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Posted: 03 Mar 2016, 00:19 

S2 arrived without issue (other than moving the monster).

I can do an A/B comparison on my system with the push of a button. I popped Golden Eye in both and hit play on both at the same time. S9 is sharper but noisier and S2 is slightly softer with basically zero noise (it does run through DVD and DPS-290 where S9 goes right to Scaler). Both look better than I could have ever imagined, I would say its down to what type of picture you prefer. My plan is simple - AC-3 discs go in the S9, everything else goes in the S2 (I don't dare chance adding AC-3 to this beauty).

Still tuning and playing...

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 Post subject: Re: Genlocks
Posted: 10 Sep 2017, 19:53 

Here's a video I did for someone -

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 Post subject: Inside the Faroudja LD-1000
Posted: 21 Sep 2017, 13:00 

Here is a YouTube video showing the inside of my Faroudja LD-1000 as well as pictures of the add-on audio board (has not functioned since I got it so I am trying to troubleshoot).

Very interesting stuff -

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Posted: 05 Nov 2017, 03:00 

This guy is bad news. He bought a muse disc from me and claimed it was damaged (before even playing it) and forced a return (disc was fine as I knew it would be).

He also bought a McIntosh 7020 from me once (I sold very clearly indicating that AC3 was non functional) and put back for sale the next day at double the price without disclosing the AC3 issue....very shady dude.

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Posted: 29 Nov 2017, 12:56 

So I bought a McIntosh MLD-7020 (CLD-97) that needed a new laser pickup, I brought it to a local McIntosh authorized service center that claimed they could do the work but when I got it home it became clear that they did not know how. The pickup has been swapped by the service center (with one from a 2080 that I provided) and it will play after 30-45 seconds of searching but with no chapters so I know everything CAN work but needs to be aligned. In messing with it I did get it to play once with chapters so I am very confident that it can work.

In a perfect world I would send out to Kurtis but he is busy so I figure rather than continuing to bother him with email questions (thanks for always answering Kurtis) I will post here and maybe we can all learn together. We are fast running out of options so we are forced to learn ourselves if we as a community want to keep these players running. This might take a long time but hopefully by the time I am done this thread has a lot of information in it that everyone can use (since I am starting basically from scratch maybe this can help others that are also). I will document my efforts with pictures and video in the hope that it ends up helping others in the future. If I can get this one working I will do a similar thread for the 704 type players which by all accounts are much easier to align.

I have -

1. Pioneer service remote.
2. 8" Test Disc GGV1239.
3. CLD-97 service manual
4. McIntosh MLD-7020 in need of alignment

I need -

1. Oscilloscope / Waveform Monitor
2. Skill (which I can hopefully develop)

So question #1 is which oscilloscope do I get? The guy that did all of the CLD-99 mods on YouTube has a waveform monitor is that what I need or an oscilloscope?

Options -

Are any of these appropriate / does analog or digital matter?

Question #2 is the coarse / fine grating adjustment, I cannot for the life of me figure out where the adjustment point is? I see in the service manual where it shows and I have the old pickup in my hand to look at but I cannot figure it out? Kurtis has told me its like an arm with a slot but I have been poking around the thing for hours and still cannot locate it. The other adjustment points seem very easy to get to but this one I cannot figure out, here is pic from service manual -

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Posted: 10 Dec 2017, 18:23 

So the project is basically dead because I got it working without a scope, here is what I did -

Started with centering adjustment as Kurtis has described (half way between points where a CD will stop playing) and got CD playing with chapters.

Next moved to tracking balance and trial and error until it would read an LD with chapters (this was huge breakthrough, couldn't get it to do this before).

Digital audio was distorted so fine tuned RF level up until digital was clean.

At this point it would not get to the end of a side without huge crosstalk so I adjusted tilt balance (with disc playing) until everything seemed to play clean.

Now it appears to be playing clean side a and side b, verified AC3 is working as well as digital audio.

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Posted: 04 Apr 2018, 18:57 

Hi all,

just got an Algolith Mosquitio HDMI and an Algolith Dragonfly :)

Who owns the latest firmware upgrades for these?

