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Posted: 01 Oct 2011, 02:12 

Sticky post concerning the LD Player manuals on LDDb:

The current starting point is:

Just a little update to mention that we reshuffled a little bit the repository structure to allow for a few more types of devices:

LD Players manuals

AC3RF Demodulators manuals

MUSE (Hi-Vision) Decoders

CED Players manuals

I will stick for now to the following naming convention (for players):

/ Brand / Family / Model - Language _(other infos).pdf

If you happen to have a PDF manual missing or can scan yours (below 10MB would be great, you can split/multi-zip/etc. as long as it can be reconstructed on a Windows or Linux platform), just send it to: . Don't worry if you can only send JPEGs of each page, I can easily generate PDFs if needed.

To make sending HUGE scanned PDFs easier than splitting by Email, I setup a anonymous drop (upload only) URL that you can access here:

The password hint is : what is the video medium we are mostly collecting here? (small case, no plural)


PS: Topic is locked, PM me if you have a question.

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Posted: 07 Oct 2011, 19:28 

Great list! I made it a sticky post.

I will edit it to amend/append/modify its data if further is posted below.


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 Post subject: Re: J-Pop
Posted: 26 Feb 2012, 13:49 

Some of my favorite bands are from Japan. I would say that in the end of the 80s and in the 90s Japan was top class in making music. Making there own style inspired from all western genres made a great mix and are still today quite unique.

1998-2000 ended up an awesome period and even Japanese people would still agree with me since songs from that period are constantly re-elected in the "Best 100 songs ever" each year on NHK. The explanation seems to be that computer, direct-to-disk, notator and other Macintosh-based recording technologies made possible the birth of indies/private labels outside of the big majors's control. Somehow the majors re-aquired most of them in the early years of the 2000's and musical creativity in POP music significantly dropped.

Some mainstream (or less mainstream) songs of the 90's are still classics to this day (multiple YouTube links for each when available): SMAP , Kinki Kids , G L A Y , Ayumi Hamazaki , Dreams Come True , SPEED , Brilliant Green, T R F (TK's group before GLOBE ), SPITZ , Hitomi , Every Little Thing , Utada Hikaru , Namie Amuro (another of TK's protegee).

And I'm missing a bunch of other cool singers/groups, I could go on for hours :P

Recently K-POP has been raising my attention production quality suddenly jumped to international standards. To be followed closely!


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 Post subject: Re: Lawrence of Arabia
Posted: 09 Mar 2012, 00:07 

halfmac wrote:
I have the 1989 Criterion Collection version of this film and it will not play, any sides. My other discs play fine. Tried two players. What Gives?

Rot? Bent discs?

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Posted: 21 Mar 2012, 13:12 

Dolby Surround only needs 2 mono tracks (= stereo) and encode additional information for Center and Surround.

If you listen to the soundtrack with only 2 speakers, it will gracefully play stereo only.

If you put your AV Amp in "Surround" mode, the Amp will decode the extra Dolby Surround information on the fly.

Dolby Stereo is the professional name.
Dolby Surround is the commercial name.


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 Post subject: SACD Complete List
Posted: 16 Sep 2013, 17:16 

Similar to I have the SACD catalogs from Japan up to summer 2006.
First volumes had cover + specs but they later moved towars "new releases coverage" and simple list for the rest of the catalog.

Luckily SONY SACD's website is still maintained (in Japanese) and shows 7,421 as of July this year. is also very helpful.


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Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 05:00 

It must have been: Europe: Europe in America (1987) [080 370-1]

The big brother of a friend had a PAL LD Player home with a few discs.


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Posted: 16 Aug 2015, 14:18 

admin wrote:

If you're curious:


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Posted: 18 Sep 2015, 02:56 

Ah good memories...

I remember setup'ing my CLD-R5 via my PC videocard (with composite IN and OUT) able to layer subtitles on the fly.
Got to watch Chronicles of Lodoss War and Escaflowne like that.

That was in 2001. Time flies.


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 Post subject: Re: Denon LA-3500
Posted: 29 Oct 2015, 07:25 

Thank you again!

Here is it:


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Posted: 14 Jan 2016, 06:40 

I'm using this page as a base:

We will adjust/enrich the list as we go.
Just post an update to confirm or insert a new one and I will update the main list.

