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Posted: 12 Mar 2014, 10:46 

I spent my weekend at the Newcastle Comic Con and managed to collect a few signatures. I got many DVDs signed but my main goal was to get a few scrawls on this thing:
Dave Prowse: Darth Vader (I collected this signature at a previous event though he was at this one too)
Julian Glover: General Veers
Paul Blake: Greedo (He swore Han shot first)
Kenny Baker: R2D2
Ken Colley: Admiral Piett

Paul Blake and Ken Colley were both really chatty and great characters, a pleasure to chat to if you ever meet them. Neither Julian Glover nor Ken Colley had ever seen a laserdisc before and took great pleasure in having a look through the discs and book.

I've had other laserdiscs signed at previous events. I took pics of everything at the time and can't retake them just now so apologies for the DVDs :)
The first laserdiscs I had signed.
Jeremy Bulloch (Empire Strikes Back / Space Museum DVD): Boba Fett / Tor
Laurie Goode (Star Wars): Saurin
Sylvester McCoy (Curse of Fenric DVD): The Doctor (I managed to get this signed by Sophie Aldred, Ace, at the weekend too)

Like Paul Blake and Ken Colley, Jeremy Bulloch was a pleasure to talk to, he made sure he spent time chatting to everyone waiting and answering their questions, a real gentleman.

Again sorry or the DVD
Caroline Munro (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad): Margiana
Craig Charles (Red Dwarf): Lister
Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf): Rimmer

Both Craig Charles and Chris Barrie were great to chat to at this event but it's Caroline Munro I'll remember. Before I could say anything to her she immediately complemented me on my hair (which I keep rather long, yes I'm a hippie) and asked if she could stroke it! I can die happy now that I've had my hair stroked by a Bond Girl!

Anyway, that's the lot for now. It'll probably be another while before I get any more signed but I'll be sure to update here when I do.

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Posted: 17 Aug 2017, 07:35 

Good Day Julien,

Good day: Signofzeta, Je280, Firehorse_44, rein-o, Edwin240170, Laserdisc_fan, Hippiedalek, Audioboyz1973, Kingpin, Xtempo, Megarat, and to all the other members here.

Well done on the 15years milestone, and thank you for all that you have done for us all here.

If it wasn't for LDDB I wouldn't have had such an immediate access to the Japanese versions of the movies that I hold dear.

I have spent many thousands of Dollars & Pound Sterling doing business with Julien and Nicolas Santini (who you kindly recommended to myself Julien.)

Julien has travelled great distances to study in Canada ect and with his Entrepreneurial spirit and determination, he has indeed endured and stayed the course.

You like so many of us have gone through your own unique challenges However, what has stayed with you is your loyalty to this site and the additional forum that was added by your good self, as a recognition for the need of LD Collectors and enthusiasts to have a central point a Community.

Julien always gave a superb level of service to myself personally, with a level of professionalism that is very rare nowadays.
This level of service is a testament and speaks volumes of who you are as a person with integrity and truth.

Thanks to this site / forum I have made Good Friends here, and one in particular is a Friend and Brother for life.
I shall refrain from mentioning the individual's name as I would never wish to embarrass, suffice to say that Trust and the Garnered Respect that has been gained over time means so much.

This welcome celebration may help us all here to form new bonds of Friendship, or strengthen the relations we already have here. May this also heighten each of our appreciation for what this site provides.

Do we reach out more? Well' I know of others here who have also formed good Friendships, as a result of many elements from each person's character, personalities and experiences from doing business LD Repairs ect.

Let's all continue to make this site even more unique than it already is, and one extends the hand of Friendship to each of you.

Remember everyone without people this site would not exist.

People and the many personalities here united by a common interest in Laserdisc and Home Theatre, and yet we are all far more than this and have so much more to share.

A good deal of this sharing is through the post's and topics that we start or reply to However, there is another form of sharing, and that is through the Personal Messaging element of this forum ''Friendships are important''

Thank you Julien and all the Members here with appreciation.

Sincerest Regards to everyone

P.S. Love the picture of the Cake :)

:thumbup: :wave: :thumbup: :wave:

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Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 09:19 

Hi everyone,

I understand that the forum has been slowing down because, well, we already talked and discussed 99% of what could be said/explained on LD and LD Players over the years.

I can see that visitors are reading/searching the forum but less contributions these days, except maybe in the "technical questions" for Players starting to age and slowly breaking down.

There are, however, a LOT of good posts and great information laying deep in the old topics that would benefit from more exposure/indexing.
After considering several options, I decided to give "Thanks for Posts" a try:
For now you can add a "thank you note" on a post linked to an active account (not yours obviously, this is not Facebook!) and when enough thanks are received, I'll be able to pull out a list of popular topics and posters (in quality, not in quantity or most recent posts).

If you bookmarked or liked an old post, don't hesitate to go like it to give him a chance to shine again for newcomers!

And if you want to enable notifications (PM or Email) when someone thanked you, you will have to update your User Profile here:



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Posted: 12 Mar 2018, 15:12

Hi guys,

Shameless self-plug, but hey, it's totally on-topic 8-)

I have recently launched a new web magazine for all things LaserDisc. I'm posting LaserDisc reviews, features and interviews - working on new content every week.

Hope you guys like it. If any of you would like to contribute cool LaserDisc topic or material or general ideas please let me know!


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 Post subject: Re: LD player collection
Posted: 03 Jul 2018, 10:13 

Already a WIP: Is there a complete LD PLAYER LIST? If not let's make one

But this will have to wait for November when I move back to France and start looking for a new job.


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Posted: 12 Dec 2018, 11:12 

admin wrote:
The list of the current other sub-domain repositories:


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