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Posted: 12 Nov 2013, 16:58 

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Posted: 25 May 2018, 23:59 

I bought in the late 90s Masters of the Universe on vhs very expensive, and wanted the rental versions too. But the video stores do not sell anything. Years later I got luck and get ex-rentals from different countries. Today worth less than zero, but in the old time hard to get even by knowing from where. Useless to say that I have multiply Laserdiscs today :-)

Stupid to say, if I would have known ebay or Kevin Kobos etc in the 90s LOL wtf that does not work that way in our space-time-sphere ....

The same with Star Trek merchandising seeing in USA magazines > unable to get at any price in Europe in the old days. Today ebay klick buy and wait. I buy Star Trek stuff that is atronomic compared to my 90s budget. Yes, I have a job now and get money and I does not care for 100 bucks, when I want a rare item. What is 100 today for me was 10 back than as kid. People buy today stuff they can not afford as kids. Guess that are factors to for the price, maybe more than other factors.
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