For now it has Hi-Vision LD Players, LD Players, Combi LD+DVD Players, LD-G decoder, Karaoke Modules.
We could add MUSE decoder/converter and other exotic devices as well.

Confirmed device/remote pairs will be turned to GREEN .

[+] = Has been added to the hardware database



MODEL Reference / REMOTE CONTROL reference (Manufacturer Part Number)


[+] HLD-X9 / CU-HLD003 (VXX2437)
[+] HLD-X0 / CU-HLD002 (VXX2147)
[+] HLD-1000 / CU-HLD001

[+] LD-S9 / CU-LD020 (VXX2464) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-R7G / CU-CLD150 (VXX2541) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-3760KV / CU-CLD145
[+] CLD-R6G / CU-CLD140 (VXX2416) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-100K / CU-CLD137 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-D606 / CU-CLD135 (VXX2412)
[+] CLD-D505 / CU-CLD135 (VXX2412)
[+] CLD-R5 / CU-CLD134 (VXX2400)
[+] CLD-R4 / CU-CLD134 (VXX2400)
[+] CLD-C3 / CU-CLD134 (VXX2400)
[+] CLD-K99V / CU-CLD130 (VXX2364)
[+] CLD-K8V / CU-CLD130 (VXX2364)
[+] CLD-K22G / CU-CLD129 (VXX2279) + CU-CLD130 (compatible)
[+] CLD-K66G / CU-CLD127 + CU-CLD130 (compatible)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD128 (VXX2280)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD126 (VXX2277)
[+] CLD-2750K / CU-CLD125 (VXX2114)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD124 (VXX2268)
[+] CLD-59 / CU-CLD121 (VXX2243)
[+] CLD-79 / CU-CLD120 (VXX2255)
[+] PAC-PC1 for CLD-A100 / CU-CLD118
[+] CLD-PC10 / CU-CLD118
[+] CLD-99 / CU-CLD117 (VXX2224)
[+] CLD-V700 / CU-V117
[+] CLD-D515 / CU-CLD116
[+] CLD-D925 / CU-CLD115
[+] ??? / CU-CLD114 (VXX2241)
[+] CLD-C5G / CU-CLD113 (VXX2240) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-D504 / CU-CLD112 (VXX2244)
[+] CLD-R4 / CU-CLD111 (VXX2245) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-C3 / CU-CLD111 (VXX2245) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-Z1 / CU-CLD110 (VXX2169) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-HF7G / CU-CLD109 (VXX2127) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-HF9G / CU-CLD108 (VXX2126) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-S270 / CU-CLD106 (VXX2115) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-S104 / CU-CLD106 (VXX2115) + CU-CLD134 (compatible)
[+] CLD-D406 / CU-CLD134 (VXX2400)
[+] CLD-C1 / CU-CLD105 (VXX2114)
[+] CLD-V850 / CU-CLD104 (VXX2068)
[+] CLD-53 / CU-CLD103
[+] ??? / CU-CLD102 (VXX2071)
[+] CLD-K33G / CU-CLD101
[+] CLD-V2730K / CU-CLD100
[+] CLD-K88G / CU-CLD099
[+] CLD-D703 / CU-CLD098 (VXX2257)
[+] CLD-D704 / CU-CLD098 (VXX2257)
[+] CLD-2950 / CU-CLD097
[+] CLD-1950 / CU-CLD096
[+] CLD-950 / CU-CLD095
[+] CLD-S260/SD / CU-CLD093 (VXX1921)
[+] CLD-02 / CU-CLD093 (VXX1921)
[+] CLD-05 / CU-CLD092 (VXX1922)
[+] CLD-O7G / CU-CLD091 (VXX1891)
[+] CLD-97 / CU-CLD090 (VXX1850)
[+] CLD-K55G / CU-CLD089 (VXX1860)
[+] CLD-A100 / CU-CLD085 (DXX2108)
[+] CLD-D503 / CU-CLD084 (VXX1836)
[+] CLD-D502 / CU-CLD084 (VXX1836)
[+] CLD-2850 / CU-CLD081
[+] CLD-555 / CU-CLD079
[+] CLD-1700 / CU-CLD077
[+] CLD-1800 / CU-CLD077
[+] ??? / CU-CLD076 (VXX1604)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD075 (VXX1761)
[+] CLD-K77G / CU-CLD074
[+] CLD-K11 / CU-CLD073
[+] CLD-700 / CU-CLD072
[+] CLD-800 / CU-CLD072
[+] CLD-01 / CU-CLD071
[+] CLD-1750 / CU-CLD071
[+] CLD-52 / CU-CLD070 (VXX1731)
[+] CLD-D501 / CU-CLD069 (VXX1732)
[+] CLD-D750 / CU-CLD068 (VXX1721)
[+] CLD-D702 / CU-CLD068 (VXX1721)
[+] CLD-D701 / CU-CLD068 (VXX1721)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD067 (VXX1732)
[+] CLD-M301 / CU-CLD064 (VXX1735)
[+] CLD-M401/CLD-M403/CLD-M450 / CU-CLD063 (VXXX1736)