Sadly the Algolith website is long gone and Webarchive does not have them backed up: 

Thanks for your help!

Courtesy of Substance who had everything saved -

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 Post subject: Re: Radiance and audio
Posted: 12 Apr 2018, 18:10 

Hello everyone,

I was reviewing my cabling yesterday and realized that I still had to set my A/V Amp to Digital Audio (from LD Player Coax OUT), Analog Audio (from LD player R/L OUT and MUSE Decoder R/L OUT) and AC3RF (it's an older, compatible model).

Then I remembered that the Radiance also does analog and digital sound IN, I just never used them.

=> Would it make sense to have my setup Player + MUSE Decoder pass all audio to the Radiance to later output audio via Digital OUT or HDMI Audio?

Example for video:

LD Player composite video to Vid12
MUSE Decoder RGB to Y10/PB10/PR10

Example for audio:

LD Player analog audio to In1 L/R
LD Player digital audio to TOSlink In (or switched Digital/AC3 via a Pioneer RFD-1)
MUSE Decoder analog audio to In2 L/R
AC3 via AC3RF Demodulator to COAXAudio In2 (or keep it straight to A/V AMP AC3RF IN)


Would "Input 10" (MUSE) be able to have different profiles for both Digital and Analog Audio soundtracks?
Would "Input 12" (LD) be able to have different profiles for both Digital and Analog Audio soundtracks?
Would COAXAudio OUT be either the original Digital Audio, or the original AC3 soundtrack or the converted analog audio to digital ?

Lumagen's manual for the analog audio (Section 6, p.23-27) is not very helpful, they focus on digital mostly.

Oh, and someone must tell them that it is spelled " LaserDisc ", not " Laser Disk " :-)


In your case I would setup the different profile buttons (A, B, C, and D) on the remote for each different audio profile per input. So for "Input 12" you can setup A for digital audio, then put same settings into B except analog audio, then same settings into C except AC3 then if you want to hear the analog soundtrack you just hit the B button on the remote and for AC3 hit C on the remote.

I run my audio through the Lumagen so that it auto switches instead of having to mess with the AVR, so my AVR just gets the HDMI output from Lumagen and Lumagen automatically switches when I go from LD to Blu Ray.

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 Post subject: Re: Sony MBD-XBR950
Posted: 14 Aug 2018, 21:43 

The 900 is outputting correct AR combed 480i over S-Video with an amazing picture. Issue with this one is no front panel controls so I can't get into the menu (nothing I program my Harmony with works).


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 Post subject: Re: Sony MBD-XBR950
Posted: 14 Aug 2018, 22:04 

Definitely give DVD recorders a run for their money as a comb filter in front of a DVDO or similar -


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Posted: 21 Sep 2018, 16:43 

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Posted: 25 Oct 2018, 19:53 

My output setting are setted on 1.78 (16/9).
I have a perfect ratio for DVD and bluray sources.
But for LD, I need each time to change output ratio to get a non-deformed image, even in 4/3 mode.
Did I mess some setting in input menu ?

It has issues lol.

Take Toy Story or another disc you know to be 1.78 then with 4:3 mode in full zoom use the crop functions to make sure all of the corners are at the corners of your screen then save. I usually have to set the right at 14 or so to make it work but once its done you are set.

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Posted: 25 Oct 2018, 19:59 

Rein-o, I didn’t make a single dollar from any of the Lumagen sales here or anywhere. Others will back me up on this, I have never asked for compensation in any means for any of my advice and help.
OK Its just funny how you, admin and one or two others keep pumping this unit and it seems like a sales pitch.

Guess its just my reading it wrong as a salesperson myself.

Substance has freely given me hours (probably days) of his time answering questions about Lumagen, Algolith, Faroudja, any kind of video processing and calibration you can imagine and all he has ever gotten in return is the smile on my face as I watch my LDs. When people ask what is the best way to watch your LDs, we all answer honestly, it usually isn't the answer people want due to the cost but it is the truth nonetheless.

