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 Post subject: J-Pop
Posted: 19 Feb 2012, 16:19 

Anyone into J-Pop?

Have just noticed this title was even not in the LDDB... (just made the entry)

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Posted: 28 Aug 2016, 08:29 

As collector of LD for a very long time, I bought many collections and thus met a lot of people ...
In the Eindhoven area I picked up many collections, from often former Philips employees, here I met the Blackburn plant manager, many people who worked in the Blackburn pressing plant, Laservision research people and sales persons ....

As all of you know the releases from the Blackburn are creap, so that part I skipped for most of it ...
My main interest is music, however some collectors want to part from it all iso cherry picking, so sometimes I got discs of other kinds.
What I noticed, the quality of non-commercial discs is often better compared to the commercial stuff.

Some of the non-commercial music releases I already posted in another tread, so in this one I want to focus on non-music / non-movie non-commercial discs.

Many of these discs I found were not interesting at all and I just threw them in the bin, the more interesting onces I kept ...

To kick-off : Famous blue Philips LaserVision label marked "mosaique et CDPP"

It starts of at :
frame 50 :
Images de l'archeologie - Paris 1985
frame 51 :
Centre de recherche sur les traitements automatises en archeologie classique
Centre de documentation photographique et photogrammetrique (CDPP)
Direction des bibliotheques, des musees et de l'information scientifique et technique (Ministere de l'education nationale)

frame 52 - 8900 : still frames of mosaique
frame 9025 - 37026 : still frames of archeological sites and finds in Italy, Greece, Albania, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunesia.
(From site pictures, to pottery, statues, coins, jewelry)
frame 37027 - 37253 : still frames with maps of all the archeological sites and some more textual information

In other words it shows Romain, Greec, Etrusk, Egyptian, ... sites and art.
I presume the disc was for museum or library usage.

You might say boring, true, not "an every day to watch" disc, but also not a disc to throw in the garbage bin, where to find such a vast collection of images (must have been a hugh effort to prepare and master such a disc with still images)

Please post yours - try to find time to make a review of some others ...

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 Post subject: Ryuichi Sakamoto Laserdiscs
Posted: 23 Nov 2016, 15:44 

I recently acquired my favorite 2 LD's from Ryuichi Sakamoto :

Ryuichi Sakamoto: D&L Live at Budokan 11.30.95 (1996) [FLLF-8514]
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Playing the Orchestra (1997) [FLLF-8534]

Both have been manufactured by Nippon Columbia, unfortunately the "OBI" is a sticker on the outer plastic sleeve, which I do not have...

Both LD have sleeves which are uncommon for JP LD's :
- both are very thin
- special printing on the DL sleeve - you can feel the letters - like for blind people
- relief on the PtO sleeve

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Posted: 17 May 2018, 21:26 

Thanks for this posting very nice to read :clap:

Of course congrats to Julien for his birthday and this website and forum :thumbup:

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Posted: 31 Dec 2018, 19:49 

Just on the edge of 2018 (at lease where I am located) the 58,000th LD has been added :clap:

Toshiba High Quality Demo Disc [---]

Up to the next target of 59k ...

Thanks Julian :thumbup:

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 Post subject: Re: Pioneer CLD-1950
Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 02:32 

According to kris 's post in this thread, CLD-1950 is able to play PAL analog sound.
I came to the seller and we hooked his player with composite rca wires but didn't get any sound with this PAL disc. I also took with me one of my NTSC CLV digital/analog disc which played just fine.

I confirm the 1950 does not support analog audio on PAL discs, if you need this feature you need the 2950, 925, 515, 909E or 919E

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 Post subject: Re: Dvl-909 no cd playback
Posted: 03 Nov 2019, 01:09 

Hi Kris,
do you get error messages? If not try to get it in test mode (see service manual), you have service remote so it is easy, you should get a lot of information on screen...

Could it be the laser used for LD/cd doesn't go as far as dvd laser and thus it cannot read CD intro lead track?

Regards Edwin

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Posted: 16 Jan 2020, 20:18 

No need to take off label from disc, as hereby example of mint mark on PDO disc - I have a number of PDO discs without label from factory ;)

they are : X Y YYYYY YYYY X

X = letter
Y = number

Whereby the 1st Y is the side identifier

Sonopress :
> LaserVision : use smaller label, and you can see a hand written mint mark
> LaserDisc : music discs use a very very light yellow plastic (not that yellow as PDO), non music uses a fully transparant plastic whereby for both also a smaller label and a engraved mint mark
There are exceptions though ... whereby the label is as big as the PDO label, than it becomes more difficult to see.
Like mentioned above, during LaserVision times the edges can tell a story (more rounded for PDO, more sharp for Sonopress)

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Posted: 22 Jan 2020, 21:01 

You are right PDO has discs without these dashes, but these are discs before ~april 1982, some of the examples are the very early BBCV discs, however the these are limited (also some of the DiscoVision copy very early UK PAL releases are like this)
Also up until ~1984 the discs had the small sticker with barcode under the label, after that they disappeared.

