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Posted: 04 Apr 2018, 19:43 

Besides obvious ones like THX1138 or Star Wars, there's a clip in The Lion King that was altered for DVD and subsequent releases.

The Laserdisc of Aladdin might also have unaltered lyrics for one of the songs but that's just a guess. In Lion King, there was a star cluster in the sky that was supposed to have an easter egg saying SFX. People saw it and though it red SEX. That was changed for later releases.

Aladdin had some lyrics changed due to depictions of Arabs, but I believe the change took place between the Theatrical Run and the first home video release. Its on the original release of the OST though. The biggest change was when Aladdin whispered into the Tigers ear in one scene where people took as Aladdin saying something about kids taking their clothes off or something. I think that was edited for later releases.

Here's a list about changes made in Disney releases. IIRC, most restorations Disney did after the analogue era (1995 on) changed a lot of things about their films (color temps, Aspect ratios, framing, replacing original animations). The only film affected by this was Snow White. It never had a home video release before the 1994 one and it was the restoration that set the template for later ones. The films from the Disney Renascence era made it mostly unscathed since no major changes were made until their DVD releases.

IIRC, all the content on the CAV Criterion of Ghostbusters ( CC1181L ) has never appeared on any other edition of the film.

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 Post subject: CLD-3080 vs LX-900u
Posted: 03 May 2020, 05:52 

Just got a LX-900u. Comparing the two using this demo disc, it seems like the LX-900 is a bit better. Less noise and better colors. What do you guys think?

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 Post subject: Re: A Cure of Laserlock
Posted: 06 May 2020, 23:38 

So the mystery disc is from ... Alf!

I remember that I made a rip of the disc when I initially got them. Pulled up the recording I made and its only 20 min. This newer one I got 7 more mins. I think there's a few more mins left on it. If you wanna take a crack at ripping it with a HLD player, hit me up.
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