[+] CLD-98 / CU-CLD062 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-939 / CU-CLD062 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-959 / CU-CLD062 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-757 / CU-CLD062 (VXX1672)
[+] CLD-737 / CU-CLD061
[+] CLD-535 / CU-CLD060
[+] CLD-600 / CU-CLD059
[+] CLD-95 / CU-CLD052 (VXX1546)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD051 (VXX1542)
[+] CLD-990 / CU-CLD050
[+] CLD-200 / CU-CLD049
[+] CLD-31 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-1190 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-1090 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-1091 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-1600 / CU-CLD048 (VXX1530)
[+] CLD-V840 / CU-CLD047 (VXX1604)
[+] CLD-1590K / CU-CLD046 (VXX1603)
[+] CLD-V720 / CU-CLD046 (VXX1603)
[+] CLD-F7 / CU-CLD045
[+] CLD-F1 / CU-CLD044
[+] CLD-K1100 / CU-CLD043
[+] CLD-K700 / CU-CLD042 (VXX1787)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD040 (VXX1541)
[+] CLD-2090 / CU-CLD039 (VXX1536)
[+] CLD-3090 / CU-CLD038 (VXX1538)
[+] CLD-313 / CU-CLD037 (VXX1470)
[+] CLD-919 / CU-CLD035
[+] CLD-616 / CU-CLD035
[+] CLD-980 / CU-CLD034 (VXX1442)
[+] ??? / CU-CLD033 (VXX1442)
[+] CLD-K1000 / CU-CLD032
[+] CLD-K600 / CU-CLD032
[+] CLD-110 / CU-CLD031 (VXX1410)
[+] CLD-1580K / CU-CLD030 (VXX1383)
[+] CLD-2080 / CU-CLD029 (VXX1418)
[+] CLD-X919 / RPX-1025
[+] CL-X919 / RPX-1025
LK-V37 / No remote control, using the remote of that attached player
LK-V38 / No remote control, using the remote of that attached player
LK-810 / ???
[+] CL-X90 / CU-CL003 (RPX-1012)
[+] CLD-J700 / CU-CX002
[+] X-L7 / CU-CX002
[+] ??? / CU-CLD027 (VXX1268)
[+] CLD-303 / CU-CLD026
[+] CLD-3080 / CU-CLD024 (VXX1351)
[+] CLD-1400 / CU-CLD023
[+] CLD-1450 / CU-CLD023
[+] CLD-500 / CU-CLD022
[+] CLD-909 / CU-CLD021
[+] CLD-100 / CU-CLD020
[+] CLD-E130 / CU-CLD020
[+] CLD-K80 / CU-CLD019 (VXX1269)
[+] CLD-K50 / CU-CLD019 (VXX1269)
[+] LD-S2 / CU-LD019 (VXX1370)
[+] LD-X1 / CU-LD018
[+] CLD-92 / CU-CLD018 (VXX1268)
[+] CLD-1070 / CU-CLD017 (VXX1249)
[+] CLD-1570K / CU-CLD017 (VXX1249)
[+] ??? / CU-LD017 (VXX1293)
[+] CLD-2070 / CU-CLD016 (VXX1254)
[+] CLD-3070 / CU-CLD015 (VXX1244)
[+] ??? / CU-LD015 (VXX1142)
[+] CLD-360 / CU-CLD014
[+] CLD-770 / CU-CLD013
[+] CLD-E110 / CU-CLD013
[+] ??? / CU-LD013 (VXX1129)
[+] CLD-970 / CU-CLD012
[+] CLD-1200 / CU-CLD011
[+] LD-W1 / CU-LD011
[+] CLD-K8 / CU-CLD010
LD-K17 / Remote control sold separately
[+] CLD-1030 / CU-CLD009 (VXX1122)
[+] CLD-3030 / CU-CLD008 (VXX1133)
[+] LD-S1 / CU-LD008 (VXX1038)
[+] CLD-99S / CU-CLD007
[+] LD-838D / CU-LD007 (VXX1030)
[+] CLD-77 / CU-CLD006
[+] LK-700 / CU-LK006
LD-S1 / CU-LD005 (VXX1016) + CU-CLD109 compatible
[+] CLD-1050 / CU-CLD005 (VXX1058)
[+] LD-8200D / CU-LD004 (VXX1040)
[+] CLD-1010 / CU-CLD004 (VXX1040)
[+] CLD-70 / CU-CLD003
[+] CLD-909 / CU-CLD002 (VXX-582)
[+] CLD-901 / CU-CLD002 (VXX-582)
[+] LD-9200D / CU-LD001 (VXX564)
[+] CLD-900 / CU-900
[+] CLD-7 / CU-CLD001 (VXX1006)
[+] LD-7100 / CU-7100
[+] LD-7000 / CU-7000
[+] CLD-9000 / CU-9000
[+] LD-1100 / CU-1100
[+] LD-700 / CU-700
[+] LD-1000 / CU-1000
[+] ??? / CU-V157 (VXX2616)
[+] ??? / CU-V155 (VXX2553)
[+] ??? / CU-V154 (VXX2543)
[+] ??? / CU-V152 (VXX2453)
[+] CLD-V5000 / CU-V151 (VXX2368)
[+] ??? / CU-V132 (DXR1025)
[+] ??? / CU-V128 (AXD1254)
[+] ??? / CU-V124 (AXD1222)
[+] LD-V1012 / CU-V122 (DXR-1015)
[+] ??? / CU-V120
[+] ??? / CU-V117 (VXX1314)
[+] ??? / CU-V113A (DXR1036)
[+] ??? / CU-V113 (DXR1006)
[+] ??? / CU-V111 (VXX1217)
[+] ??? / CU-V110 (VXX1191)
[+] ??? / CU-V109 (AXD1046)
[+] LD-E100 / CU-V103 (DXX-1027)
LD-V2020 / ???
LD-V530 / ???
LD-V540 / ???
[+] ??? / CU-V102 (DXX1033)

