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Posted: 28 Jul 2015, 22:24 

A nice first bag & you sound like you could be catching the LD bug!!!

For many reasons I just love the LD format.

There is a lot of information & interesting stuff provided by a helpful & friendly community here.

Have fun & cheers for now.

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Posted: 03 Aug 2015, 23:27 

A nice first bag & you sound like you could be catching the LD bug!!!

For many reasons I just love the LD format.

There is a lot of information & interesting stuff provided by a helpful & friendly community here.

Have fun & cheers for now.
You are right sir,I have the bug and its a BIG one :lol:

Well there are many worse bugs to be bitten by than the good ol' silver discs!!! :thumbup:

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Posted: 05 Oct 2017, 20:56 

Then he leaves me negative feedback on Ebay: "Item shipped missing parts and arrived broken"

Which like I pointed out isn't true about the missing parts (power cord.) Filed a report against his feedback since I cooperated with him so he can get a refund, but who knows if that will actually be retracted.

If it is of any help the negative feedback does not appear to be showing in the "feedback left for others" bit on his page.

Hope you get this sorted.



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Posted: 08 Apr 2018, 01:03 

Hi from another UK LD fan.



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Posted: 18 May 2018, 20:47 

A very Happy Birthday Julien :thumbup: .

And a big thank-you to both the interviewer & interviewee.

And thanks for all the time & effort put into the database, I for one truly appreciate it.

Take care & very best regards,


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Posted: 13 Jun 2018, 19:52 

Hello to you & enjoy the LD thing, it sounds like a bug has bitten.

A rather nice selection of players you have bagged, well done.

Take care & have fun :thumbup: .

Cheers for now,


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 Post subject: Re: Samples??
Posted: 18 Nov 2018, 02:55 

I'm sure you can remove the sticker or leave it, won't change the value too much if at all.
I would remove as nobody could ever tell the difference anyway.

The PIONEER "SAMPLE" stickers are not that easy to remove, very strong adhesive & unless the cover is clear film laminated (very few of the Japanese LD covers are) it is likely to leave a telltale circle of sticker residue or a raised area where the sticker was or worse.

I have not removed any sample stickers that are on any LDs that I have but have seen a few where the stickers have been removed & they were all pretty messy, basically ruined the covers.

I would advise leaving them as is though if it is an issue perhaps a little heat to soften the adhesive with a solvent (isopropyl or similar might do the job) to aid removal may prove less damaging but is it worth the risk of damage or staining to the cover?

Not that it matters to me as I do not have many (any?) so called high value LDs but I agree that it will not affect the value at all & given that the stickers were applied over 20 years ago now at the very least perhaps best to leave them as is.


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Posted: 27 Nov 2018, 22:59 

Yes you should be able to get then totally flat/playable again.

Sorted a few (a couple quite badly warped) & they are still playing well.

A little heat (hairdryer not a heat gun) plus compression if they are bad has worked for me.

Time & stacking as they should be stored also can do the job - patience helps.

Good luck & hope you get a result :thumbup: .


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Posted: 01 Jan 2019, 18:01 

This has turned into a very interesting thread with it all summed up rather eloquently in a few posts here.

Enjoy the big discs for whatever they are "worth" to you.


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Posted: 01 Mar 2019, 13:59 


the "selling" prices really are irrelevant, you want what they have actually sold for. On here there is a past sales bit that shows what titles have sold for in the past & ebay also has the same information.

Most LDs really are only "worth" what someone is willing to pay though the so called rare titles can go for quite a bit but in reality there are not that many that go for what could be called big bucks.

How many do you have? What are the titles? The LD catalogue number would help as some titles have been issued a few times.

Sorry & not a dig in any way but unless you are holding any really sought after discs most are likely to be a few dollars each at most, that is if they do sell as there are lots out in the market place.


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 Post subject: Re: How about a Discord ?
Posted: 20 Mar 2019, 21:37 

what's a discord?

Not sure but perhaps this.....

Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for video gaming communities, that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers.

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 Post subject: Re: Volcano (1997) PAL
Posted: 25 Mar 2019, 01:24 

Volcano (1997) [EE 1154]

Thinking about buying Volcano on LD but the more commonly placed NTSC LD is a known rotter, and no I'm not interested in the DTS release.

