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Posted: 06 Nov 2014, 12:26 

No offense, but your taste is freckin' awful.

The word is "feckin'". Either you have started watching anime in the past 5 years or you missed the fact that my hatred of the thing is not a reflection on the talent of the artist. It is the f***ing, horrible, "makes me want to throw up" modern style of it. It is an insult to both the original anime designs and of course, Takahashi's own designs. I hate modern anime designs, I hate modern game designs. Every time I see some pathetic little girly POS "male" design that the talentless hack that destroyed the Final Fantasy series made so popular, I want to punch something.

I think the picture is horrible as well. I think quite a few 90's series are pretty good, but I do think the quality decline in anime started in the 90's. Dirty Pair is one of my favorite anime series, and I could only stand to watch a few minutes of Dirty Pair Flash.

Agreed! I do like Flash but the designs, yuck! It is not a patch on the original series though be it TV, VAP OVA series, or movie and BANDAI VISUAL OVAs. It annoys the HELL out of me every time I see some child make a comment like "the animation is good, considering how old it is". 80's and some 90's animation is probably as good as it get's. AKIRA was made in the late 80's for crying out loud!

The digital crap is horrible. It's as if no one knows how to draw anymore. A perfect example of how awful digital crap is in comparison to the glory of hand drawn 80's anime is Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The re-animated parts are horrible. It goes from beautifully drawn, highly detailed characters with gorgeous colouring to characters with no detail at all, and badly drawn to boot, with washed out, pale digital colouring. I own all the DVDs but I am going to start buying the LD boxes when I can so I can see the original versions. The static grain on the DVDs is also bloody horrible!

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Posted: 19 Apr 2019, 20:09 

Hey as I was bagging up my recent shipment today actually I came across Mariko Kouda: Vivid actually factory sealed. I've wanted this ever since I saw a fansub of it as a filler on a tape. Everything was so white and pristine. As I went to remove the disc from the inner sleeve it wouldn't budge. After some work it came free and I could see glue seeping out from the edge of the disc.

20 minutes of work with a plastic scraper, lighter fluid and a microfibre cloth got the glue off the edge, however there was now a visible gap/opening between the layers. Makes sense since the glue that seeped had to have come from somewhere.

I was not confident this disc would now play but it did, from beginning to end, with crystal clear audio. Cool! So robust. Is this rot? If so I love it!

Let me guess, this is a TOSHIBA EMI disc? ;) Pretty much all ToEMI discs are like that post 89 or so. I think they went overboard on the glue to try and avoid rot. That is what I read at least.

I had a couple of discs arrive here after the long trip from Japan with a big clump of glue in the bottom of the plastic sleeve. It really pissed me off because I thought the discs would be ruined, but they were OK after a good clean. I hope they stay that way because I have no clue if it was glue from inside that seeped out, or the excess glue from around the edges.

One of the victims was Nozomi Witches vol.1-3, which I had been trying to get for years. I did manage to buy the double disc collection version a bit after, so at least I am covered there. I always like to try and get doubles of rarer ToEMI releases because that glue worries me. It is also a paim in the butt to get the discs out of the damn plastic sleeves.

I had another LD that arrived with melted glue in the bottom of the plastic sleeve a few months back, Boyfriend. A rather rare two part OVA. It was the first and only time I saw it too. I tested it last week after cleaning up the glue and it played fine. Unfortunately, it had bigger problems than melted glue. I started to notice weird squiggly lines on the screen and immediately stopped it because it is sign the disc is warped. Damn thing got stuck in my X9 and I had to open it up and push the disc down so the tray opened. My own idiot fault. I was planning on testing it on one of my R7Gs because it looked kind of warped and I of course do not want to risk my X9. That will teach me. So I didn't get to watch it. It was not the prettiest transfer I've seen from the usually perfect ToEMI. Colour was horribly dull and washed out. Although, the animation was really bad for an OVA, so it could be the way the thing was made.

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Posted: 19 Apr 2019, 22:13 

There was a BBC show in the 80s that many people enjoy for the different reasons.