[LD+DVD Combi]
[+] ??? / CU-DV051 (VXX2647)
[+] ??? / CU-DV049 (VXX2643)
[+] ??? / CU-DV048 (VXX2642)
[+] ??? / CU-DV036 (VXX2627)
[+] DVL-919 (US) / CU-DV030 (VXX2609)
[+] DVL-919E (EU) / CU-DV029
[+] DVL-909 (US) / CU-DV028
[+] DVL-919 (JP) / CU-DV027 (VXX2603) or any model from CU-DV012 (VXX2625) to CU-DV027
[+] DVL-H9 / CU-DV027 (VXX2603) or any model from CU-DV012 (VXX2625) to CU-DV027
[+] DVL-909 (JP) / CU-DV027 (VXX2603) or any model from CU-DV012 (VXX2625) to CU-DV027
[+] ??? / CU-DV026 (VXX2602)
[+] ??? / CU-DV022 (VXX2599)
DVL-909 sold in X-HT501 set / CU-DV021
[+] ??? / CU-DV020 (VXX2576)
[+] ??? / CU-DV019 (VXX2572)
DVL-909 / CU-DV018 (VXX2549)
[+] DVL-91 / CU-DV017 (VXX2562)
[+] DVL-K88 / CU-DV015 (VXX2536)
[+] ??? / CU-DV011 (VXX2532)
[+] ??? / CU-DV008 (VXX2540)
[+] ??? / CU-DV004 (VXX2398)
[+] DVK-900 / CU-DVK003 (VXX2598)
[+] DVK-1000 / CU-DVK001 (VXX2467) or CU-DVK002 (VXX2468)
[+] DVL-9 / CU-DV002
[+] DVL-700 / CU-DV001 (VXX2399)

