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Posted: 12 Jan 2022, 22:15 

Hi!! My name's Eric, I'm from Montreal, QC (Canada). I've been a HUGE fan of Laserdisc for more than 7 years at least. But one format that I had never heard of: VHD.

Well after exploring Buyee, I bought my very first VHD Player: the Sharp VP-X10B.
Beautiful damn thing!!

Getting a load of VHD titles soon from japan so I'm VERY EXCITED.

Some very fascinating info I found:

there were only 3 players ever to have the QX circuitry
other than the 2 you mentioned, there is also a Sharp one, however despite having the circuitry, it didn't have the QX logo, for some reason. I believe because it already was seen as a failed standard and Sharp just didn't bother, because this particular player was the very last to be released
I have read many report on those 2ch Japanese channels, only thing is....I don't remember which one of the 2,

If I have to guess I would say the X10B, since it "seem" the most complete, it includes Dolby Surround decoder and VHDpc port (and 3D of course), the other doesn't
Anyway they certainly are the prettiest VHD players around

These are the VHD titles I have ordered, as you can see I'm going for the unknown, japanese culture stuff, stuff that isn't on LD.

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Posted: 27 Jun 2022, 18:43 

Definitely "THE WARRIORS".

So far I've got it on:
- DVD (Both the original bare-bones DVD release and the Director's Cut)
- Laserdisc
- UMD (Universal Media Disc)
- Betamax
- Blu-ray (Imprint Edition)
- Video 2000
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