Does anyone know how the PAL pressing looks when it comes to the transfer? Theres a good deal for the PAL version online, but I know that PAL LDs in general can be very hit or miss when it comes to picture quality.


Hi again.

Don't know if this will help but this is the PAL LD review from dvdfever.....

A brilliant transfer brings the red-hot lava, fireballs and other assorted
CGI effects to life, out of the cinema and into your front room. A pin-sharp
1.85:1 picture replicates the original cinema ratio.

I could describe the sound as ‘explosive’ and that might seem like a pun, but
the audio on a PAL Laserdisc couldn’t be any better, making this a demo disc
to show to your friends. For an example of the best you can check out most of
the chapters such as “A Rude Awakening” (ch.7), “Fireballs Over Wiltshire
Boulevard” (ch.8), “La Brea Eruption” (ch.9), “Danger On The Red Line” (ch.12)
and “Demolition Danger” (ch.17). Even the opening credits stamp their mark
as the outside scenes of happy shoppers are intercut with underground activities
getting ready to burst out and say hello.

There are 19 chapters spread throughout the film. A fair number, but a few more
wouldn’t have gone amiss. A final one is saved for the original theatrical

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Posted: 07 Apr 2019, 22:59 


it is not just the music LDs that are often offered at optimistic (silly) prices.

Check some prices for LDs on sale here, there are a few sellers with quite a few at crazy prices.

As a example only - the Japanese boxed sets for The Prisoner are on sale here from a seller at $1500 for the three sets or from another seller offering them individually with a total for all three being $1821 but will they ever sell at that price, highly unlikely.

I have got the three sets & only paid a fraction of the aforementioned prices, a couple of the sets cost me more in postage than the purchase price - they came from Japan & the post costs from the Japanese post office are still pretty reasonable.

Often patience can be rewarded, sometimes years - there are LDs that I have wanted but could not afford the silly prices & even if I could would not indulge in the "high value" type nonsense around in many hobbies, collectables & the like which sadly includes laserdiscs.

Try to ignore the daft prices & enjoy that nice warm feeling when you do bag an LD you really want for a price you are happy with, they do turn up.

Some auction prices can fluctuate but often when the buyers who are happy to place killer high bids on auctions have the disc (or whatever) the prices can often drop dramatically, again patience will often pay off.

Good luck hunting :thumbup: .


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Posted: 08 May 2019, 22:14 

Checked out & the LD does have analog & digital sound.


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Posted: 08 May 2019, 23:07 

Hi all,

I have been using this site for a few years now & sort of crept onto the forum but never really did the intro thing, perhaps a bit late but.....

I was in the leisure business for the bulk of my working life & the cinema exhibition business for most of that time.

Knew about the LD format basically from its introduction in the UK in the early '80s but could not afford an LD player & the selection & quality of the titles for the first few years was pretty poor. Followed the formats progress till it all ended though. Was aware of the Japanese LD releases including the F1 issues from '87 that included footage not seen elsewhere but there was no way I could have purchased them back then. Given the business I was in we were kept up to speed on what was happening in the rental & retail market (mostly VHS releases) but LDs were mentioned a few times though given the rather low figures compared to VHS sales here in the UK they were discussed usually briefly but some interesting facts & figures did come up.

I picked up my first LD player (a PAL/NTSC CLD-D515) with around 75 discs around 2003 or 2004 & that was me on my way. Actually passed on most of the discs as I really only wanted the player to use for the Japanese F1 discs that I was aware of but were so costly to import when "new" back in the day but were only a few US dollars at most from Japanese sellers when I started buying.

Picked up a CLD-D925 in 2004/5 & it came with around 150 LDs & this time I kept roughly 50% of the titles, some nice issues among them & quite a few Japanese releases with a few boxed sets including the rather nice Neon Genesis Evangelion box set on KILA 9401-4 which I thought was a superbly presented item with every insert & the packing in general being such high quality & so well presented overall - no going back now & I was by then looking for more than just the F1 LDs.

Picked up quite a few players & LD collections for a few years, sometimes buying players & collections to get just one or two discs only & selling on the rest of the LDs.

