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Posted: 22 Dec 2017, 15:14 

OK ! I found it !
Sony Mdp-605
Release in 1993, same year than the movie.
Same face design, same round button on the right, same eject button on the top (she is pushing the eject button in the scene on the movie). Same distance between the Sony logo and the tray.
I will try to buy one from yahoo aucton some day !
And I will add it to my collection of "LD players in movies".

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 Post subject: Re: Crystalio II
Posted: 11 Apr 2018, 02:43 

I get it ! (the astro)
It is a superb machine ! Able to do many things !
Today I was very surprise it could get my PC-98 signal 24hz to 31hz 480p ! It is the first time I could get signal from my PC-98 other than an analog screen !
I can now do video capture from my PC-98 !
Thousand of other fonction also. As it is a professionnal machine, they are hard to configure. Then I have to test it many hours befor posting again.
I will post a review soon on Astro category.

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 Post subject: Re: [LD-X1] Video problem
Posted: 26 Jun 2018, 12:20 

Get a call from Pioneer today !
They said they could repair it ! Problem came from old condensers and also rubber bands.
The player will come back tomorrow ! I can check it and do a review !

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 Post subject: [LD-X1] Review
Posted: 27 Jun 2018, 10:04 

LD-X1 Review

It took me one month to get a prefect working LD-X1 and lot of money.
First, I did a bid on Yahoo for a superb version of the player : absolutly
no tears, no scratch. With the original box, remote control, and manual.
And the big, very big thing is the official RF-AC3 mod added by MSB. It
costed me 750 $.
The bad news were that image quality was far from perfect. Lot of artefacts
and waves.
One month after, I decided to call Pioneer to take care of my player. Today,
the King has returned ! it came back in perfect working condition ! It's third
time I use the service of Pioneer. I have to say that the technician I met each
time is really professionnal. We had some discussion about LD players, and
Pioneer great days (longtime ago...). It costed me 200 $ more for reparation.
Problems came from old condensators. He changed it. He also changed all the
grease, and belds. The player should work for years without problems now !

Review : (you can find it also in my site : )

Brand : Pioneer
Release : 1989
Media : Laserdiscs, Single Side
Format : NTSC
Video Output : RCA out x1, BNC x1, S-Video out x2
Audio Output :Stereo out x2, Optical out x1, AC3 out x1 (MSB version)
Size : 457×458×182
Weight : 28kg
Release Price : 3700 $ (400.000 yens)
Today price (used) : 300 - 1000 $

The LD-X1 is maybe the best LD player (not hi-vision) ever created.

it's a very specialized player. It can read only single side. CD are not playable.
But it reads LDs so smoothly ! not any sound from the player, even from a
CAV disc. The tray is strong. All is heavy and construted with super quality
material. The player weight 28kg, at the entire service of reading perfectly discs.
I personnaly prefer the metal rending of the HLD-X0, but I have to say that the
LD-X1 with his black piano rending is really a beauty.

Now the intersting part : picture quality. Yes, Pioneer repaired my player,
and they changed lot of condensators. That is certainly the reason why
the picture is now so good. But I have to say that I never saw that on a
LD player, even on my ex-HLD-X0 (RIP). The picture is so soft, colors so
warm, noise near 0 (except in fushia red, and some blue, like every players).
You can choose a pure signal from the disc by BNC, passing through without
any DNR. If you have a good DNR machine, this is clearly the best option. But
you can also choose to use DNR inside the player. It completly erase any trace
of noise, with a very good render.

The analog audio out deliver a very good sound. But because of the age,
the DAC is limited to 18bits. (But it is sometimes better to have a good
18bits DAC dans a bad 20 bits.) If you have a good DAC, you can connect
the player by optical out.

Conclusion : 10/10

Clearly the best player for me. But it takes time, effort and money to get a
working well machine. For people who start LD, or can't risk too much money,
I recommand a CLD-959 (CLD-97).

pictures :

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Posted: 03 Jul 2018, 14:54 

Tutorial for removing foxing on LD or LP covers.

I already wrote some lines about it, but the pictures were erase by the hosting website.
I decided to create a dedicate page on my webpage about this method. Very effective.

You can find the original page here :

Tutorial :

Old LD or LP has often brown marks on their cover. This is due to the oxydation of little
parts of metals inside the paper or inks. There is a very good way to remove those marks !

This is a chemical experience, made by a guy without any chemical knowledge. (me)
It can be dangerous for skin of breath. Be careful. Open the windows, and don't touch
the liquid directly with your hands !