[+] PD-707V / CU-PD009 (PWW1007)

[LD-G Decoder]
[+] LG-1 / CU-LG001 (VXX1781)

[+] CO-V12 / CU-V126
CO-V50 / From CU-V101 to CU-V126


[+] LA-210 / RC-522
[+] LA-3500 / RC-520
[+] LA-3100 / RC-517
[+] LA-3000 / RC-502


[+] CDV-750 / RC-750

[+] CDV-185 / RC-5480


[+] LX-120 / RAK-LX305W
[+] LX-121 / RAK-LX305W
[+] LD600 / VEQ1509
[+] LX-300 / VEQ0765
[+] LX-600 / VEQ1509
[+] LD700 / VEQ1434
[+] LX-900U / VEQ1433
[+] ??? / VEQ1379
[+] LX-1000 / VEQ1185
LX-2000 / VEQ1183 // Can't find a LX-2000... typo?
[+] ??? / VEQ1715
[+] LX-H180 / VEQ1714
[+] ??? / VEQ1125
[+] ??? / RAK-LXQ18WH
LX-K750 / ???
[+] LX-K380 / RAK-LX301W
[+] LX-K550 / RAK-LX017WH
[+] LX-K700 / RAK-LX307W
[+] LX-K770 / RAK-LX139W
[+] LX-K780 / RAK-LX174WH
LVD-Z1 / KENWOOD compatible

[MUSE Decoder]
[+] TU-AHD100 and TU-AHD100N / TNQ10454


HLD-2000 HDL-2000 / RM-2000

[+] HIL-C2EX / RMT-M28
[+] HIL-C1 / RMT-M18
[+] HIL-1000 / RM-2001A

MDP-V70G / RMT-M40
MDP-A30 / RMT-M37
MDP-A10 / RMT-M34
MDP-U330P / RMT-M32
MDP-U50G / RMT-M29
MDP-RC20 / RMT-M26
MDP-A10 / RMT-M25
MDP-U10 / RMT-M24
MDP-RS10 / RMT-M23
MDP-U30 / RMT-M21
MDP-U300P / RMT-M21
MDP-A7 / RMT-M20
MDP-600 / RMT-M19A / 1-693-095-81
MDP-A1 / RMT-M19B / 1-693-095-91
MDP-555SA / RMT-M17
MDP-U3 / RMT-M16
MDP-650D / RMT-M14
MDP-K15 / RMT-M13
MDP-K5 / RMT-M13
MDP-455 / RMT-M12
MDP-455SA / RMT-M12
MDP-K8 / RMT-M11
MDP-405 / RMT-M10
MDP-L405 / RMT-M10
MDP-999 / RMT-J999
MDP-911 / RMT-J911
MDP-711 / RMT-J711
MDP-605 / RMT-S605
MDP-601 / RMT-J601
MDP-555F / RMT-J555F
MDP-555 / RMT-J555
MDP-333 / RMT-333
MDP-111 / RMT-111A
MDP-11 / RMT-11
MDP-290 / RMT-11
MDP-9 / RMT-9
MDP-201 RMT-801 + RMT-101 compatible
MDP-801 / RMT-801 + RMT-101 compatible
MDP-AV1 / RMT-101

CDP-301V / RM-D301V


CDV-S100 / RS 100


CD-V900 BK / CD-V900

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Posted: 01 Feb 2016, 16:32 


Somehow I let that bug slip through: whenever someone submits a "best offer" for a title but you miss the notification or only find out after the 48h expiration time is over, now it's possible to "resubmit" the same expired offer to the buyer as a 2nd chance.

Of course the buyer, this time, has no obligation to accept since the original 48h expired already.

But it allows for an extended offer if the buyer is still interested.

Right now the email notification is a copy/paste of the counter-offer, I will edit a new template soon to reflect the fact that this a 2nd chance best offer.


