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 Post subject: Re: 5" CDV and VSD
Posted: 01 Oct 2019, 01:39 

I received today another 5" CDV. I can't find it in the database, but maybe I'm just not looking correctly. Can someone (or Julien ) please look in case it's already there.

It's Didier Marouani Space Opera
Catalogue # 81000
Made by MPO France. There is a video track but it's PAL.
Here are 2 pics


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 Post subject: [CLD-91] Repair
Posted: 14 Feb 2020, 02:29 

So today I received a Pioneer CLD-91 which I got for a good price as it was non working. (powers on but won't open)
So thank's to Kurtis for his input helping me. It's bad sticky grease, and I managed to get the tray open.

So the loading belt on this one is a amber colour toothed belt (and not a black rubber belt my others have) The belt is greased too. So what should I use to get the old grease off before I put new grease?(using lithium grease) I have electronic cleaner spray can......but has to be something safe for the belt. Or should I just use a dry cotton swab? And I will put fresh grease on all the other greased spots too. Sorry pics are not the best.

So this will be one more player saved :thumbup: And cosmetically it's a 9 out of 10 and no scratches on the rosewood panels.

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