After quite a few players & LDs over the years I have settled with a CLD-D925 as my main player & a CLD-1010 as a back up with around 450ish LDs that I still have & am unlikely to pass on anytime soon - a few F1 LDs still to find.... & a few others.

I do still love spinning the big discs!

One of the main reasons for popping this on is that up to about 10 years ago or so a few of us "old boys" would get together to catch-up & moan about the way cinema exhibition was going & sorting out the world - go figure!! Over the years though the numbers dropped. Recently tried to get a catch-up & get together sorted out but sadly there is no one left now. I was the younger guy back then, most of the people I was working & in contact with were around 20+ years older than I was - I am galloping towards 60 in less than a couple of years so most would be well into their 80s or 90s. The sad bit is, apart from the obvious, is the knowledge that has been lost. I got quite a few facts & figures from a few in the past that helped clarify a few things but sadly those sources are now lost. Anything LD related that comes to mind & may be of interest I will pop on the forum.

If there are any other lddb users that has had contact with anyone involved in the LD format in any way please post anything that may be of interest to users here, the most minor fact or figures info may help clarify things - quite a bit of LD babble sometimes that is often not helpful so anything may help.

Sorry if I have gone on a bit but if you have got this far - thanks.

Enjoy spinning your discs!!

Take care all & cheers for now.


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Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 19:08 

Been watching some LDs and DVDs.
LDs The Prisoner, got about half way through the series but need to do work on the house so its later for that.
Watching some random DVDs.
Producers, original version. Looney Tunes DVD Collection.

The Prisoner..... love that series.

There are a few episodes that really stretched things but overall a great series & the back stories on the series in general & some episodes is as interesting as the series, worth checking if you enjoy it & have the time.

Enjoy :thumbup: .


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 Post subject: Re: Greed 1924 rot
Posted: 24 Jun 2019, 17:10 

While these are informative for collectors this is not the case on LDs.

You might be able to see rot under some type of magnifying scope at around 100X or something but I don't have that type of gear
and am only guessing that you might be able to see it.

In my 25+ years of collecting LDs I've never physically seen rot on the surface of a disc.
Nobody knows until they play it if there are issues and not all bad issues are rot.[/quote]

The laser-rot/disc-rot thing really can cause a bit of confusion & the sometimes rot babble really does not help.

As an example only the 1995 Japanese release of THX 1138 is reported here as "Rot status - Low probability" but I am rather sceptical on that. There are coloured dots that are clearly visible at the start (during the first few minutes only) but they are on the source material used - the black sections above & below the features image are clear of any coloured dots, not a single speck on them & they are part of the mastered image so it as clearly not any form of so called "rot".

I have a few PDO pressed LDs (PAL & NTSC) that have gone grey in colour with very dark grey (almost black) spots & blotches covering the disc below the plastic but they still play well - others that look fine though are pretty badly affected by the dreaded rot.

When PIONEER took over & refitted the US Carson LD pressing plant they referred to what many people may have caller laser-rot as the "color flash issue" which was apparently a bit of a problem but they fairly quickly sorted the so called problem out (others here may be able to elaborate on that) but still had issues that did crop up over the formats lifespan that were addressed but they never called any issues "rot".

Worth checking any so called rotters in other players if possible as I have had discs that play well but can be problematic on some players & that is usually an issue with the LD player or connections. Bought a collection about 12 years ago because the owner was sure his collection was, as he put it, "all starting to rot" & even though I offered to check them he had "had enough" so I bagged the discs (around 300 LDs) & the player for what was a bit of a bargain price. The player was a Denon LA-2300 which was a clone of the PIONEER CLD-D515 that the owner had serviced by cleaning the inside of the unit which included cleaning the laser lens with isopropyl alcohol. I am not saying that he created the issue with his service but every disc was checked (on a CLD-D515 that I used to check LDs bought in collections back then) & all but one played perfectly & it was not due to any form of rot but due to it being cracked.

Still got some of them & all still perform as they should.

There are quite a few threads on the rot thing here & some are very informative.

As above it is not a thing that manifests itself until you pop the LD into a reliable player, marks below the disc surface that play well are not rotters in my opinion & also as mentioned not all playback issues are the dreaded rot.

Enjoy the big (rot free) discs :thumbup: .


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Posted: 25 Jun 2019, 22:15 

I forgot that one. Thanks.