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Posted: 31 Mar 2016, 11:08 

Just curious what everyone thinks is the most smoothly drawn 4:3 anime on LD.

I haven't watched much on LD, but Ninja Scroll CAV had the best animated video quality I've seen on LD so far when the action scenes were drawn on every frame.

Any thoughts?

For high quality animation, a few come to mind (usually short and CAV):

X2 (Double X): Image Clip in X (1993) [SRLW 1577] (the trailer)
Clamp in Wonderland (1994) [BEAL-931]

Everything else I could think of was either 1.66:1 or 1.85:1

Studio Ghibli (and all the movies!)
On Your Mark (1995) [PCLP-00652]
Mamoru Oshii
Ghost in the Shell: Premium Box (1995) [BEAL-921]
Patlabor: The Movie (1989) [BELL-1310]
Patlabor 2: The Movie (1993) [BELL-1311]
Katsuhiro Outomo
Akira: Special Collection (1988) [PILA-1086]
Memories (1995) [BEAL-926]
Jin-Roh (1998) [BELL-1541]
Perfect Blue: Special Collection Box (1997) [PILA-9002]


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Posted: 20 Jun 2016, 10:49 


Of course most people are using Paypal to pay across countries and currencies (although Paypal Forex fees are usually quite bad, sometimes up to 5% fees) on top of their 2.9~3.9% commissions.

On the other end of the spectrum is Western Union which can be quite expensive but works well for countries where having a bank account is complicated: they pay in cash.

In between are a few new services trying to focus on Forex transactions and I've been playing with some of them recently to assess how good they are, namely: TransferWise and WorldFirst . So far TransferWise looks more attractive because your exchange rate doesn't depend on the amount you are transferring like WorldFirst (assuming you hit the minimum amount requirement) and their fees are in the 0.5~0.7% range, that's including Forex + transaction.

I tried WorldFirst once and it worked as described but TransferWise was faster, more friendly, with locked rate policy (24 to 48h) and generous starting promos. Used it 4 times so far, no issue. Transfers even arrive earlier than the initial ETAs.

If you want to give it a try, assuming you have currencies to move around or significant currency payments to send/receive, you can use my affiliate links below to get a discount, and I get a bonus as well!
Create an account and transfer currencies using this referral link .
Create an account and transfer currencies using this link .

Keep in mind that they do not provide buyer/seller protection like Paypal does, only use it to transfer currencies for yourself or interacting with people you entirely trust .


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 Post subject: External Y/c 3D Comb Filter
Posted: 30 Dec 2016, 14:22 

I didn't know they were also sold separately by Imagenics.

From the description, it claims that it's the circuitry used in the LD-S9 and HLD-X9:

Manual in Japanese is here.


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Posted: 21 Jan 2017, 19:58 

And another round of 30+ new manuals and service manuals!

New brands: Onkyo and Philips.

Tons of service manuals for SONY and Pioneer.


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Posted: 19 Apr 2017, 16:09 

Only the 2nd user to reach that milestone!

Feedbacks for: gandjrarities



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 Post subject: Re: AC-3 setup problem
Posted: 10 Aug 2017, 06:26 

1. Manual doesn't state how to use the AC-3 option via remote or actual unit?
2. When selecting the right analog track, the on screen displays states ' analog stereo - 1/L only when analog 2/R is selected.
3. All the above is connected to my Yamaha RX-V765 amp and still no sound?
4. Yamaha APD-1 de modulator light does not light up!

Everybody quickly jumped to the rescue but let me summarize:

No remote for the APD-1, just power it up and connect the "AC3RF out" of your player to the "AC3RF in" of the APD-1.
The moment an AC3RF signal is detected, the "DEMODULATE" led will lit on like this:

Then if you plug either via Coax or Toslink to your A/V Amp, it will detect an Dolby Digital signal and process it normally.

No need to select any specific sound channel on your player.


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Posted: 10 Aug 2017, 09:51 

... is turning 15 this year!

First early beta-version was started in November 2002 but I probably took advantage of the 2002 Summer break to start coding initially.

Wow, I feel even older now.

