that their chain of video equipment can make even the best LD look as good as the UHD-BD of Lawrence of Arabia on a good TV.

The biggest shortcomings of blu-ray and UHD blu-ray are the result of poor video/audio production practices and don't extend to all discs. The biggest shortcomings of laserdisc are part of the format itself. It's just like how no vinyl record can match a properly mastered CD. Frustration with lousy CDs, DVDs, and BDs made by companies that don't care anymore is a great reason to collect and use older formats, but I don't think we should confuse this with the capabilities of the formats themselves.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2021, 18:49 

I’m watching my LD collection because I still have an LD collection.

“Mail order only” is more or less the way LD has always been. I was mail ordering most of my movies in 1992 even though stores in my area weren’t bad at all by American standards. To be honest buying LDs is way better now since most of them are cheap as hell, can be play tested, and you can use eBay, YAJ, and this forum to help you buy any disc from anywhere in the world. You don’t know how good you have it! It used to be that usually if your store couldn’t find a disc then that was it. Out of print meant GONE. LD is a format for people who are already mail ordering their books, records, exotic tea, whatever.

The picture quality is truly very very low compared to a BR but with silent movies and anime OVAs BR is frankly overkill. LD is something I’ve been into almost 30 years now and so to me it was never checking out this wild way old people used to watch movies, it’s the way I’ve watched movies since I was old enough to buy movies. I also have to say that most people don’t have anything like my eyes so BR is double wasted on them. At some point the pursuit of “quality” has to stop if you’re ever going to enjoy the movie. Also, many people including regular posters here don’t know how to even use the correct aspect ratio let alone calibrate. LD on the right display with correct settings can be very good. However the easiest way to make an LD look good is to not throw away all your CRTs like an idiot. Btw, thanks for all the free CRTs everyone. I enjoy them very much. I still have yet to find a modern TV with no composite input so that’s not as issue yet or not as issue with most TVs, probably only the very high end and the utter s**t, to I’d suspect.

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 Post subject: Re: LD player for ripping
Posted: 12 Jul 2021, 14:27 

jefix wrote:
rein-o wrote:
Why do you even ask if you question the answers.

I need to know what this player is better at. That dude didn't write anything other than the model, so I doubt it.

You are new that dude isn't, don't ask if you can't take the answer.
That dude forgot more than others here will ever know.

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Posted: 04 Sep 2021, 20:29 

Don't you forget about me.

Keep the 100K alive.

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Posted: 27 Sep 2021, 16:43 

There is a mechanism at play here, regarding price versus commonality.

Most of the members here buy LDs because we want the movie, even collectards who mount them on the wall. But there are a lot of people who buy LDs only because LDs are rare and expensive exotic magical things. They think their collection is worth $100,000. It’s sorta movie fandom but it’s closer to collecting Beanie Babies or sports cards.

These two ends of the same spectrum have different taste in movies. One hoards the entire Criterion Collection…pretty much only because it’s pre-numbered like a comic book and called “Collection” like a range of Star Wars figures….which draws their moronic unimaginative minds in…the other type actually watches them all, goes on to read or perhaps even write about the creators of the movie, upgrades the ones he really likes, maybe he makes his own movies and borrows something cool he saw in a 70 year old Spanish film. Nobody who desires a “complete collection” really cares about the quality of anything in it. It’s just a checklist. Every title this person owns exists only to have its box checked, then it’s there on the shelf doing its job. None of them are loved more than any other unless there is some “cool” story about how he got it.*

So the Collectarded will buy The Matrix for some insane price and say it’s rare and valuable for the rest of their lives. They’ll tote the price they paid as a good price, the time they bought it the only time they saw it, etc. Mainstream type A model people only see this version of the LD hobby. People who bought Song of the South 30 years after it came out because of a story they saw on CNN about Splash Mountain. I frankly consider these people to be idiots but I recognize that there are way more of the Laserdisc Forever people than there are movie buffs hardcore enough to collect LD.

If you think about that idea, and that stupider collectors have massively less educated tastes, it explains why common as hell titles like The Phantom Menace and SOTS can fetch more money every year than vastly superior movies issued in fractionally smaller quantities.

Eventually Star Wars, real Star Wars, will hit Blu-ray in a form most fans will consider a near-prefect release. When it does a ton of crap news outlets and even crapper YouBoobers will create pieces called “You Don’t Need Your Old Star Wars LDs Anymore!” and when this happens the eBay price for those discs will CLIMB and not fall. Mark my words. A new generation of dumb Star Wars fans who don’t even know what LD even IS as of this writing will collectively (Collectardively?) decide they have to have it and whatever price they pay will be a good price in their eyes.