The Force/Jedis = newtypes.

All your arguments are so subjective and vague. Heinlen isn't Star Trek, sorry.
And yours totally aren't.

Newtypes are just another incarnation of the fad Japan had through the 70's over the supernatural, psychic powers and UFOs and such. They had nothing to do with the Force. The only inspiration I can accept it took directly from Star Wars was with the beam sword. Everything else is entirely subjective.


Similarities to Star Wars. So far I've given 4 solid examples:

1. A rebellion against an empire
2. A young unlikely hero
3. A magical super power for a chosen few
4. laser swords

Zeta wrote a vague freshman essay on 7 generations of SciFi influences.

Yeah but keep your head in the sand and keep blindly supporting him because I dunno he said your LD purchase was cool or something and I said your taste in music is terrible.

Does this really have to go this way?


What the hell is the point?

Is this going to turn (if it has not done so already) into a childish slag fest?

Does any of this really matter?

If yes then have fun, whatever makes you guys happy I suppose.

Cheers to all :thumbup:

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Posted: 30 Jun 2019, 16:57 

I don't love it. I definitely prefer Sony LD players and other gear.

I suppose someone forgot about you. Has Sony always had the same script since the beginning? I've never seen it different.

yeah think so

Very little change over the years & any made were so slight it was almost unnoticeable. A symbol type used for a very short time then a red (?) one that was used for again a very short time then the SONY logo that everyone knows & has stayed almost unchanged.

The couple of bits below might be of interest.

Shape of the Sony Logo: The origin of the company name “SONY” is derivative of the Latin word “sonus”, which means sound, and the words sunny and sonny, which served as the inspiration for the earliest Sony logo. It was registered as a trademark in 1955 appeared on a few products of the company in 1957. The current form of the Sony wordmark was introduced two years later in 1959 with a goal to “communicate strength and simplicity”. The logotype underwent a few minor changes in 1961, 1962, 1969 and 1973, most of these were executed by Sony designer Yasuo Kuroki. Color of the Sony Logo: The black color in the Sony logo represents elegance, excellence and iconic history of the brand. Font of the Sony Logo: The Sony logo uses a slightly modified version of the Clarendon typeface.

Then "The SONY Logo Competition" that went nowhere.....

The Competition With No Winners

Once upon a time, Sony decided that its now-iconic logo was due for a redesign. The year was 1981, and Sony was on the cusp of a revolution — the first Walkman had been released just 18 months earlier. What better time to redesign a logo dating from the ‘50s? But the company didn't enlist a design team to come up with a new logo. No, Sony decided to make the redesign a public spectacle.

It launched the so-called "Sony International Logotype Design Contest," and it took in nearly 30,000 submissions from around the world. A committee was formed and viewed every single entry before narrowing the list down to 59. The finalists were shown to the board of directors, company executives, designers, and sales managers. As executives were looking through the finalists, Sony must have realized it had made a huge mistake.

Redesigning a company's brand identity is a delicate and complex process that must be taken with care. It's not rare for companies to explore a redesign before discovering through that process that its old design is the best of them all. But by putting the entire affair in the public eye, Sony essentially obligated itself to change its logo. Worst of all, the company would have to choose a logo designed by an amateur to be the face of its brand.

As you might expect, the designs weren't up to snuff. It's a lot harder than it looks to create a timeless logo. According to Sony's official history, co-founder Masaru Ibuka "decided that none of the designs was better than the original one." And so the company moved to gracefully end the whole affair: a panel of judges chose three finalists, and instead of awarding first, second, and third place prizes, it split the prize money equally. An ad was published in Time Magazine thanking everyone for their time and effort, and it quietly noted that "until the time comes in the future that we decide to make a change, the Sony logo will remain the same." The design contest then faded into memory.

Looks like the SONY logo will never really change.

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Posted: 18 Jul 2019, 22:56 

Under the drop down of My Account it will have Submit Title.

Thanks for taking the time to do so.

That's the easiest way & also if you do a search for any title on here at the bottom of the page after the listing is a bit with - Title missing? Please submit it. - & the submit page pops up for you if you hit it.

Every LD title counts so as above, thanks for adding it :thumbup: .


