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Posted: 25 Jan 2024, 00:40 

Have you actually seen that discotek version of Ako, garbage, I can get better with my LD running through a cheap garbage TV.
I think we need a disclaimer posted on covers of said discs that these were mastered from LD or VHS copies.
What are you talking about? Discotek's new A-ko blu-ray is from a new film transfer, and looks like it. I think you're thinking of an earlier release. Also, you're replying to a bot that copied a post I made earlier in this thread.
Ah well that's what I'm taking about :ugeek:

Before the prints were found in the vault Discotek was going to Domesday the Perfect LD release and upscale it unlike their DVD release which was a very basic upscale of said LD. We all know what happened from there. A few of the special features such as the trailers were still done via Domesday and AstroRes for the Bluray. Here's from when they posted the AstroRes comparison.

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Posted: 25 Jan 2024, 01:12 

I recently got not one but EIGHT copies of a title called The Energy Series Solar Energy. What struck me was that it wasn't just an educational video meant for schools but that it's a dub with some minor visual edits of episode 60 of an anime titled Meme Iroiro Yume no Tabi ( The Many Dream Journeys of Meme )
Which has never had an English release of any kind as far as I know.

I've done a basic ElGato capture and have uploaded it to my YouTube channel which you can find the video here:

I'll do a Domesday rip when I get my modified player in.

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