* often times this “cool story” makes him sound like an enormous a** but he appears to be totally unaware of that and laughs during the entire story every time. We are all amazed by it.

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Posted: 06 Oct 2022, 18:16 

just cleaned out my laserdisc stuff and will update accordingly Also got rid of almost all the players and SP-99D. Kept a handful of titles which I can go through and weed now and my player I need to fix or buy another industrial player which is the LD-V22000.

Anyway just popping in to say I am here and hello and I will try to be on more. Had a bout of Mental Illness strike this year so I am finally getting more stable on the right meds and so forth.

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Posted: 01 Feb 2023, 04:30 

He/She showed it on. I hope I have no issues for the testing working laserdisc player.

Best is to find local sellers that you can visit, test the player with discs (LD, CD) you might bring, etc.
Then you just pay and bring it home.

Avoiding shipping is always a good idea for fragile hardware.


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Posted: 12 Nov 2023, 14:43 

My first advice is to not get into LD.

If you’ve ignored that then the second most important thing is to never mail a player.

Third: don’t mess with stuff that works. Don’t open the machine and start poking the lens with a Q-tip. Don’t turn pots. If it works, leave it. Also if it works make sure to use it once in a while. Players will very much freeze up from lack of use and when powered up for the first time in a decade snap themselves to pieces.

Laserdisc care is pretty much the same as record handling except they are more sensitive to temp changes and humidity and don’t care at all about static or dust. Store them vertically and with consistent pressure but not crammed into the shelf.

I think that’s pretty much everything. My first LDs were Far and Away, Project A-ko and Nausicaa, all purchased in 1992 and they all play perfectly so I don’t think any more care is needed than what I advise.

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Posted: 13 Nov 2023, 21:20 

Agree with signofzeta pretty much on everything; in particular, keep your laserdisc player "alive", playing some disc sometimes during the year - if you keep it in storage without use, it most probably will suffer of... something!

The only thing I do not agree is about lens cleaning; you can do it, but YOU MUST use isopropyl alcohol ONLY, AND NOT the usual alcohol you have at home, AND ONLY if the player is otherwise working well mechanically.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2024, 12:09 

OK, this seems reasonable. Just thought that at LD-release still was unexpected. VHS for sure, but I guess that it was a bigger US-market for rental LD's than I thought. Here in Norway LD's were for sale only and a very small market at that.

The US rental market for LD was also very much non-existent so that’s not really the reason that a movie like “It’s Pat” would be pressed.

Here’s another way to look at it in addition to what was said by Zeta and substance. VHS is actually more expensive to manufacture than an LD based on what goes into it. Really think about that. In the early days of VHS rentals, a tape would typically cost a rental store about $90 to buy from the manufacturer. This is no joke. And the only way the rental shop could re-coup that cost was to at least (in my opinion) have it rented at least 50 times. The only reason that VHS “seemed” to get cheaper as a rental & buying format was a combination of increased demand which in turn reduces cost for mass production + advertising on the tape to further offset cost (the 1989 Batman film is one of the first releases to do this). Regardless of all this, a rental tape of an obscure film still would run about $90 to purchase because once again it’s about demand even in the glory years of VHS.

Now compare that to LD. So…. LD is cheaper to make than VHS. The retail prices of LD titles for just about any movie were pretty consistent regardless if a title was mainstream or obscure. The prices weren’t cheaper than mainstream VHS titles but that was a given since the LD format never hit mass acceptance but thrived anyway with the niche audience that really loved and supported it. And that is also another reason why “It’s Pat” and many other unpopular or obscure titles made it on LD. It didn’t cost much to make so why not press it. It may never be a big seller but somebody will still buy it if priced right.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2024, 20:53 

When I was working in video rental in the 90s most mainstream rental prices movies were $90-110. Kids tapes were usually $10-40. US LDs were $30-50. JP LDs were $40-120.

VHS doesn’t cost more to make than LD. It simply costs more to buy. In the time period I’m talking about these $100 VHS tapes were rental priced after six or nine months it would be rereleased for $25, less than the LD. They simply charged what they could charge when they could charge it. A truely huge movie like Forest Gump would debut at $20 or less because they knew sales would be so huge they make more money charging less. This is why Disney VHS was $40 and not $100 and also the reason pornos on VHS were $7. You charge what you can get. In Japan most VHS releases were designed for rental and cost significantly more than the LD. An example would be a Ghibli movie that was $100 on LD would be $150 on VHS. This was a huge part of LDs success in Japan; it was the cheaper option to own.

$25 DVDs kidna…toppled all of that.
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