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 Post subject: SONY HDL-2000
Posted: 09 Nov 2017, 09:38 

Some great pics on this YAJ item (including a HDVS LD Coral Story [00QW-9009]):



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Posted: 20 Mar 2019, 23:33 

Here's the message:

Hello Criterion!

I'm sorry to contact you out of the blue like that but I should have done it a long time ago. :-)

I'm the webmaster of (LaserDisc Database) where Criterion original releases are prominently featured:

LD Criterion release by:

CC # =
Title =
Spine =

All available covers, in chronological order:

Site's forum section dedicated to Criterion releases:

I know you dropped Laserdiscs decades ago and jumped into DVD, BluRay (no 4K coming?) and soon video streaming.

I have very simple questions/requests for you:

Would you still have people working at Criterion who used to work on the LD packaging/curating that I could interview?

Any left-over material (unused concepts, cancelled releases, etc.) that the fan would love to discover?

Any LD-related archives that would love to get a 2nd youth?

I'm trying to save the very little that remains from the 80's/90's before they completely disappear ^_^;

Thank you for taking the time to read this message!


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Posted: 08 Apr 2019, 11:52 

Ahhhh thanks :-)

Indeed there is little user interaction for now while I'm making sure the code base is sound before opening users updates and more.

There's just a bit of read-only GUI here:

It's a way to check/update parts vs. players like PacParts does:

DVL-90 on PacParts

Pioneer VEB1184 Belt, Load
Pioneer VWT1139 Laser Pickup (DVD)
Pioneer VWT1141 Laser Pickup (Ld)

Now if you enter DVL-90 as a device on the upper right search box and click on "Check parts", it will show the same + some more:


Parts # can be found on the Service Manual ( ) that is also a part # in itself: RRV1710

If you enter RRV1710 in the upper left search box and click on "Check devices", the DVL-90 as well as DVL-700 shows up.


It's quite unstable right now, sometimes the search box will not refresh normally.

Ultimately, any parts confirmed to belong a registered device will has its own part/accessory entry that you can add to collection/wishlist and accept updates, pictures, comments as usual.

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