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Posted: 12 Nov 2015, 23:27 

Just wondering since at some point I'd either like to service or replace my still soldiering on 702. With a LX900 or D704, is there much visible improvement? Ever since getting my hdcrt xbr960, LDs have become noisy and unwatchable to the point of making me want to build a cart to use my old 4:3 480i Sony CRT again just for them.
My DVL-700 has less noise in the image than the 702, and of course the ac3 rf out. But the DVNR is so prevalent that I never use it other than testing ac3 tracks.

With the absurdly high cost of players on ebay, little guarantee they work right or will be shipped well, and the local avenues practically nil, I've never been able to justify shelling out several hundred dollars for what may or may not be much improvement.

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 Post subject: CLD-D702 Drive Belt
Posted: 30 Jan 2016, 17:39 

I received my CLD-D702 from Goodwill, and I went through the motions of getting it running. It was mostly functional when I got it, so I did a maintenance re-lubricating of the drive rails, a good dusting of the internals, and a check of the capacitors since the early 90s was a time of very bad capacitors being made (leaking being the worst issue). It flips sides eloquently (got the pleasure of seeing the mechanism in motion...really cool in my opinion), and plays beautifully once I cleaned the laser of dust and debris....but it has an issue with the door on the front which slowly opens or doesn't open. It's the drive belt that's the problem (it's slipping like mad), I cleaned the belt with alcohol, and the pullies as well, it works better but not to what I desire.

Since the belt is likely 23 years old, and likely in storage for a good portion of that 23 years, it is likely to assume the belt has just memorized it's shape on the pully, making it harder for the mechanism to work and putting more strain on the motor. So my options are to buy a new belt. Where can I acquire this belt? The only belt on Ebay is listed as only working for these models; CLD-53/79/99/D406/D502/D503/D504/D505/V870. Would this belt work for my 702? The 702 is from the same year as the 502, so the belts can't be THAT different.

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 Post subject: Re: CLD-R7G Arrived!
Posted: 26 Nov 2017, 03:58 

I normally stay away from these conversations anymore but I thought I'd give my opinion. The only player I have not seen in the list is the DVL-H9 but I've seen the DVL-91 which is supposed to be same unit. My opinions are best on performance once I finished all adjustments for best picture performance.

If you want a player with less noise then the list about is pretty good. Comments are that if you turn off the DNR that defaults ON in the X0 it pretty much looks the same as the S2 but the X0 has the red laser that can help avoid crosstalk. Then the X0 noise levels are low enough the DNR actually makes it look really nice keeping an analog look. I've connected an S2 to my Pioneer Elite Plasma and turned on the DNR in the plasma and got close to the same look. This is really leaving out the older players like the CLD-3070 thru CLD-D702 and the LD-S1. I believe the 3070-702 would come after the 97/95 (remember the 95 was short lived as the S-Video or Y/C has a chroma verses luminance lag and the 97 corrected this). Now I've only seen one S1 and it is also low noise so it is around the 97/95/3070-702.

If you want a player with a more dynamic picture then the X9 is the best especially if you put it in HR mode but good both ways and the list needs to be completely changed with the 95/97/S2/X0 being low on the list. The DVL-91 and R7G do also crank up the sharpness with the S-Video output, the 91 composite is not cranked up, cannot remember about the R7G composite output. As I've always said if you have a quality monitor with a good power supply and the black level set properly the white smear on the S9/79/99/703/704 is not that bad but a little is there. This really tests your monitor and setup. I have never seen the issue like I've seen posted in pictures unless I turn up the brightness level on my plasma or analog test monitor. So, yes these units do have some smear but how sensitive are you to it and how does your system show it will help you decide if you want one of these. The 97/95/3070-702 have smear to a lesser degree. Sometime turn up the brightness when playing the X9 and look at the credits on a dark scene and see if you notice anything where the smear used to be.

So it really comes down to your preference and setup for you to determine what you like best. I do my repairs with the units connected directly to the monitor, no processing in between. Yes, I'm a person that prefers lower noise levels built into the design, not processed by DNR.

All these units are good units, this is really just a contest of preferences and how you use the player. I'm fine with rein-o promoting the R7G even though the 97 is my favorite as that is what he likes and if you have the same preferences as rein-o then you'll agree with him.

The key is to find the player you like and enjoy it.

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Posted: 20 May 2018, 22:33 


I started working on a scratch built AC3-RF output board 10 years ago but never got anywhere with it when I couldn't get it to work. So a couple of months ago, I got the itch to finally get it done and found that I had my mute control transistor wired up incorrectly. :problem:

So here are some images of the board and the player that I used for the experiment (a Pioneer, CLD-2090 clone in case anyone was wondering ;) ).

Schematic that I used to create the board

Top view of the board

Bottom view of the board

Size comparison of the scratch built board and a BDE custom made board w/ surface mount components

Solder points in the player for the board (+5V = red, -5V = blue, GND = green, Mute = yellow, AFM = coax wire)

The board installed w/ all wires connected

Wide view showing the board and RCA jack

RCA jack internal view

RCA jack external view

The player playing an AC3 disc w/ Sony SDP-E800 showing a lock ("discrete" indicator lighted)

So now that I have successfully made this board a reality, now it's time to make more of them so I can get the rest of my players up to the AC-3 RF spec. My next version will be on a board half the size (this one was bigger than it had to be but I was learning along the way so I needed space to figure it out).

Hope everyone enjoyed the images. It's quite exciting that I can now make these boards from scratch since all my past player retrofits were always from DIY kits that unfortunately are no longer available to purchase.

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Posted: 29 Dec 2018, 05:04 

takeshi666 wrote:
He's not concerned about the actual replacing of the belt, it's acquiring the new belt to replace it with.

That wasn't very clear to me even after re-reading the post; still sounds like a question about "how" to replace the belt.

But oh well... :roll:

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Posted: 31 Dec 2018, 03:42 

Ok.... Looks like I wasn't very clear on some aspects of changing the belt on an Alpha Turn based LD player. Here are some pics that will hopefully enlighten from my Pioneer, CLD-D701....

Image of the player w/ top off and the tray ejected

Now a picture of the clamper assembly removed as this part will get in the way to reaching the loading belt. You will just need to remove four screws to separate it from the player

Now it's easy to reach the belt as circled in red

As you re-install the clamper assembly after belt replacement, make sure the following peg goes back into the plastic slider

Hope this helps.

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Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 01:14 

Found this article in an old issue of Video Magazine of a tour of the Pioneer LDCA Pressing Plant in Carson, California. Scanned it in so you all can read too.

Article confirms what Publius stated in another thread when I asked about what was format was used for the master which they pressed LDs from. At this point it was D-2 Digital Composite tape.
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