Yeah I remember this, sometimes my dad would let me stay up and watch it with him. I watched Tom Baker Doctor Who every day after school. That was when it had British Army guys in it fighting giant insects, lots of daleks and cybermen. I remember it was pretty dark and you had a sense that people could die. It was so cool. I watch today's Doctor Who and I don't get it at all.

Haha, good old ABC. My favourite channel as a kid. I was never much a Who fan, thought it was dumb. It was on before Monkey, so I always saw bits of it. Of course my favourite ABC show from back then is Astro Boy. I got excitted every time I saw it printed in TV Week that it was starting again. Always cried at the Greatest Robot In The World P1&2 as well.

The people that made our version did it really well but made stupid decisions like scrapping the Atom vs Atlas episode, I could never understsnd why I had never seen the "flashback" scenes of Astro fighting child Atlas! It made a big hole in the story and makes no sense that they did it. Making Greatest Robot the final 2 episodes though was genius.

I could not believe when I bought the Jp DVD box sets in 2004 that it was ep 25 and 26! It was just wrong. When the show was re-released here in 2007 with correct episode order, I always saved those two episodes until the end. It just could not be any other way. Atom no Hatsukoi as the final episode just has not got the impact. It is a shame the 80's version only ran 52 episodes seeing what a huge hit it was.

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Posted: 19 Apr 2019, 22:29 

There are tons of anime that will never leave LD. Something like Technopolice 21c for instance which had one only LD release in 1983. Well strangely enough, if suddenly has a beautiful BD release! What on Earth? Stupidly, it is only included with a figure at the moment, but TOHO would be NUTS to not release it seperatley! I hope more of this LD->BD happens. Maybe more of those "lost in a fire" anime will suddenly be found and released on BD. What I would not give for a film scanned Project A-ko BD....

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 Post subject: Re: Macross memorial boxes
Posted: 20 Apr 2019, 18:35 

I bought the 15th Anniversary box new in 2000 from Japan, it was a bif of a dream to get it as I drooled over the pictures of it in the back of the manual for my much loved Saturn DYRL? game in 1997. I drooled over ALL the pictures at the back of that manual! Sadly, I lost it in a fire in 2004, I never even opened the discs.


I have a friend with hundreds of unopened blu rays. I'm like, "you gotta make a plan to actually enjoy those soon because tomorrow might not come. "

At least if the same fate happens to me I will have the memories of watching 90% of my discs.

I was studying in Japan 2000/2001. I got my first LD out of a bargain bin near animate in Ikebukuro, a used copy of DYRL? Perfect Edition box for Y1000. I used to watch it on my uni library's LD players.

Were you over there in that same time?

Macross for Saturn is one of my favorites too, I had the bootleg back when you had the real, I got the real a few years ago since it's cheap. Great game.

I was not over there until 2006/07. I was in Akita >_< There was one really good, HUGE shop me and my best friend from the uni used to go to all the time but stupidly, I never even thought about LDs then. I thought I was done with LD in 2001. I do remember thinking "I bet I can get one of those expensive LD players really cheap now!", then I looked at yahoo and saw that I was very wrong. The big shop I went to did have LDs, but they were shoved in display units side on so there was no flicking through. It was squinting to see what the hell the spine said. I looked once and gave up, lol.

I really got back into LDs by accident. I bought Hashire Melos! sealed off Rakuten in 2012, then I bought US Lensman, M.D Geist and Twilight of the Cockroaches off ebay. I stumbled across an old website that detailed a lot of OVAs that never made it to DVD and it made me start searching to see if I could buy some. Now I have .... hundreds of the damn things! I used to download stuff from BakaBT and then searched for it if I liked it. I even have a VHD player for titles that those jerks Victor never released on LD.

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Posted: 21 Apr 2019, 15:27 

Yeah, I know A-ko like Vampire Hunter D and many others were originally OVAs that were either later released theatrically or released theatrically first (like A-ko). Which is why 35mm prints have to exist. There is a weird amount of "negatives lost in fire" stories about many OVAs but I don't believe most of it. Japan was never great at storing film negatives, but they didn't go tossing them out which is why we still have new negative scans for DVD and BD for ancient TV, OVAs and movies.

