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Posted: 28 Jun 2014, 05:39 

Adaptive 3d comb filter combs static areas of the image and step back to 2d on areas with motion.

There are 4 registers to deal with. Most devices will not expose these registers to end user for fine tweaking. Most comb filters were designed ntsc broadcast and vhs in mind so they are not always optimized for ld. Those registers are;

Luma coring: threshold for number if pixels the comb filter should consider noise/no motion. Anything under this setting is considered noise even if not static. Anything above is 3d applied if motion detected.

Luma gain: how fast it should switch between 2d to 3d or 3d to 2d.

Chroma coring: same as luma coring but this time only color information is used.

Chroma gain: same as luma but for color.

Analog to digital converter converts video to digital. Each pixel is given a value. Comb filter compares each value on 2 or 3 frames. Areas where value differ is considered motion. Registers above are used to tell comb filter where is motion and where is noise. Noise is bunch of small pixels moving and confuses comb filters. Ld is a very noisy format.

If you set the threshold correct and adjust the filter for fast switching then the artifacts by 3d effect is less appeared. Tge benefits of 3d comb outweighs its issues on ld. The image is much sharper and colors are way better pronounced.

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Posted: 04 Jul 2014, 14:32 

First forget about 1080p24 on ld. It wont work correctly. You will often have judder whenever there is bad edit and deinterlacer can not lock to all cadences. Stick with 1080p60/50.

Adv chip on c2 will digitize the feed and convert each pixel in mathematical numbers. 3d filter compares mathematical numbers on 3 concurrent frames. If any number differs that means there is motion.

Coring is minimum value where the comb filter should look for motion. If coring was 0, any moving pixel would be motion. Your comb filter would be in 2d mode at all times. If you set your coring too high then even small moving objects will be ignored and applied 3d. The idea is to tell the comb filter the size film grain/noise which act as motion if coring is set low.

If your gain is too high, it will always be in 2d mode. Gain 100 means always 2d. Gain 0 is always 3d. If you set coring high like 40 then gain should be small. If your coring is low then you can set a higher gain.

Start off with default values then adjust coring first. Then play with gain. Disable chroma trap filter. Use dot crawl filter at dynamic.

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Posted: 27 Feb 2015, 11:46 

I've been thinking about getting some new footage. Are there any requests? I still haven't tried my Dolby Digital Experience disc, and the James Bond films by Criterion look great imo (from what I can remember) so it would be an interesting project to get some captures from those.

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Posted: 14 Sep 2017, 00:38 

The complete assembly is VWM1170 and not available. You can send me a note or Email about this

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Posted: 15 Sep 2017, 07:07 

In the US Pioneer would charge just about $160 for a new one if they had it, plus tax and shipping.

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Posted: 21 Jul 2019, 04:10 

The grip ring goes bad in these too!!

Try pressing side B to close the tray and if it goes to side B and then starts playing the grip ring is probably bad. It will have issues going from B to A in this scenario.

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Posted: 02 Mar 2020, 16:41 

rick_dangerous wrote:
odotb3 wrote:
I decided to replace it with a Yamaha Apd-1. I eventually got fed up of using the Yamaha because it had to be stepped down.

What do you mean "stepped down?" Thanks.



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 Post subject: Re: HLD-X0 serial numbers
Posted: 07 Mar 2020, 00:26 

It's too heavy, I'm scared to move it from room to room. :lol:

I have not seen one of these beauties in the flesh but knew someone who had one years ago & I think he said it came in at around the 36 or 38 kilo mark - would that be about right?

There are not many things that I lust after but the HLD-X0 is one of the few things that I would be more than happy to own.

Everyone who has one enjoy :thumbup: .


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 Post subject: Re: HLD-X0 serial numbers
Posted: 11 Mar 2020, 13:49 

Yes, it is a very heavy machine. I can barely lift it and I am 2,01 m tall and weigh around 105 kilos.

I am sorry to hear your picture is corrupted. Did you try the cinch video output ? Is it corrupted, too ?

There is a British chap in London I believe who owns a X0, too. He appears to be very knowledgeable and seems to have repaired his X0 by himself.

I love my X0 even though I think it could handle warped discs better. It is a very beautiful player. It took me a lot of effort to get one. I do not regret it.