Below the markings for Sonopress (Laservision and Laserdisc) using smaller labels than PDO, but as I highlighted above I also have discs pressed by Sonopress with a larger label, so you dont see the mint markings - one other speciality of Sonopress, I have several single-sided discs, where the blank side is colored blue.

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Posted: 12 Jun 2020, 12:18 

Congratulations Julian,

we have the 59000 title in LDDB !!!
89' 6 CF LD Single [DB007]

Lets go for 60000 :thumbup:


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Posted: 16 Jul 2020, 11:44 

The DTS release you refer to was cancelled, you have Contact: Special Edition (1997) [15041] which is the Dolby Digital release

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 Post subject: Re: DADC USA Rot Plot
Posted: 14 Sep 2020, 11:15 

cplusplus wrote:
If anyone has a rot-free pressing of Eraser (1996) [14202], could you post the mint marks?

I played my Eraser yesterday, I have several copies, but the only one which is 100% rot-free has the following mint marks :


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 Post subject: TOLW-3XXX gaps in LDDb
Posted: 24 Oct 2020, 13:00 


searching for a music title, I saw gaps in the TOLW-3XXX music series, so I thought lets check Tower Records database [ ] for TOVW-3XXX (VHS version), these I found (where the TOLW-3XXX is not in LDDb)

TOVW-3197 Beastie Boys Sabotage
TOVW-3206 Eternal (R & B) Always and Forever
TOVW-3209 Shampoo We Are Shampoo
TOVW-3212 Radiohead Live at Astoria
TOVW-3229 Adamo (Salvatore Adamo) Live In Japan
TOVW-3230 Vanessa Mae Red Hot Tour
TOVW-3235 Various Artists Dedicated to Legend of Nirvana-Kurt Cobain
TOVW-3237 Various Artists Top Hits UK
TOVW-3238 Me & My Dubi Dubi
TOVW-3255 Spice Girls Spice-Official Video Vol.1
TOVW-3256 Various Artists Dancemania video
TOVW-3269 Ramones Last Show (We Are Outta Here)
TOVW-3280 Spice Girls Live in Istanbul
TOVW-3285 Radiohead 7 Television Commercials
TOVW-3286 Maurice Béjart Ballet for Life
TOVW-3289 Pet Shop Boys Where-Live in London
TOVW-3291 Depeche Mode The Video 86> 98
TOVW-3294 Depeche Mode Great Video 81-85
TOVW-3295 Spice Girls Live at Wembley
TOVW-3296 Roger Taylor Cyberburn Live
TOVW-3297 Radiohead Meeting People Is Easy
TOVW-3298 Duran Duran Greatest the video
TOVW-3300 The Verve The Verve 1996-1998
TOVW-3305 Spice Girls Spice Girls in America "Tour Story"
TOVW-3306 Red Hot Chili Peppers What Hits !?
TOVW-3307 David Bowie Video collection
TOVW-3308 Paul McCartney & Wings Rock show
TOVW-3317 Blur Star shape
TOVW-3318 Blur Show time
TOVW-3319 John Lennon Live
TOVW-3320 John Lennon Imagine

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Posted: 18 Nov 2020, 22:45 

I have seen Karaoke discs released in 2010, LaserJuke are released into 2002

What manufacturer / plant were pressing LDs till 2010.

I knew they were pressed for a few years after the last commercial LDs for the consumer market but thought it ended a few years before 2010.

Thanks for the info.


Kuraray - only 8 inch - LD single

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 Post subject: Re: Subtitles help
Posted: 01 Jan 2021, 16:28 


I dont know your Pioneer player - are you sure that is the correct product number ?

answering your questioin, there 3 types of subtitles possible :

CC (NTSC only US and JP), I see you are from Europe, TVsets today in EU dont support CC, therefore you need something like a MYCAP Junior TV Closed Caption Decoder Adapter, you can still find those, this is to be placed between video output of LD player and input of TV.

LD-G (NTSC JP only), if you dont have a JP player which support LD-G, you need a external device like Pioneer LG-1, this has video in/out and requires digital sound input from LD player

TELETEXT (PAL only - very limited used on LD's), this can be directly accessed on most EU TV sets if you connect your LD player directly to your TV (dont use a scaler as it removes VBI TXT info)

As I dont know your set-up, most likely you are have to look for an external CC decoder.

Br, Edwin

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 Post subject: Re: DAFT PUNK on LaserDisc
Posted: 25 Jan 2021, 13:39 

Also available on Laserjuke :

Around the world : 13.39.06
Digital Love : 14.49.09

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 Post subject: Re: DAFT PUNK on LaserDisc
Posted: 06 Feb 2021, 02:59 

LaserJuke 15.44.03 3am eternal
LaserJuke 11.24.04 america what time is love
LaserJuke 13.24.02 justified & ancient

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Posted: 06 Feb 2021, 17:09 

Did further checks I now have the full 1990 - 2002 for Pioneer JP and 1990 - 1999 for Pioneer US - see attachment

>>> I checked many discs - I am not responsible for mistakes <<<

I have found 1 series I could not yet map : Pioneer JP PAL disc : I7ddxxxx > will check the PAL discs may be they used separate serial codes from JP market.

