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Posted: 01 Jan 2021, 05:19 

What is a clamping issue and can I replace the belt myself? I never opened a player and I am not an electrician/technician.

First off, you better start being a little more curious on what a player looks like from the inside because it will be easier to understand when we try to describe certain things. And you don't have to be a technician on any particular level to do that in the least.

A clamper is what grabs on to the center of the disc just prior to the player attempting to spin it. Here is an example from a CLD-D704 chassis......

If you open your player and watch what it does, it will on your particular player raise the disc up to it. At that point, it is clamped and ready to spin. However, if your loading belt is a tad loose, it may not be able to push the spindle mechanism (the part that spins the disc from underneath) firmly enough to the clamp to get a good grip. Whether this causes the bad vibration or not is hard to say.

In addition, you might want to look for a couple of other things that can be related. Look for any loose screws on the mechanism in general and tighten them as that could be causing the noise. Also, on the rubber mat on the spindle motor, this could become dirty or dried up to the point it can also cause a poor grip on the disc. You can try to clean this with a tad amount of alcohol and a swap to see if that makes the rubber grip better.

As for changing the belt, it shouldn't be difficult but I don't know for certain on your player. Some players are easy to access it like the CLD-D704 shown above (just have to remove the clamper to get to it) but others like the CLD-D604 has the belt under the tray and you have to remove it to get to it (not really that difficult but if you have never done it before you can mis-align the tray when you reassemble it). Just have to open it to look. Lastly, the belt you need should be part number VEB-1184. Do a search on the web to find one.

Good luck ;)
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