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Posted: 13 Mar 2020, 00:50 

Just go with what you like. When I had a X9 I had the C-NR half way and Y-NR minimum. The 97 defaults on "ON" each time you insert a disc so I modified the unit to default to "OFF". I just prefer the look of the 97. I know plenty that prefer the X9. Then there is the X0 which is the best or the LD-S2 that does not have the DNR filtering circuitry as in the X0.

There is no correct answer, find what makes you the happiest and enjoy.

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Posted: 14 Mar 2020, 03:35 

A properly adjusted 95 will look like a properly adjusted 97. The 95 was just replaced quickliy is the S-Video outputs were not properly sync'd and a high end video magazine at that time "A Video Standard" I think was the name published the issue. Yes, your 95 needs adjustment to correct crosstalk.

X9; find the setting you like and watch is correct.

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Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 15:50 

Yes this is a case with most but the R7G has no issues with grip ring, it has that white stuff not the black rubber ring.

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Posted: 24 Mar 2020, 17:33 

Tex, some great stuff, I have the individual discs but never picked up the box set.

Been watching free roku, or free by means of image rather than internet, still have to pay for internet :lol:
Watching Lily C.A.T., pretty bad early anime, then started watching Space Adventure Cobra the movie, still classic even if dubbed on Roku.

Not a 100% perfect film but very enjoyable, can watch multiple times. Even own it on LD and DVD so may give a spin in original language rather than dealing
with the dub.

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Posted: 30 Mar 2020, 22:49 

John Goodman's performance is terrific and his overall passion for cinema is inspiring and contagious.
His character is based on a real life person isn't he? I forget the name, but he was big on pushing gimmicky cinema experiences like smell-o-vision or rumblerama or whatever the hell they were called. Big showmanship stuff anyway.

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Posted: 30 Mar 2020, 23:09 

John Goodman's performance is terrific and his overall passion for cinema is inspiring and contagious.
His character is based on a real life person isn't he? I forget the name, but he was big on pushing gimmicky cinema experiences like smell-o-vision or rumblerama or whatever the hell they were called. Big showmanship stuff anyway.

William Castle.

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Posted: 06 Apr 2020, 00:42 

Just want to add my CLD-D590 had the same issue. H2 when cold. I found the C208 which looked fine but I replaced it anyway. FIXED! Out of interest in my player it was a 470uF

I just joined today to say the above and thanks to all those helping to keep the LD players going! :clap:

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Posted: 08 Apr 2020, 19:05 

Odotb3 is correct, best is novus 1 or you can just breath it.

You can use a cloth with as zeta said windex or light soapy water.

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Posted: 08 Apr 2020, 19:10 

I think that's the disc I have bought the most of.
Every time I have one I setup my TV and think I don't need it anymore, then move and say Damn why did I sell that and buy it again.

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Posted: 13 May 2020, 17:49 

From what I can remember 2006 is when HD-DVD and Blu-ray really hit the scene. Literally everyone had a vcr back then so it makes sense that they were released up until that time. Just crazy to think they were pushing out movies in the wrong aspect ratio for that long.

I can thankfully say I have never seen that version of LOTR. It sounds dreadful.

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Posted: 17 May 2020, 09:56 

If you want to get into power filtering the cheap way, get a UPS.
If you chose the right model with large enough capacity reserves
you will get some other benefits along the way like surge protection
for example - on my APC unit i can set maximum and minimum voltage
inputs - if these limits get exceeded the battery backup will become active.

Looks very good indeed what substance has done. Totally jealous :)

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Posted: 27 May 2020, 01:40 

From a magazine dated November 1989 is an article on CVD & pressing problems.

Quite interesting & goes through how they solved the pressing problems - solved the problems though time tells a different story now.

It was under their TECHNOLOGY section & it is below.


Britain's only manufacturer of compact video discs - the video version of CDs - has broken eight years of silence to talk about the problems it has encountered in pressing discs at its factory at Backburn in Lancashire.

PdO, a company which was set up as a joint venture between Philips in the Netherlands and DuPont, the American chemicals giant, has improved the standards of production at the factory. At the same time, there have been changes in the technical standards for playing the discs, which are known in the trade as CDV discs.

Pressing faults are not a problem on audio CDs as they are with CDV discs. This is because the error-correction codes included in the digital sound signal effectively conceal them. There is no error correction for the video signals, which are analogue. So even the slightest defect shows up on the screen, usually as white or black "blips".

PdO decided to talk openly about its problems partly because of recent criticisms from David Fine, the president of the record company Polygram, a subsidiary of Philips. Fine blamed the failure of CDV discs in Europe on the poor quality of pressings. The industry announced CDV discs in 1987 but it did not launch them until a year of delays had passed.