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Posted: 27 Jul 2019, 23:26 

My fuses arrived this week and I got some time today. Now for a guy who looks at electronics wrong and they break replacing a fuse isn't as easy as it sounds. First I didn't want to remove anything except the top/side panel and that left a tiny gap to try and position the fuse into the housing with tweezers. Tried this for an hour unsuccessfully before giving into the fact I may have to lift a circuit board and manually move the tray (something that has every time resulted in me messing up the complex Sony tray and door mechanisms on other players). Then I looked at the back panel. Lots of screws, are those inputs and outputs attached to it I thought..? Hmmm, removed all the screws and it came away clean, giving me clear access! Put in a new fuse and the rear panel back on.

Plugged the power in..good as new! Looks like the old fuse did its job and protected the player. Phew, that was a close one, almost lost my only dual sided player and losing any otherwise reliable player at this point is bad news.

Very happy. Think I'll celebrate tonight with something with a lot of sides, probably Gojira vs King Ghidorah (Heisei version) in CAV.


That is good news, it lives on :thumbup: .


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Posted: 12 Aug 2019, 21:37 

takeshi666 wrote:
gypsy wrote:
wish I could remove that.

I thought you could. I swear I did that myself a while back.

You deffo can remove or amend the rot reports, just click your rot reports & they can be changed from that.


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Posted: 15 Aug 2019, 12:29 

rein-o wrote:
Have you taken the top off and are we sure there is only 1 laser for both pal and ntsc?

PAL/NTSC players use the same laser.

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Posted: 15 Sep 2019, 00:04 

For the record I didn't get them expecting to flip them, I got them with the full intention of putting something them, and when both you guys and reddit informed me it was impossible that's when I decided to sell. I even mentioned how much I was looking for here, and on Reddit before making the Facebook listing.

I also updated both the Wikipedia page and the LDDB pages for the RLV discs, saying I used this site to milk information to make money is complete BS.


8 bucks :think:

I highly doubt you will be trading an even up for Twin Peaks to blanks.

I want to say there was someone here years ago who had them on ebay selling them for around 15 or 20 a blank.
But one has to think if all who wanted them got them???

Good luck on flipping them, did you try facebook ldforever??

It should be noted, this is why I even made the post on the facebook group, as you recommended me trying to sell them there.

Hey, you know what they say. Fools and their money are easily parted, and if he can find the right fool...
I mentioned three pages ago that I wanted to trade these for some Twin Peaks LD's, and you're the one who told me that they were likely worth far more than that set, which is currently going for $269 on LDDB.

What an enormous a*****e. f**k that guy.

EDIT: I have to now admit Rein-O saw this before I did. Somehow my flipper alarm didn’t go off but his did. I need to get a check up...
So am I not allowed to sell something that I no longer want, now knowing that I can't use them? Even if they're just blank discs they're still worth something to someone even if that someone isn't you or me. I've been nothing but friendly to you on this website, and I've been honest from the get-go in my intentions with these discs- so why do you feel the need to personally insult me?
Yeah, seemed to be a case of milk us and then try to exploit them. I'm totally prepared to call that out.
What are you even calling out? I was asking the same price on this very thread (almost three pages ago) and on Reddit. I was answering questions on the facebook post about these discs and giving links to this thread and the reddit one for more information. I have since deleted the facebook post because I was concerned about you doxxing me.

Hi pokefraker,

can I just say thanks for the interesting info & the pictures you posted here.

A very cool bag & for you at a great price, well done & I mean that.

I have not bagged anything as cool LD wise but have picked up what some people may call scarce LDs at very low prices, lucky finds & very happy with them. Highly unlikely but if I was ever selling them the asking price would probably be a bit more than I paid & if that makes me some form of pariah then so be it.

If I had three of these I would hold onto one of them & sell or trade the others & I can see nothing wrong with that.

if you do pass any on I hope you are happy with whatever you get for them & whoever ends up with one of your discs is happy also.

Thanks again for the useful info & thanks to other posters here who also put on some very interesting stuff.


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Posted: 22 Sep 2019, 18:36 

sixersfan1 wrote:
And they said I wouldn't find a replacement tray. Thank you Kurtis Bahr for the brand new tray. No more isopropyl alcohol or anything else near this machine!

Good news :thumbup: .
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