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Posted: 20 Jan 2021, 21:01 

What belts are needed?

You shouldn't need to change these since they are the red toothed ones.

I removed all the grease that had turned green on the threaded metal rod the pickup travels along and replaced it. I'm thinking I might pull the power supply for a recap if I ever get the time. My repairs have really backed up.

I think Tasuke has completely rebuilt one of these before though, so I will certainly defer.

That's good, I shouldn't have to worry about those belts unless they completely dry rot. I did see a thread somewhere on here where someone found generic ones that are for sewing machines that should work if you count the length. I might give that a try some day.

I don't blindly recap everything like I used to. I've found that it's usually unnecessary unless you're getting some kind of ground hum, interference in video, etc. Some stuff it tends to be way more trouble than it's worth for preventative maintenance. If you're using it semi-frequently they seem to hold up OK. But, I know some here will disagree with that. Some older PCBs don't take too kindly to being reworked. Can't say one way or the other for LD players; but Vectrex and some old TVs, etc. the vias end up desoldering with it no matter how careful you are and it turns into a mess.

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Posted: 22 Jan 2021, 02:28 

Which Molykote? I wouldn't mind trying out a potentially better grease, but some of the Molykote greases look like they are still pretty much white lithium grease.

I have been using MG Chemicals 8461

I use Molykote EM-30L. See

These are not affiliate links.

This is specifically for plastic on plastic contact. The consistency is nothing like lithium grease. That $20 tub will last you a lifetime, unless you're doing LD and VCR repairs for a living.
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