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Posted: 16 Aug 2015, 14:18 

admin wrote:

If you're curious:


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Posted: 24 Oct 2017, 03:43 

xtempo wrote:
are the separate channels only playable on an LD-G machine? I know nothing about the LD-G stuff

Good discussion about LD-G here: LD-G laserdiscs, worth getting a player/de-coder???


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Posted: 06 May 2018, 01:39 

The gray M-Holder had a different part number. The VNL-1779 is the improved black one.

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Posted: 03 Sep 2018, 15:06 

Yeah, if you have infinite amount of real estate to house all the broken players you like to collect.

Isn't this model pretty much a complete write-off at this point? Finding one that still works is like finding the actual Ark of the covenant.

Also sure it's cool but even when it does work the quality probably isn't very good.

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Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 01:14 

Found this article in an old issue of Video Magazine of a tour of the Pioneer LDCA Pressing Plant in Carson, California. Scanned it in so you all can read too.

Article confirms what Publius stated in another thread when I asked about what was format was used for the master which they pressed LDs from. At this point it was D-2 Digital Composite tape.

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Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 17:41 

xtempo wrote:
It seems odd and slightly random to see AKIRA there but otherwise I find satisfaction it as an otaku.:D

It’s weird that it took so many years to show up.

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Posted: 19 Mar 2019, 16:18 

and while I was playing with the forum, I broke down the most active topics ( into: > > > > > > > > > >


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 Post subject: Re: LD player collection
Posted: 20 Mar 2019, 15:46 

admin wrote:
But this will have to wait for November when I move back to France and start looking for a new job.

Found a new job and moving back to Tokyo this year!


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Posted: 20 Mar 2019, 23:33 

Here's the message:

Hello Criterion!

I'm sorry to contact you out of the blue like that but I should have done it a long time ago. :-)

I'm the webmaster of (LaserDisc Database) where Criterion original releases are prominently featured:

LD Criterion release by:

CC # =
Title =
Spine =

All available covers, in chronological order:

Site's forum section dedicated to Criterion releases:

I know you dropped Laserdiscs decades ago and jumped into DVD, BluRay (no 4K coming?) and soon video streaming.

I have very simple questions/requests for you:

Would you still have people working at Criterion who used to work on the LD packaging/curating that I could interview?

Any left-over material (unused concepts, cancelled releases, etc.) that the fan would love to discover?

Any LD-related archives that would love to get a 2nd youth?

I'm trying to save the very little that remains from the 80's/90's before they completely disappear ^_^;

Thank you for taking the time to read this message!


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Posted: 01 Jul 2019, 22:23 

Like Texas.

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Posted: 11 Sep 2019, 22:08 

Anger and resentment are very much like a deep well.
No obvious limit to how deep it goes until you strike the bottom.

Perhaps medication side effects plays a role, or even dementia creeping in.

He could have repaired his bridge with the admin by contrite steps within reason.
Instead he went the opposite direction.

We make our own bed, (or not) and then we get to sleep in it.

I for one, do miss his humor.
And I miss the pics of his feline companion Mr. Sooty.

If you are ever able to read this laser bite34, miss you mate ! Cheers

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Posted: 25 Nov 2019, 19:02 

Cracked open my Zatoichi box set and watched the first one last night. Solid samurai flick.

I make it a point of principle NEVER to be jealous or envious of anyone at anytime.
In regards to gypsy opening his ZATOICHI box of LaserDiscs I am both !

Enjoy man.... they broke the mold with that character....... Ultimate favorite Samurai genre....


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Posted: 25 Nov 2019, 21:55 

Xtempo, hope things get back on track for you.
Know how it is personally when things go crazy and there aren't any real issues, can't imagine when there are issues.

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Posted: 24 Feb 2020, 17:45 

For some reason I didn’t stop reading when he said LD were extremely sensitive to dust (total lie) but after seeing the first two or three LDs on his list and getting hit with a new pop up ad every time I scrolled far enough to see the next one I quit reading.

This article, IMO, is not valuable.

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Posted: 11 Aug 2020, 14:44 

well, i guess it gives us all another hobby around here, if nothing else?!? :)

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Posted: 28 Aug 2020, 21:04 

I don’t watch a lot of new movies but as for post-LD stuff I wish I had on LD...Interstella 5555...I’m having a hard time thinking of anything else. I got into LD mostly for anime and LD and anime pretty much died at the same time, by and large. Anything live action shot on film deserves BluRay, frankly.

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Posted: 02 Sep 2020, 19:43 

Yeah, I'm surprised as all hell that it worked. I'm going to try a few more discs to make sure it just wasn't a one off.

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Posted: 06 Sep 2020, 20:41 

Thanks for the fix.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2020, 16:24 

When one studies a foreign language one usually memorizes “dialogues”, translates writings, etc. This would be perfect for advanced English students in Japan...which is anyone under the age of 75, pretty much, since English isn’t that foreign in most of Japan.

The way this is presented also lends some weight to the idea that LD+G was invented for language learning because...seriously, what else use is it?

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Posted: 09 Sep 2020, 09:30 

A lovely near mint Akira has landed.

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Posted: 09 Sep 2020, 18:06 

Yeah, not into selling items for more because of the autograph.

Don't think I'll even buy an item because of an autograph either.

I'll get items autographed, but those are for me to keep. Won't be doing that just to make an item more expensive.

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Posted: 10 Sep 2020, 14:30 

I think they felt it needed to be remade due to the fact that there are LOTS of books and they want to get in on that
film series cash cow.

While I do have to say after reading the books and then watching the lynch film it was nice but missed a lot of points, like the ending was just so wrong.
And they just cut it off for any sequel films.

Only thing is that I do prefer the gobjabar on the finger rather than a metal stick held in the hand, but I'll live with it.
Batista looks amazing as Rabban.

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Posted: 10 Sep 2020, 19:01 

xtempo wrote:
rein-o wrote:
Just received in the mail Wanna-Be's (1986) [90LS 4002]

Will have to add the pic, nice insert too.

is that the wrestling one?

Yeah. look forward to watching it.

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 Post subject: Re: About the seller DaDon
Posted: 11 Sep 2020, 20:43 

Its probably just on annual renewal on a credit card, only a couple bucks and whoever probably doesn't know they are being charged.
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