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Posted: 20 Nov 2018, 14:27 

A friend gave me a CLD D925 a few months back it had some crosstalk issues. I tried to fiddle with it making it worse it has since been sitting in a corner. Now i've acquired the Pioneer Reference Disc, A service remote is on the way. A friend has an oscilloscope.

The manual refers to a Sony YEDS-7 test CD is it necessary? it seems like its a bit tricky to hunt down. Will any cd work?

Crosstalk is generally tilt I believe, should be able to do it with trial and error and no scope.

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 Post subject: Re: WTB: Pioneer LD-S2
Posted: 08 Dec 2018, 13:04 

Hint for everyone when buying players from Japan use zenmarket, they use FedEx as a shipping option which is MUCH cheaper to ship large heavy boxes with.

I get X9's in 3-4 days for approx $125 shipping. I just paid approx $150.00 for a 55 pound package with a Kenwood LVD-Z1 in it and an HLD-X0 based on weight (100 lbs packed) would cost between $400 and $500 for same 3-4 day FedEx.

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 Post subject: Re: LD-S9 spare parts?
Posted: 11 Dec 2018, 14:19 

Hey everyone! I was wondering if I can still obtain certain spare parts for the LD-S9 like belts etc. anywhere? My unit is still working but I would like to stock a few spare parts just in case...
I am also searching for a good lubricant in case I need to regrease some of the moving parts and/or the slider / pickup assembly. Any suggestions?

Belts are readily available on eBay -

The cushion is still available from PacParts -

Most of the other mechanical parts including laser pickup can be taken cheaply from a CLD-503 so might want to grab one of those.

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Posted: 07 Jan 2019, 17:56 

I don't want to hijack the other post so figured I would document and share my information here.

I got this for bid of $10.77 on Yahoo with a typical vague description of the issues. First thing I had to do was change the belt as the tray was stuck causing the unit to power itself off, as stated in the other post this is pain (front panel has to come off to get the gear which you spin to pop the tray), though this is a bit of a pain it is easier than reaching under the tray on some Pioneer's as once you get access to the gears they pop the tray quickly and easily (gears much larger than typical Pioneer).

Once the belt was swapped (this is larger than 3.6, I am guessing 3.8 or 4.0) the loading process was completing and it was able to accept a disc but would not spin. I was able to get it into test mode following the instructions from the other post (this one responds to my standard Panasonic LD remote) and verify that the disc could spin (thus spindle motor is ok).

Next step was to swap the pickup (I purchased a NOS pickup from Germany), to do this you have to remove (2) screws on the pickup and pull it straight up and out then transfer the rollers from the right side of the old pickup to the new pickup and reinstall (actually probably a little easier than a typical Pioneer). Once I swapped the pickup I was in business and discs started to read.

The next (and most difficult) problem to overcome was alignment of the new laser pickup, discs would play for a few minutes and then stop completely and chapter / time searches did not work reliably. Again as stated in the other post there is a special harness required to even access the scope test points (which no one has and if I did I don't have the Muse test disc anyway) so I had to wing it through trial and error / listening to the laser work and testing different adjustments until laser sounded healthy, loaded quickly and easily, CAV and CLV discs played clean start to finish, and chapter / time searching worked 100% (this took me probably 5-6 hours total, probably could be done in 30 min with proper jig and test disc). I concur with information from other post, Muse alignment is first then NTSC follows. I am not recommending anyone do a full and complete alignment like this without a scope but in this case there really is no other option, its either sit there and stare at a non working player or dig in and wing it.

One note for pickup replacement - if ribbon cable is not properly routed it will rub on the disc and block the laser from flipping to side b (I am quite lucky my mistake here didn't cost me the ribbon cable).

I can now report she is working 100% perfectly with both Muse and NTSC, if you want to hear me ramble in audio form check out this video -

Sources -

Service Manual - (in English from the never released HIL-C3)
NOS Laser - (they report one left in stock)
Excellent info from publius -
Random blog with good info -

Initial impressions of player -
Good build quality, laser runs on a belt similar to Panasonic's, no small plastic gears / MHolders to break.
Muse playback with my Sony decoder is miles above X9 + Sony decoder (we are attributing this to better matching of player / decoder combo).
NTSC playback is impressive, a bit noisy but very good if I use my C2 to tame the noise just a bit.

