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Posted: 03 May 2020, 05:34 

Sent jesuslovesgood a warning in private.

Also got contacted by the seller with a copy of his message asking for a refund.

Not acceptable.

I don't see much love here and Jesus teachings don't seem to have been taken the right way.


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Posted: 03 May 2020, 13:22 

What a childish poster that one user is. He has posted 6,000 times and feels the need to treat people that poorly. I know my avatar triggers that beta male. Also, I'm typing without my glasses right now. I need to finish up taking my shower and ignore the loser troll that has no life.

It ain’t your avatar buddy, it’s what you’re typing.

Don’t get me wrong, someone who hates abortion but mostly collects horror movies DOES start the windmills of ones mind but that ain’t it. “I love Jesus and also Freddie and b**bs.” isn’t what’s getting you blocked by sellers. You’re harassing these people and it extends as far as you can fling it.

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 Post subject: Re: Fawlty towers is racist
Posted: 15 Jun 2020, 17:45 

I'm not saying we should ban/censor. I'm not a book burner. Make art that makes people question their own reality - PLEASE!

My entire point was that if we as HUMANS move in a direction away from the formulaic and cliche'd stereotypes that are portrayed we might begin to see each other more as equals than we obviously do now. Did the Jazz Singer improve race relations or did it make them worse? Does that image have an impact today 100 years later? Sure does, though maybe not to YOU.

Jazz Singer vs Blazing Saddles. You can tell one is more serious than the other and with comedy you can begin to see how things like racism/sexism/homophobia are just so inherently unacceptable by the way they take things too far. Even the writers would probably agree that the characters they created are assholes and that is the point. You associate that behavior with assholes (like when people here say things like "China Virus"). Contrary to the Jazz Singer which was a serious drama that in fact celebrates a time when it was acceptable, even entertaining, to do blackface.

I just bought Fawlty Towers DVD set for my 77 year old father. I love all that stuff, especially Are You Being Served? I grew up watching Married With Children and All in the Family too. I GET IT. HA HA HA its funny, ok? I also grew up watching GWTW with my Mom because she really enjoyed it and I grew to enjoy it as well. Though, what I really enjoyed, was In Living Color . That show pushed back on all that racial stuff, gave it a new twist and a Black perspective and it was HILARIOUS. Some people at the time, however, thought it was racist against White people because they portrayed them and dumb prejudiced honkeys when in fact all they were doing was what other shows had already done for Black folks. They spoofed so hard on Anglo-American culture/media and its all genius. So there is my point again, there will be more shows that are produced/written and performed by non-whites and may be super critical of whites. I guarantee they will suffer a lot of criticism for being racist against while people. Just wait. Comedy has the ability to walk the line that drama doesn't, in my opinion.

I also watched the Rodney King beating and trial then watched my city burn to the ground. Now I'm seeing the same thing happen almost 30 years later. Nothing has changed but it needs to. I'm sorry if you disagree.

Again, some people here are very upset that SotS was never made available in the US beyond VHS. Disney decided to not promote the fantasy that slavery was not that bad anymore. Kudos to them. The government didn't force them to shelf it either. Those people are angry at the content creator/copyright holder for stealing their childhood away or whatever. "My heritage is being destroyed by the liberals!" I've never seen the movie and I could give a crap if is is or isn't released here (see how your personal experience can have an effect on being objective?). Keep pissing up a rope, waiving your flags and watching your VHS tape. Same with HBO and GWTW. When you own a media corporation you make the choice as to what is shown. Until then you get what you get. Sorry. Why don't you petition Disney/HBO and demand they give you the programming you deserve, lol. You should be proud to live in a democracy hahaha! Power to the people.

BTW I'm mixed race first generation American for whoever asked. My Dad is straight up R-A-C-I-S-T. That doesn't give me any more right than anyone else to say anything on anyone's behalf except mine. You can say whatever you want and I'll listen. I'm not some savior of the people or whatever. I just believe in listening to people and taking their concern to heart. Especially when a certain group has been systematically oppressed in this country. I, personally, think that is more important than people who aren't able to own SotS on 4K BR in the US in 2020.

I didn't start this topic. I'm just voicing an opinion as many here have and will continue to do so. I will continue to stand up for what I believe and don't have a problem confronting opposing opinions. That's how we grow. You do the same so hopefully we can meet in the middle and be civil, respectful, adult humans.

If this makes you uncomfortable you can ask to have this thread closed/removed/banned/censored or what have you ;)

Sheesh, people are the f'ing worst...and its only Monday!

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Posted: 09 Jul 2020, 18:07 

Let's be totally fair here, the NRA of the time when Heston delivered his "cold dead hands" speech is quite different from the NRA of today.

It's still an organisation for responsible gun owners.
It's just an extension of the gun lobby these days. They don't give a s**t about gun owners, they just want some of that sweet lobbyist cash.

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Posted: 31 May 2021, 07:02 

I 'think' it was shot in 3D. The trailer is in 3D too.