35mm prints were made for TV shows for overseas distribution I think? But the original 16mm nagatives are the original masters. Low budget OVAs were 16mm as well. 35mm tv series was never a thing, apart from op/ed animation because they always wanted it to be the highest quality possible to grab peoples attention. One of the reasons so many TV series have beautiful chara designs and animation in the opening which drastically drops for the actual show itself. It is also why idiot Jp companies started dnr'ing tv series to hell, because of the 16mm grain being so heavy on BD. How I HATE dnr!

Wasn't the VHD, SFII MOVIE and Venus Wars BDs made from theatrical prints? I have the US BDs of both but I have the Jp BD box for Venus Wars on pre-order as well. I adore that movie. I am very interested go see if it is the same. Can't wait for LEDA as well. Now I just need Windaria on BD!

Sadly, Flashback 2012 footage is never likely to be re-scanned as it was not made on film. It was all edited on sd video and apparently the negs for the new animation no longer exist. It would have to be re-made from scratch if it did. To at least have the DYRL? footage in HD would be amazing. Such gorgeous animation! Although, that whole last scene from Minmei sitting at the piano is breathtakingly beautiful. I believe I will have an actual film scanned Flashback 2012 the same day I have an uncensored copy of FotNS on DVD or BD.

I believe that almost of the long lost OVAs and movies sit wasted in a vault somewhere in Japan. Look that Technopolice 21C BD! That movie had one singular LD release in 1983 and was never released again. Now it has a gorgeous BD from the original master?!? I never would have expected that in a million years! TOHO have been sitting on it since 1982. Then you have so many LD only releases that had a new scan done for HDTV showings. Yet they never bothered with a DVD release. I have a VAP LD that was a tv movie. I have seen screen shots of the HDTV version, but it was never released on DVD. It looked a hell of a lot better than the shoddy LD, that's for sure! Sometimes a different part of the "commitee" might own the masters as well.

Look at something like Lodoss War. Another "lost in a fire" OVA series that never had a proper DVD master. It used the old composite LD masters instead. It was never lost in a fire, Kadakawa was holding them hostage it seems. Once they were able to publish it themselves, a miracle happened and the original negs were used for a stupidly over priced BD set! I wish the same would happen for 3X3 EYES, Nuku Nuku and Blue Seed! Nadia was another "lost in a fire" that finally got out of the LD era with its BD release. The island episodes which Ano famously destroyed were the only LD elements used.

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Posted: 21 Apr 2019, 20:34 

A-ko is 100% made from the Pony Canyon CAV disc. Discotek said as much when it was announced. Just as the previous CPM DVD had been. I guess the LD masters no longer exist either. I wish I had seen the Jp DVDs from the box set to see what they looked like. To know what master was used for the original. CAV source or actual LD master tape?

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 Post subject: Re: My LD captures
Posted: 26 Apr 2019, 00:11 

Yeah, that’s why I was asking. Was that done for theatrical run do you think or just on video?

I have the US version and there is quite a bit of full frontal, almost like French movies even. :) The movie overall is technically bad but it’s also mesmerizing on multiple levels.

When I first started getting untranslated manga in line 85/86 there was sooooo much nudity in comics, even in Jump. Not Cat People type stuff usually but just goofy Dragon Ball or Shin-chan type stuff. “My dink looks like an elephant.” Maybe some b**bie grabbing in the stuff aimed at tweens and older. Then Video Girl Ai came and just...turned people on too much, I guess. After Ai originally ran and after the tankonban versions were into later printings they started censoring the comic. Now Jump is nudity-free but absolutely filled with upskirts and underboob and is 1000x creepier because of it. Cleaned up perversion is often so much worse than the uncut stuff...

And now TOEI have censored DBZ movies for BD. Pretty f***ing pathetic that middle fingers were fine for 30 years, but now they are censoring "so children can watch it". WTF?!
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