Engineers at the PdO factory now believe that they have finally cracked the technical problems which left them unable to press enough acceptable CDV discs reliably. The main breakthrough was a change in the technical standards for playing CDV discs; this has made the discs easier to press.

Dave Wilson, the company's manager of marketing services, admits; "No one anticipated the level of control that would be needed. The problem was not the size of the disc; it was the need to put digital sound on the disc along with analogue video of PAL standard [the standard for European TV]."

The disc rotates at a speed which varies continually, in order to keep the relative speed of the read-out laser over the surface constant. Because the speed of rotation is always changing, the relationship between successive TV pictures recorded in the spiral of pits on the disc is not simple. If the laser beam in the player is not perfectly focused on one turn of the spiral, it will read different parts of several pictures at the same time.

To meet the new standard, the disc's speed is now varied in small steps, as many as 10 in each rotation. The result is that similar parts of successive pictures in adjacent turns of the spiral align neatly. If the laser's spot of light overlaps them, there is less risk of interference on the screen.

Joint research between PdO and Philips' Centeral Laboratories in Eindhoven showed how the shape of the pits critically affects the interference between the analogue video signal, which contains the picture information, and the digital sound signal. The signals have to be mixed together before recording and unscrambled on play-back; interference produces a fuzzy picture.

The shape of the pits depends on a string of variables; the intensity of the laser beam used to cut the pits in a layer of light-sensitive material on the glass master disc; the degree of focus of the beam; the chemical nature of the light-sensitive layer; and the chemical development of this layer.All these parameters, Blackburn found, were "organic" and varied unpredictably from day to day. "We would get good pressings one week, but then not the next," said Wilson.

The factory in Blackburn has now tightened control of all stages of the production process. Artists making recordings and other important visitors from record companies are no longer allowed to go inside the clean rooms where vital processes are carried out. They must look through glass windows instead.

Like all plants around the world that press CDV discs, Blackburn still faces one problem. Each master disc, which is made of glass, can produce only one electroplated-nickel stamper, which is used in the injection molds to press the finished duplicate discs. When the stamper fails, usually after four or five thousand pressings, another master disc must be made, This means that the discs cost much more than tapes.

Sorry folks but just noticed that I had not put on where the article was published.

It was in the 18th November 1989 issue of NEW SCIENTIST magazine.

It also has a bit titled NEW COMPACT DISC VIDEO WILL CRAM THE PITS which has details of a CD sized disc that NIMBUS were working on that would carry an hour of video, to that point they were up to discs that played for 30 minutes but they did state that it would "be years rather than months before consumers can buy players and discs".

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Posted: 03 Jun 2020, 12:42 

Fancied something light hearted and nostalgic so picked this up the other day:

Yogi Bear: Hanna Barbera Personal Favorites .

Hi odotb3,

hope you enjoyed the LD & it perhaps brought back some memories.

This title does not have a front or rear cover picture, can you update that if you can?

Every cover counts & it would be appreciated.

Cheers :thumbup: .

Only watched a few eps. My yogi bear impression is still spot on after all these years. :lol:

I definitely will update it. I dont have many laserdiscs in the collection that havent had the pictures updated but the ones that I do I've slowly got around to adding. I added front and back covers for Twin Dragons the other day.

Thanks for that :thumbup: .

“I’m so smart it hurts. It’s because I’m smarter than the average bear.”

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 Post subject: Re: Faulty towers is racist
Posted: 12 Jun 2020, 11:01 

Never heard of the show before, but yes, the world has gone mad since a few years I think, now about almost everything has been categorized as "offensive" in someway or another by some community over the internet on social media, by "journalists" and all other kinds of activists.

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 Post subject: Re: Faulty towers is racist
Posted: 12 Jun 2020, 11:06 

The recent riots have made all the thought police crawl out of the woodworks trying to get everything banned because now the corporations are actually listening to them, the fools.

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 Post subject: Re: Fawlty towers is racist
Posted: 12 Jun 2020, 12:47 

people don't understand anything so they would like to live in a dream world where nothing upsets them but we are different so people seem to be smoking something.
How is Fawlty towers raciest? we are losing all cinema because of idiots. I will buy more copies of Gone With The Wind if that gets band. All I see it as an interesting take on female empowerment in the south post civil war
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