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Posted: 25 Apr 2019, 18:14 

My CLD-D925 just had the same problem - H2 error when it was cold and shutting off immediately after power up. When getting warmer, it managed to stay on. Turned out the C208 (1000uF/10V) was dying and drawing the -5V down to -2.5...-3.5V (temperature dependent). No visible problem with this capacitor, but with heat gun and ice spray the problem could be quickly tracked down to the C208. After substituting C208 with a new 1000uF everything works fine again, power at -5.1V as it should.

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Posted: 27 Feb 2020, 23:21 

Just for the improvement of all of us, could you add a few details about how you used the heat gun and ice spray to identify the culprit capacitor?

I saw that the H2 error occured mostly when switching the player on from cold state. After some time, the player started working again. That was correlated to the -5V supply being between -2.5V (cold) and -3.5V (warm). The -3.5V are obviously enough to make the player working, although it should be -5V. So I warmed the power supply board up, turned the player on and measured the -5V power while cooling certain areas of the power supply board down with ice spray. When targeting the right component, I could see the voltage dropping down to -2.5V instanteneously. Warming it up brought it immediately back to -3.5V. After a few iterations, it was clear which capacitor was the culprit. After substituting it, I got a clean -5V again.

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Posted: 09 May 2020, 05:26 

Sent jesuslovesgood a warning in private.

Haven't heard from him, no email, post or PM (although he did read my warning).
Last visited: 3 May 20, 10:57am

Seems like courtesy and responsibility were not part of his skill set.
We don't want people like this around.

I'll remove the last offensive post from this topic.


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Posted: 27 May 2020, 16:26 

LOL... not that young, just lots of time and still have energy (thank goodness for that!).. I'm in the middle of doing a massive cloud migration for my company from on-prem Exchange to O365 and sitting here all day in front of a screen is boring the hell outta me!

Just ordered the parts from Digi-Key!! $7 total and will be here by the weekend so we'll have a cool project to test!

Or a D503 to repair :shock:

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Posted: 29 Jul 2020, 09:29 


Influential UK label from the 80's till mid-90's with a habit of giving catalog numbers to many, many things!*&adv_reference=&collection=68

Right now only 10 but I might have missed a few:

PVLM-6 Happy Mondays: Madchester Rave On
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78C58-6098 New Order: Pumped Full of Drugs (1985)
TELP-42036 New Order: Substance
POLD-1011 New Order: The Best of: They're afraid of what they see... (1994)
LVD 9510 New Order: The New Order Story
POLD-1007~8 New Order: The New Order Story (1993)
FACDV 183 New Order: True Faith (1987)
COLY-3005 The Durutti Column: Domo Arigato - Live in Japan (1985)
FACDV 194 The Durutti Column: When The World (1987)

Some nice covers pics over here:

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