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Posted: 14 Sep 2017, 04:27 

I now remember why I don't usually answer the phone anymore. i was expecting a call from our roofing contractor since the shingles got delivered yesterday and I wanted to find out when they planned to begin so I answered the phone (contrary to my inclinations).

The male voice said it was my oldest grandson. (We don't have any children let alone grandchildren.) I pretended I could not hear him (setting up for the punchline) and kept asking him to speak louder. Finally I said - "is this my grandson Fred?". Then he said (real loudly) "This is your grandson Fred" (sharp one he was - pretty amazing feat of cold reading there).

At that point I said - "well Fred, guess what - I don't have any grandchildren". At which point he responded with a really clever "F**k you ". I responded in a similar (although a more creative (IMHO) manner) involving the use of a crowbar. At which point my erstwhile relative hung up.

People gonna screw with me I figure I may as well have some fun with it. :twisted:
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