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 Post subject: Re: how is it going?
Posted: 23 Oct 2020, 03:02 

@ Julien thats the most creative avatar I have seen on the internet, and I have been on the internet for a long time!

"Most users ever online was 269 on 21 Oct 20"

woah! This forum has been online for what? like 20 years and its most active users were yesterday?! If LD collection is on the rise, this might be the time to start hoarding before prices shoot through the roof!

Where are you located again??? I'll sell you some LDs to hoard..........

Are you selling here on the LDDB store? didn't notice your username in there.

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Posted: 10 Jan 2021, 11:46 

This format is way inferior in quality, expensive, inconvenient, the players are breaking apart, the players don't have cables compatible with some of the newer TVs, buying movies is only available via online stores, Not 1 single new release in 2 decades, and it weight and size make it expensive to ship and store. Yet, here we are.

For me I never got to experience this format when it was current and it just stayed with me and I finally got to it. A hobby if you may. Different mediums interest me, and the whole thing gives me the nostalgia I crave from the 80s & 90s. I also feel it gives the older movies that extra kick of fun watching it on a medium that was current on its release date/era. Kind of why some people like to watch horror movies on VHS.

I am guessing most of you here having been with the LaserDisc format since it was in its prime, and have been 20 years after it was terminated. Haven't you already watched all the movies you want during that period of time? Haven't you got enough of experience with this medium? Why are you still interested in watching over LD?

I am guessing we ,members of this forum, are the last people on earth still watching LaserDiscs, and I have no idea why there are still people with stock of films to sell 20 years later. You would think by 2010 they threw them in the trash or something and move on with their lives.

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Posted: 02 Feb 2021, 07:34 

What I love the most is our OP, we had someone else on the forum who posted close to the same thing then after the first post disappeared.

I know we all know reasons we like LD or keep hanging on to it but these new limited posters are sort of odd to say the least.
its like they want to start a conversation but then after asking or starting they walk away.

Just imagine when we used to go to bars and turn to talk to someone at the bar, you say hey nice day then turn away and ignore them...........
How do you call it, ghosting............

I am no "ghoster" and not a "limited poster". I have been member here for 7 years with 160 posts. Its hard to make conversation on a dead format of 2 decades as there is nothing much new happening+traffic is slow on this site so you have to wait for the posts to come in. I am also member on many forums and have many conversations all over the web+I am juggling a lot of things in my life so I don't have much concentration left currently.

I have read the 3 pages of members input and the reason I didn't reply is because my thoughts on the topic was included in my original post, I just had nothing much to add. I of course thank every one for sharing their thoughts .

My assumptions were right most people are in it just for nostalgia or pure interest in the format mostly. I read some say some titles only exists on LD but its hard to believe when everything is digital now. I am going to guess they mean its not available "legally" for sale, as I am sure someone has a .mp4/.mkv of it somewhere. Most surprising are people who say they still have a collection that they didn't go through it all after 20 years.

I am happy that all responders are - unlike other special interests hobbyists - didn't go "fanboy" on me proclaiming how great LDs are compared to other formats. Everyone kept it real and put it as it is, its an old dead format with the newer ones much more convenient and cheaper to have+superior in quality.


I am one of the new people joining the wave. You might be lucky to live in the US where you can get everything locally, and I noticed in the US many people keep their old stuff so its easy to find it. Else where in the world, if it has not been used 3-4 years to the trash it goes. Shipping is our only option.

You make shipping sound like mail men are playing hockey puck with the shipments, and while I have not worked in shipping, I always imagined they handled shipments responsibly. I heard they have the pick up-place down rule, what I understood of it is that they don't take they hands off it unless its laid on the floor. Do they apply this? I don't know. One thing I can see, due to how heavy the player is, the slip-drop of the player is very possible and that will be a really big bang. The mail man can also get tired and just decide to drop it on the last few inches before it gets to the floor.

I got my player shipped international and it works and for that I am glad. Life taught me, sometimes you need to take a risk you can only do so much.

EDIT: I forgot some thing, some people mention DRM free laserdiscs, what does that mean? its not like you can play them else where
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