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 Post subject: Re: Adjustment CLD D925
Posted: 27 Mar 2018, 00:22 

Pretty sure that simply means that you adjust the setting to maximise the amplitude of the signal shown.

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Posted: 22 Apr 2020, 15:52 

There is no unambiguous way of testing caps other than removing them from circuit and using an ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) meter together with a table of acceptable ESR values. (But then, having removed an ancient electrolytic cap from a board, why not just replace it anyway? They all go bad eventually.)

What makes you think the problem is on the PSU board anyway? It's quite likely, but not necessarily. Is the machine totally dead? I would start by using the voltmeter to look for the output voltages from the PSU, first in isolation, then under load during operation or attempted operation. If the PSU does seem suspect, look for bad solder joints (dry joints) with a magnifying glass - best from the underside of the board. They appear as a very fine line or crack around the solder joint. Some of the PSU board does look a bit blackened in your picture.

Best of luck and be careful round the PSU even when turned off. Plenty of shock potential there.

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Posted: 27 May 2020, 12:32 

odotb3 wrote:
If you can do it, I say go for it. Would be interesting to know if it will work. Even if it's just something to do.

Well said. The optical port ought to export the signal from CDs too, which is useful if recording on a MD or DAT machine, for instance.

Kudos if it works.

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Posted: 29 Jul 2020, 15:14 

Provided it will supply *at least* 7A at the right voltage, you're fine. It could be rated at 100A and it would be fine.

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Posted: 10 Sep 2020, 15:52 

Eyes Wide Shut.
(Modern only in the sense that it was never released on LD.)
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