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Posted: 12 Jul 2019, 03:20 

The DiscWorld News! Wish I actually knew the language.

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 Post subject: Re: Subtitles on dvl-909
Posted: 26 Sep 2019, 12:17 

Actually a few early Blu-Ray titles have closed-captions, visible if you use the player's normal video out jack or component set to 480i. I have an Oppo UDP-203 player now with a built-in closed caption decoder that can also display them with no need to down-rez. Many recent Blu-Ray players now have caption decoders as it was mandated that analog video outputs be dropped completely.

I upscale everything via HDMI through my receiver, but still have an analog video output hooked up as well just to be able to access the closed captions.

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Posted: 21 Jan 2022, 20:37 

Just found this thread again- wanted to update that you CAN mess a player up with this, I had one go nuts when I had the laser go too far back and start reading the label. It could never play a disc right after that.

To put the player in service mode, first hit ESC then SERVICE. Hit ESC to go back to normal operation. A display will appear onscreen in service mode, hit the Audio Monitor button to get rid of it. When playing a disc in service mode, the first hit of the Play button will keep the laser in the same spot and you have to hit Play again to get it to play normally. Hitting Play again will stop the laser from moving again. To see the material at the beginning before time/frames start counting, you first have to have the laser stopped with the Play button, then you can reverse-scan but DON'T GO TOO FAR BACK or you could risk messing up the laser. I just tap the reverse-scan buttons gently and go back a small amount at a time, this has allowed me to see all the good stuff. Some older discs have a solid white screen at the very start. Keeping it in service mode will also let it play beyond the End mark, I checked an old Columbia Pictures disc and saw the "End of side" screens went on for about a minute longer. Some discs have black all the way to the edge of the disc, but some have parts that become unreadable so you also need to be quick and stop playback at that point otherwise something might get messed up.
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