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Posted: 13 Jan 2019, 23:01 

Sony's **might** someday develop this crazy dark fading picture issue that **some** describe but all S9s (and 704s, 79s, 99s, etc) smear like crazy 100% of the time guaranteed.....

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Posted: 02 Feb 2019, 15:09 

Why is it so hard to understand that something (anything) becomes valuable when 2 or more people are willing to fight (bid) over it. The scary thing about some of these prices is how long will there be 2 or more people (with necessary funds) willing to fight over a title to maintain it's value. Bottom line is pay what you must for something you really want, just don't look at it as an investment because as soon as 2 or more people are gone so is it's value.

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Posted: 25 Feb 2019, 02:42

SO that's what I get when I search. Is there a specific remote or hub I need? I'm not exactly sure how all this works! Thanks

Here is a good used model, these definitely support Algolith it's how I control mine -

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Posted: 10 Mar 2019, 15:43 

I've never seen any pics inside of this one so here are some pictures and a video, I think it needs a new laser, any repair advice is welcomed. I think it's a very cool design and should perform really well when / if I get it going -

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Posted: 17 Mar 2019, 12:46 

I've got some good news to report. I got a chance to open it up today and after about 1/16 of a turn worth of adjustments to the rf level pot, the digital audio issues are cleared up and I cant even tell any difference between the analog and digital audio.

Now for the video issues. How do I go about clearing up some of the crosstalk on clv discs? Since cav discs look fine, should I just leave well enough alone and live with it?

Don't stop now, adjust the tilt balance with a disc playing (very small adjustments very slow to give it a chance to adjust) until the crosstalk is completely gone.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2020, 17:37 

Random things we've been working on over at the Facebook's -

See attached picture for AC-3 points on Sony HIL-C2EX / Panasonic LX-HD20 (all credit goes to Facebook member Bill Deleo who mapped out the points for me and made this diagram). These points are all exposed by simply removing the top of the player, not at all complicated.

"Direct Video" connection from C2EX can be added to HD20.

See link to YouTube video of my presentation of these players and why I think they are part of the perfect real time LD setup which includes the eval board and a couple of processors.

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Posted: 24 Mar 2020, 18:31 

So the info is for adding AC-3 and also bypassing all video and Hi-vision to make this an LD only?

How does the PQ match with other stuff and how much more noticeable than before the mods on LD only?

Yes to adding AC3. I didn't actually disable Hi-vision, just removed the board that its RCA jacks are on.

The Sony has a BNC output labeled "direct video", per the service manual this goes through NTSC Video Processor and NTSC TBC only. The composite out then goes through Sync Timing, Field Memories, and Combine filter.

The "direct video" output is noticeably cleaner, sharper, and less noisy. The Panasonic clone does not have the BNC "direct video" out but the the board has a place to grab it from, it just isn't being utilized. All I did for that was plug into the existing board and add the "direct video" output to my Panasonic.

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Posted: 12 Jun 2020, 11:51 

So it took over a year and four players purchased but I finally have a perfectly working HIL-C1. Lucky #4 unexpectedly came in mint condition with a pretty professional looking AC-3 mod and factory remote.

My buddy Bill Deleo who gets all the credit for repairing this one has successfully built a Sony calibration jig so we can now scope calibrate both HIL-C1 and HIL-C2EX.

What we have figured out is that there may be a trick to swapping the laser assembly out, there is an angle that appears to be factory set that *might* have something to do with the issue. We have verified that the other players I have work by swapping in the laser from lucky #4 (first one to come that had a non dead laser). I have (2) NOS lasers that we have not been able to get working so they were either DOA or there is a trick to swapping them out. I also have (2) more NOS that will be tested soon.

The quality of the image coming from this player is second (and its a very arguable second) only to HLD-X0, no other Pioneer player can come close to this Sony.
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