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Posted: 27 Aug 2020, 14:38 

I've been searching for two of the japanese "Millennium" TV series box sets that are still missing in my collection for years now. They never were easy to find outside of Japan but these days prices for one of those are somewhat insane. Just like that "Max Headroom: The Original Story" US disc that just won't show up anywhere - will I ever manage to get my hands on one?

Or old Motorhead LDs, too. Still looking for a copy of "Deaf Not Blind" that won't cost me an arm and a leg...

There was a local guy that had some Millennium stuff (pretty sure it was Japanese as most of his LD's are) like last year but I'm not sure if he sold it or was keeping it.
He has always had pretty reasonable prices on what he sells, not necessarily dirt cheap all the time but I have got some nice titles dirt cheap off him (actually sourced most of what I have from him without spending much). Because he's local shipping was cheap, plus he had a replacement policy for discs damaged during transit (don't know if he still does that, or if it covered international sales either).
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