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Posted: 06 Apr 2017, 18:00 

Update: With the exception of a few packaging variations, I now have at least one good copy of every title (that we know of!) released by MCA for consumers under the DiscoVision name. :clap:

Right now I'm working on finding non-GM industrial titles. I recently purchased a crazy disc from our own user " cjm " on which a Library of Congress training program (for LoC employees) occupies side A and a Medical Radiology tutorial occupies side B.

I'm also going through the 600 or so discs-without-covers I received along with the Charles Shishkevish collection and have run across many sides from unreleased titles including one that hasn't been found elsewhere: Solo (1972) on the back of side 5 of Coal Miner's Daughter.

… and I surprisingly have no fewer than five copies of side 3 of the unreleased " The Monkey's Uncle ". :crazy:

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Posted: 06 Apr 2017, 18:02 

happycube wrote:
Cool :) How well does it play? (31-32dB isn't that great for a handpicked disk, but I guess it was acceptable to them then)

I purchased this from cjm and can report that it looks much, much better than what you'd expect from 31-32dB VSNR.

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 Post subject: HACK ATTEMPT on
Posted: 02 Jan 2020, 05:08 

Thanks to blam1 for pointing out that the Global Shop sub-categories was sending back " Wrong country code, sorry "

The country code itself (ALL) was correct, it's what came after that wasn't!

Ex: %20%27-6863%20union%20all%20select%201,CONCAT(0x3a6f79753a,IFnull(CAST(COUNT(*)%20AS%20CHAR),0x20),0x3a70687a3a)%20FROM%20lddb_search._search_2008#&cat=video&key=3

Google for the first CONCAT Hex code and you'll see that quite many websites have also been infected:

It's not the database, admin account hasn't been compromised but somehow they found a way to poison/compromise the memcached data .

I invalidated all data to start from fresh again, but will monitor if they ever try again.


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Posted: 23 Jan 2020, 17:06 

Got this thing in a lot off of eBay not long ago, and decided to digitize and upload the thing since I thought it was neat. The disk came in a 3M sleeve, and one side was just white plastic, the whole thing played pretty well for how scuffed up it was though.

If anyone has any more information or possible pictures of the Kiosk, it would be appreciated.

Audio starts at the 1:55 mark, but I enjoy the flight shots leading up to it :lol:

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Posted: 12 Apr 2020, 17:28 

I never realized until now that the catalog numbers for these releases are really widescreen: 16 9 #0x

Unforgiven (1992) [16901]
16902 - skipped
Free Willy (1993) [16903]
Fugitive, The (1993) [16904]
Grumpy Old Men (1993) [16905]

I can't believe this is a coincidence :-)


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Posted: 24 Apr 2020, 07:49 

Finally got to digitizing my Ford Laserdiscs to mixed results as the majority of them were rotted like crazy. I managed to get about 4 of them recorded, but even those tended to not play all the way through without hitting the jogwheel a few times to skip past the damage.

-1983 Ford Ranger
-1983 Car and Light Truck Technical Highlights
-1983 Ford Ranger (Español)
-1981 M.C.U System
-1981 Cylinder Head Service (Side 1)
-1981 Cylinder Head Service (Side 2)
-1982 Vehicle Emission Controls
-1988 1/2 Ford Escort
-1983 The Selling Process
-1984 Overhauling Diesel Engines
-1989 Probe
-1988 Electronic Fuel Injection (Side 1)
-1988 Electronic Fuel Injection (Side 2)
-1984 The People Factor
-1980 Prospecting For Sales Success
-1982 Manual 5-Speed Transaxle (Side 1)
-1982 Manual 5-Speed Transaxle (Side 2)
-1986 Driveability Diagnosis - Intermittent Faults
To not spam the site, I'll just comment the future ones on this thread.

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 Post subject: Re: A Cure of Laserlock
Posted: 06 May 2020, 23:38 

So the mystery disc is from ... Alf!

I remember that I made a rip of the disc when I initially got them. Pulled up the recording I made and its only 20 min. This newer one I got 7 more mins. I think there's a few more mins left on it. If you wanna take a crack at ripping it with a HLD player, hit me up.