But it's been a fun ride, I met lots of interesting individuals on the way, met up some in the real world too, eventually landed a fantastic job back in 2009 through the website and still haven't reached the overdose level of maintaining the database.

I know most users would like their inputs and covers processed faster but I'd rather have a slow processing with quality outputs than validate everything blindly and create trouble in the future. The shop inventory management section is a shame and needs a full refresh, so does the shop listings (must migrate from iFrame to inline) and the "selling in lots" that was 80% finished but never tested.

My next scheduled task will be to work on the players' side because most of the Forum topics are about fixing/cleaning up/upgrading player and a section open to comments for all existing players would be a great addition to the disc database.

I'll start working on that when I will have spared enough $$$ to upgrade my 2012 Windows 7 laptop to the latest technology, fix my speakers (in need of re-foaming) and finish working on an major infrastructure project in Tokyo at work.

It would be also very useful for hand pick relevant topics in the forum (old or new) to create a FAQ on the usual issues (laser rot, AC3RF, DTS, combi players, etc.)

So far 15,731 transactions were made on LDDb, for a total of 29,054 titles that changed hands!
Out of these 15,731, 6,903 were successful best offers
4,052 currently active accounts (500+ visiting weekly, 1,000+ visiting monthly)
Accounting for ALL accounts created from the beginning (some were duplicates though), that's 13,806 accounts since 2002
564,019 titles in LD collections (that's several hundred tons of LDs!)
Forum has 6,314 topics for a total of over 76,000 posts


Hope to post a similar message in 2022 for the 20th anniversary!


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Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 09:19 

Hi everyone,

I understand that the forum has been slowing down because, well, we already talked and discussed 99% of what could be said/explained on LD and LD Players over the years.

I can see that visitors are reading/searching the forum but less contributions these days, except maybe in the "technical questions" for Players starting to age and slowly breaking down.

There are, however, a LOT of good posts and great information laying deep in the old topics that would benefit from more exposure/indexing.
After considering several options, I decided to give "Thanks for Posts" a try:
For now you can add a "thank you note" on a post linked to an active account (not yours obviously, this is not Facebook!) and when enough thanks are received, I'll be able to pull out a list of popular topics and posters (in quality, not in quantity or most recent posts).

If you bookmarked or liked an old post, don't hesitate to go like it to give him a chance to shine again for newcomers!

And if you want to enable notifications (PM or Email) when someone thanked you, you will have to update your User Profile here:



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Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 14:40 

I have always wanted to able to thank people on this forum for their particular posts without having to write it.

Glad you like it!

I hope it will not be understood as something similar to a Facebook "Like", but as a tool to highlight significantly insightful/well argued/documented posts that are worth reading even years later. Some of Disclord's posts on the technicality of video/audio formats were really great!


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Posted: 14 Sep 2017, 08:11 

Where did he live?

=> Plattsburg, Missouri. USA

His first website domain is gone: but the contents live on


I'll make a full backup of these just in case...


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 Post subject: Re: DVL-919 RD/RA No Power
Posted: 19 Sep 2017, 07:18 

For once we have the Service Manual :-)

And this one refers to DVL-919 RD/RA "AC110-127/220-240V" as "Automatic select":


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Posted: 19 Sep 2017, 11:25 

Which ones are you after ?

Realized that there is only "main language is" in the advanced search and no field for "bilingual" in the drop menus.

Doing it manually also finds:

Tenchi Muyo in Love: The Movie (1996) [PILA-1393]
Ghibli Ga Ippai Collection (1996) [TKLO-50180] has Laputa, Totoro, Kiki and Porco Rosso dubbed in English mono
Anne of Green Gables: Memorial Box 1 (1979) [BELL-552]
Anne of Green Gables: Memorial Box 2 (1979) [BELL-553]
Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo (1978) [TLL 2474]
Transformers: Destron Box (1985) [PILA-1494]
Chibi Maruko-Chan: 10th Anniversary Video (1995) [PCLG-00041]
Spirit of Wonder, The (1992) [TSL-0052]


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Posted: 19 Sep 2017, 12:06 

kris wrote:
How are you guys doing with the format meanwhile?

Not too well!

=> Extra discs like crazy

I'm basically skipping Blu-Ray to jump directly to 4K UHD for new releases.

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