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Posted: 06 Nov 2021, 08:22 

Hi Julien,

on LDDb homepage, when I click on Covers, Added, Updated, Sold,
I get a pop-up message with : Error: update_MRx not callable

tested on windows and android,

Br, Edwin

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 Post subject: Re: Going Mobile by The Who
Posted: 19 Nov 2021, 15:54 

Be aware this is a documentary series, don't expect clean clips or concert, but more parts of the songs.. Just to have right expectations.

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Posted: 03 Mar 2022, 19:48 

Search for Barcode in search engine top right for similar questions

I have a simple barcode reader (30 EUR), very simple, open excel, start scanning and you will get a list, select a batch of max 50, on lddb do a batch upload - ensure to have upc set, and you can add to your lddb account....

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Posted: 04 Apr 2022, 14:33 

Following quoted text is copyright Ro-Disc - May 1997 -


Er was eens een dochteronderneming van Philips, Cascar genaamd, die zo'n 5 jaar geleden bij zichzelf dacht 'Wij gaan de Nederlandse markt overspoelen met LaserDiscs !". Men ging op zoek naar wat fabriekjes en begon wat titeltjes met videokwaliteit uit te brengen voorzien van Nederlandse ondertiteling. De Philipsfabriek in Engeland bleek toch net iets te duur te zijn, dus koos men voor het merendeel van hun titels voor een fabriek in Japan: Kuraray. Als troost bleek de gebruikte apparatuur (verouderde) Philips machines te zijn.

Helaas bleek de prijs/ kwaliteit goed in verhouding te liggen bij het eindresultaat. Alle titels bleken mispersingen te zijn en daarom ook onverkoopbaar. De partij is nog wel bij SuperClub terecht gekomen (ook van Philips), maar verkopen bleek toch vrij lastig en uiteindelijk is de hele bende bij Ro-Disc beland toen dit bedrijf zo gek was om in een keer de hele voorraad (Casear en Philips LD's) van SuperClub (meer dan 70.000 LD's!) over te nemen.

Helemaal gestoord was deze firma ook weer niet. Er was rekening mee gehouden dat er inderdaad zo'n 30.000 LaserDiscs vernietigd moesten worden. De hele voorraad is nog lang niet uitgezocht. Elke keer als er mispersingen boven water komen, worden deze weggegooid. Nu blijken er echter commerciele slimmerikken te zijn, die het voor elkaar krijgen om de containers vroegtijdig te legen en deze dan weer doodleuk te koop aanbieden bij Ro-Disc. Prijzen varierend van 5 gulden per stuk bij een afname van 2000 nieuwe dichtgesealde LaserDiscs of bijvoorbeeld 12.50 per stuk als er in een keer 600 afgenomen wordt. Ook wordt er al hier daar naar particulieren toe geadverteerd.

Met de fabriek Kuraray is het overigens verder nog goed gekomen. Tegenwoordig behoren ze tot 1 van de beste fabrieken ter wereld...

Moraal van het verhaal:

Vooral geen LaserDiscs kopen van beunhazen, maar alleen bij uw laser Dise-specialist die aangesloten is bij de RDD-Groep ;-)

Indien u toch graag in het bezit wilt zijn van deze zeldzame LaserDiscs, dan kan u ze ook GRATIS afhalen bij Ro-Disc. Wel van te voren even aangeven welke u wilt hebben. Om nog meer beunhazerij te voorkomen is er een maximum van 3 per titel per klant.

Het gaat om de volgende titels:





Blue Jean Cop

Burning Secret China Girl

Class Of 1999


Far From Home

Farewell To The King

>From Beyond

Gate II

Gobotron Saga

Hamburger Hill Hero And The Terror

Invaders From Mars


Muppet Babies

Number On With A Bullet


Physical Evidence

Prayer For The Dying

Prince Of Darkness Princess Bride

Red Scorpion

Robotech The Movie

She-Ra Princess Of Power

Streets Of Gold

They Live Unholy

De volgende Cascar-titels zijn niet bij Kuraray geperst, maar bij Philips in Engeland (PDO). Dit zijn dus geen mispersingen en worden daarom ook gewoon te koop aangeboden:

Big Man On Campus - 10.

Dark Angel - 10.

Dirty Dancing - 10,

Koko Flanel - 10,

Mack The Knife - 10.

National Geographic - Haaien - 10.

National Geographic - Titanic - 10.

National Geographic - IJsbeer - 10. National Geographic - Neushoorn - 10.

National Geographic - Tijger - 10. Rambo III - 10.

Troetelbeertjes - 10. Young Guns - 10."

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Posted: 21 Apr 2022, 10:18 

Have a look here :

enjoy :thumbup:
Br, Edwin

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 Post subject: 10,000 users on LDDb
Posted: 03 Sep 2022, 15:18 

Hello Julien,

congrats to have broken through the 10k user on LDDb :clap:
20 years and still going strong :thumbup:
Do you have ballpark number how many frozen accounts are included in the 10k ?

Kind regards,
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