I wasn't aware a 3D edition existed until I stumbled on this disc. It's on Jeff's German online store if you want to pick up a copy. :thumbup:

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Posted: 14 Jun 2021, 11:15 

I've had a quick skim through a handful of the 3D stuff so far. Just little snippets.

Someone asked the other day about Dark Star. I 'think' it was shot on 16mm back in 1974 and finished off later on after the show reel footage was originally shot to get backers on board to fund it? Not sure where the 3D element came in to play. To the best of my knowledge it did play in theatres as a 3D feature though I am not sure when. Also I cannot find any information about if some scenes were shot natively in 3D or if it was a post conversion. I cannot imagine it being post-converted unless done much later due to technology constraints at the time perhaps? I'll dig in to this one a bit more to see if I can unearth anything. Maybe someone here knows more about it? The 3D is alright, very much constrained by the effects budget and so on. It reminds me a little of the 3D cardboard cutout style in Jaws 3 though done slightly better in places.

A couple to note on are the Scorpions and Guns N Roses 3D concert discs. With regards the 3D, it works to an extent. It's very subtle on the Scorpions disc and near non-existant on the GnR disc. I was hoping for a bit more from each disc in terms of the use of 3D. The Scorpions disc looks the better of the two I think.

The big difference is in audio quality. The Scorpions disc is lovely! Nice and loud, using a wide sound stage so it doesn't suffer from the problem many other titles across all formats seem to suffer from. They all seem to have a very narrow sound stage with instruments and vocals all competing for supremacy which ends up sounding like a muffled mess. With the Scorpions disc it's so loud I had to turn the volume down a bit for the sake of protecting my ear drums!

The Guns n Roses disc seems to suffer from the whole competing sounds thing. It sounds much quieter and isn't helped by the fact Axl sounds emphysemic (not an allegation, just a descriptive around his voice). Sure everyone knew anyway that his voice was on the way out around the time of the tour. It's all a bit of a sad state of affairs and the whole thing with pole dancers and Vegas and all the rest of it just seems to make it all look a bit tired and sad. A bit of a disappointing disc but good to have in a 3D/concert collection regardless.

A couple of other standouts in terms of films so far include The Walk, Descpicable Me 2 and Pompeii. I'll work my way through and watch every disc properly at some stage. The HMZ is doing a good job so far.

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Posted: 23 Aug 2021, 16:54 

Are these bootleg or pirate copies?

Six of one, half a dozen of the other I'd say.

That said there is some proper effort that goes in to making these, what I would term, 'ultimate editions' for want of a better term. As an aside, the guy behind HKR recently got access to a print of Bullet In The Head and fundraised to have a professional 4K UHD scan done of the negatives. That's now been completed and a restoration/remaster is underway. From what has been said, nobody else from the majors appears to be interested in the film so the HKR guy is doing it to fill a gap.

While not exactly wholesome, I appreciate what the HKR project is doing. The work on Hard Boiled was outstanding, it's never looked better, for example.

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 Post subject: Re: MADOX-01 BD
Posted: 23 Dec 2021, 18:40 

From Kickstarter, “Director Aramaki has also told us that after thinking about it, he would prefer not to include the 16x9 edit of MADOX on the Blu-ray. He feels that the restored 4x3 version is the best representation of the film.”

Sanity prevails!

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 Post subject: Re: Hardware Database
Posted: 25 Jan 2022, 11:12 

What about the HDMI automotive connector?

I don't see this one as a requirement on the critical path ;-)


Hmm... :think:

What about if I wanted to plug my FM Towns Car Marty in to my Austin Montego and daisy chain it to a Pioneer Laseractive and a DVDO in the boot of my car so I could plays FM Towns and Laseractive games on the go? I'd want an HDMI automotive connector then! :mrgreen:

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 Post subject: Hello, LDDB
Posted: 12 Feb 2022, 05:48 

Hello, everyone. I am a new user from Canada. 27 years old. I'm primarily a collector of Japanese video games, but recently I have caved to a fascination with laserdiscs and am testing the waters to see if it is something I want to collect long-term. I'm mostly interested in anime LDs but I also have my eye on some classic films and other oddities. Starting from scratch, I bought a Mitsubishi M-V7010 locally and ordered a couple anime box sets from Japan. Placed my first order through LDDB earlier today. I'm still getting a feel for things, but it's good to be here.

Discovering this site has been a real joy. I appreciate the simple, practical web design and quick access to information relevant to collectors. I want to thank the admin and all users who have made database contributions for their work.

See you around.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2022, 13:23 

I would rather see an easier image upload system. That would improve the forum, IMO.

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Posted: 18 Apr 2024, 17:37 

To be honest until this thread I didn’t realize there was a common thread between all these films I dislike.

I just checked his Wiki and…yeah, I hate all this crap. I could have sworn some of these were Michael Bay but I guess there are basically two Michael Bays and one of them is named Roland.
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