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Posted: 08 May 2020, 20:42 

I watched The Killing Fields this week. Oh my God. This film is so good. The actor who played the Cambodian journalist actually survived this crazy period in Cambodian history himself.
This was such an impressive film. It made you feel like you were actually there. How could anyone come up with a plan ? How can one kill one quarter of the entire population in a period of less
than four years ? How crazy is that ? They would kill anyone who would speak French or wear glasses. There is a scene where the leader in one of the camps asks the protagonist in French whether he would like
to have a cigarette and he pretends he doesn't understand. Knowing that he understands French would have been his death sentence.
The four years of Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia are such a fascinating topic that we actually know so little of. The country did not have a real government, only a bunch of communists called the Angka that would
rule the country. There were hardly and foreigners who visited the country in those four years. I think I should read the book because I am certain the film omits of a lot of intersting stuff that can be found in the book

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 Post subject: Multi-Audio
Posted: 21 May 2020, 15:10 


I finally decided to tackle the "Multi-Audio" issue. This was not treated differently since the beginning.

The hardest part is to split Digital Tracks into Digital Left and Digital Right.
It's been like this from Day 1 for Analog tracks (because it had CX encoding implications) but never done for Digital further than "Bilingual".

I'm working it it now and this is how it will look like when finished.

Giant Robo: vol.1 (1967) [LSTD01036]
Before 1.png
After 2.png

Frédéric Back: Le fleuve aux grandes eaux (1993) [PILA-1293]
Before 3.png
After 4.png

Same rule will apply for submit/update: do ONLY set Digital Right to the non-default value IF the right track is completely different from the left track.

Will also try to improve the visuals when a disc is belonging to the KARAOKE family to make tracks with or without the singer a little more obvious.


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Posted: 25 May 2020, 07:26 

Finally found the time to write updates for LaserActive!

The "Video/Compatibility" initially called LD-ROM will be kept and new MEGA-LD & LD-ROM2 will be added.

That means that all previous LD-ROM entries will need to be updated like MEGA-LD (PEAS*) and LD-ROM2 (PEAN*) .

SEGA.png NEC.png

If a game can be played without a PAC on CLD-A100 then let's just use NTSC or PAL as usual.


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 Post subject: Hello LD Fans!
Posted: 23 Jun 2020, 17:52 

Hi Everyone,

I've been here before to seek your kind help on the player purchased from eBay earlier this year... so not my first time.

anyway, a couple of eBay failures later - I have finally purchased working Pioneer CLD-R7G 2 months back and couldn't be happier! Only upon adding all my current collection to LDDB I realised - it is already over whooping 160 discs! Mostly anime and all released in Japan. This made motivated to keep sending missing info updates/covers and get to know the community.

I've always been into vintage formats and as a kid from the early 90s I've looked up at technology I could never afford back then. Laserdiscs initially attract with their sleek and colourful oversized covers and booklets, specials that I can't find on any of the current DVD/Blu Ray releases! Also not that long ago I realised how good the analogue picture can look like (no compression artefacts right?) with a proper setup although still struggling to get a proper deinterlacer in accessible price :think: so using one of those Amazon under £99... always a space for improvement.

I'm into mainly 80s/90s Anime and that's majority of my collection although recently I started picking up more and more classic cinema and live music LDs.

Great to be here with like minded people. Fantastic job to all you guys for maintaining and archiving such a huge database even now 20 years (or just under?) after last LD release ever.

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Posted: 24 Jul 2020, 00:13 

Ladies and Gentleman it is with regret that I have to announce that I heard off laserfanhld-gb earlier today.with some news.

During a second exhibition run of Earthquake at his gaf, he wrecked his cinema rig. His bowels unplugged and fell out of his arse while his entire skeleton shattered akin to a festive birthday piñata swaddled in a blanket of riotous Sensurround bass around 6 minutes in to chapter 21 on the discs.

From what I understand the police called to his gaf only to find a carcass that used to house a skeleton amid the smouldering rubble of his home cinema.

If his soul logs on at any stage it may fill you in on his Sensurround adventure.


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Posted: 01 Sep 2020, 09:24 


Took me a while to find copies online to confirm the specs, prices and reference numbers but eventually I solved the mystery of the overpriced Bogyduard -- found in an official Pioneer Japan catalog -- that was bugging me for a long time.

Bodyguard, The: English Conversation Series (1992) [YSL-12591]

I found 2 more:

Anne of Green Gables: English Conversation Series vol.1 (1986) [PILW-1112]
Anne of Green Gables - Anne of Avonlea: English Conversation Series vol.2 (1988) [PILW-1131]

These were expensive, educational releases (about $120 each) with bilingual EN/JP soundtracks, extra studying material with listening understanding question books, etc.

There might be more but I only found 3 so far.


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Posted: 03 Sep 2020, 12:36 

Just find out what country the spammers are from since they're presumably not bots if they can get past a captcha.

Like if they're from England, have them tick a box that says "agree" on "Poland is greater than Great Britain" or something
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