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Posted: 31 Oct 2011, 05:40 

First facility: MCA DiscoVison. Their first release of "Jaws" was the first LaserDisc released anywhere in the world. This would later become Pioneer's USA plant.

Last facility: Probably Kuraray, which continued making discs into 2002. As the end approached only two facilities were still in operation worldwide. Pioneer Japan and Kuraray. But who stuck it out the longest?

Those of us with large LaserDisc collections built up over time have our own opinions as to which manufacturer was the best, although awarding the title of "worst manufactuer" would greatly depend on your collecting habits.

The best (in the USA): I'd go with 3M. Except for a period in the late 80s, a time when Image Entertainment was relying on them heavily, 3M's quality has been very high. I'm speaking of my experience, so yours my be different.

The best (worldwide, outside of the USA): I'd go with Kuraray. Their quality was extremely good, and I believe it was the only facility worldwide to never replicate a title that was a complete failure. By that I mean no good copies of a run. DADC USA had a huge problem with entire runs being bad, but this never happened at Kuraray. When Pioneer USA started replicating "Star Trek: First Contact" THX actually had it pulled and replication was moved to Pioneer Japan, delaying release by 4 weeks. By 1997 or so Pioneer USA began importing the raw plastic they used from Kuraray, after which time Pioneer USA's quality went up. Mitsubishi rates highly with me as well. The Director's Cut Special Edition Boxed set of "Aliens" was made at two different facilities. While the defect rate is very high with this title, my copy, made by Mitsubishi, plays perfectly.

The worst (in the USA): A tie between Technidisc and DADC USA. Both facilities produced entire runs which later proved to be bad. I'm not counting DiscoVision, because they were the "Pioneers" (sorry about that) in disc manufacturing. Their defect rates were really high.

The worst (worldwide, outside the USA): PDO UK. This has been my experience anyway. Eventhough they replicated relatively few NTSC titles I have nearly 30, all released by Image Entertainment. I'd estimate approx. 30% are bad.

The worst LaserDisc: In my own collection that would be "I Spit on Your Grave." This film was released by three different companies on LaserDisc, all for the US market. Mine is the very first release, from Vestron Video. It is the only disc in my collection made in W. Germany by Sonopress. Laser Rot is the worst I've seen, with the added bonus of numerous video and audio dropouts. Speckling and static abound.

What has been your experience?


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 Post subject: Please Bare With Me Please
Posted: 22 Dec 2019, 07:27 

I just wanted to post this little update concerning my account here. I'm sure Julian (I hope I remembered how to spell his name correctly) has noticed that I haven't been active lately. I do plan to return to posting soon. To save time I will post a link below to an article that I posted at Patreon/Cessnaace. This particular post is view-able by anyone. I did NOT limit it to Patrons only.


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Posted: 18 Aug 2022, 12:23 

The database lists some of their titles as being published in the USA, while others in Hong Kong. All of their titles were published in the USA. They are based in San Francisco, and always have been. They've released titles on LaserDisc, VHS, and DVD. The confusion my lay in the fact that their films were all Hong Kong titles. They are like World Video & Supply in that regard.

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Posted: 02 Sep 2022, 11:11 

Sorry, when I found this I couldn't resist.

Laser Disc is bringing vinyl back to Latin America.

Argentina is to get its first new pressing plant, with Laser Disc set to start manufacturing records at the end of March. It will initially operate two presses with a view to making 40,000 records a month, once in full swing.

As General Manager of Laser Disc Nicolas Musco says, it hasn’t been a straight forward process: “There were problems and questions, and a long struggle to get the machines, but we are in the final phase of completion of the plant.”

Laser Disc will be the second vinyl factory to open in Latin America in the last few months, following the news that a new pressing plant in Sao Paulo will quadruple the country’s vinyl production.


Wasn't that six years ago?

Yes, but I just found out about it and I thought that the name of the company being LASER DISC was funny.

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Posted: 22 Sep 2022, 12:44 

I have two copies of Without a Clue (1988) [ID6501OR]. Both copies have rot. One is a 1, the other I'd rank a 1.5. Three people have reported rot with this release including myself.

Without a Clue [ID6501OR] (1988)

Score = 12

Disc was manufactured by: 3M or IMATION

Mint Mark samples:


I clicked the Report Laser Rot button twice, once for each case. The Score = 12 after each time, so apparently clicking twice does nothing. This kinda makes sense.

Consider the following scenario:

Buyer gets in a copy. It has rot. They flag it.
Buyer then sells the disc on to another buyer.
Buyer 2 gets it and flags it as having rot.
Buyer 2 then sells the disc on to another buyer.
Buyer 3 gets it and flags it as having rot.

So under that scenario the same disc gets flagged 3 times by 3 different users.

My situation :

I buy a copy. It has rot. I flag it.
I buy a second copy from a different seller. It has rot too. I can't flag it. I keep both copies.
Other copies are available. They may have rot too. Flagged? Not flagged?
If I buy a 3rd copy, and it has rot, I can't flag it.
How many copies with rot exist?

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