For this, you need :
- A LD cover with foxing !
- A cotton swab
- Hydrogen peroxide (過酸化水素)
- Ammonia (アンモニア)
- Water

Inside a little cup, add the Hydrogen peroxide. (for one cover, you can add a spoon)
add around 1/10 of ammia (for a hydrogen spoon, you can add 10 drop of ammonia.
add a spoon of water. Mix the solution with a cotton swab.

You can now add gently some of the liquid with the cotton swab on the marks.

I recommand to add it to around ten marks. Then wait 30 minutes like this. You
can then take a humid tissue to wipe it. The action of the solution will continue
after that during some hours. For now, you can continue to add the liquid on other
marks. Waiting for 30 minutes, wipe it, etc... For very hard removing mark, you can
try to add the solution again after 1 hour, on the same mark.

Doing that during the day, near a well lighted window, give more results than doing
it evening. Because the action of Hydrogen is connecting to the light.

Also, never shut or store your LD/LD, with the solution not perfectly dry.
Don't do that on thin paper. The marks will disapear, but the paper will be damage.

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Posted: 04 Jul 2018, 03:02 

you are welcome !
Have fun ! It is very interesting to try just for the experience !
I do it around twice a year for some covers !
You can use the same product for washing yellowed game system. It doesn't come back to white, but it removes lot of marks, and decrease the yellowing color.

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 Post subject: Re: Best quality Laserdiscs
Posted: 05 Jul 2018, 13:46 

I only saw the PILF-2361 version. DTS version should be even better as it is released 1 year after.

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Posted: 03 Oct 2018, 04:51 

I think it is perfeclty natural to think about "return of laserdisc" when you discover this media, and start to love it.
I also had the same natural thought when I start laserdisc 3 years ago (I did a post about that, and as here, everyone said it was impossible, and I thought they just lacked of enthousiam).

But now, I perfectly understand and accept that it will not be possible.
I talked a lot with pioneer engeneer here in Japan, and only few people (+50 years old) in Pioneer, can perfectly understand now how LD works.
Pioneer also did a fusion with onkyo, and changed their catagory like that : Their target is now people who don't want to spend more than 100$ for a player.

Most of engeneer now, are not working on creating technology from scratch.
They are thinking about using technology that already exists (100% digital), and combine them together smartly, to sell them well.

After watching some video on you tube about the LD production process, you will also understand why it would be difficult.
You need BIG, very BIG factory to press and realease movies. Then lot of customers.

LD has been possible, because in Japan, between 1980 and 1990, people and factory had too much money.
One movie costed between 5000 yens and 20.000 yens. The price of a player today.
The way of thinking were also completly different.
Big, expensive things had good image in the society.

The real problem is not really the technology. because any engeneer can learn in few month about any technology.
The problem is neither about "quality of the image". Because today, 90% of people watch movies on 10cm screens.
Most of people I know don't mind about difference between a 4K video and 240p video on you tube. But they want it fast.
Today, the keywords are "fast", "small", "eco", "fun", "convenient".
If you can prove to the entire society, that LD are all of that, then you have a chance of return.

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 Post subject: LD rating
Posted: 14 Nov 2018, 03:26 

It's too bad that we have to wait for 3 rating to see what people think about a LD version.
I know that 1 people rating is not the best, but it's better than nothing to have one point of view.
And many LD will never be rating more than once, because not so much people has the LD, and even if they have it they hardly take the time to rate it.

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 Post subject: Re: [LD-X1] Review
Posted: 21 Nov 2018, 01:18 

Thanks for that.

I am in Scotland so transportation costs can become rather restrictive with the cost & risk of damage while in transit.

Had a few nice players over the years & picked them all up here in the UK but now only have a couple of players, a CLD-D925 PAL/NTSC player & a CLD-1010 as a back-up.

Quite happy with what I have now but I do enjoy looking at nice interesting units so thanks again for posting the pictures, great to see.

Cheers & enjoy your "new" player :thumbup: .


Yes, LD-X1 is not specially better than a CLD-959, but like you I love the design !
I will continue to to other player picture in the future !

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Posted: 14 Dec 2018, 23:23 

just some things but :
Deinterlacing : film mode for 90% of movies.
Color Space : 4.2.2
Auto aspect ratio : off
1:1 frame rate : on
frame rate : lock (60hz)

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Posted: 16 Dec 2018, 08:14 

In fact, I don't know so much ^^
I also don't know anything about CRT...
I just know, that most of digital screen will have v-sync problem if you don't lock framerate. But maybe CRT don't need that.
Auto aspect ratio is a pain in the *ss when you use old format like VHS or LD.
The original color space of LD should be 4.2.2, then the best should be to pass through, if the screen accept it. (I am not really sure about though... need someone to confirm it)

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 Post subject: Re: LD rating
Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 01:54 

would it be possible also in the future to add half point rating ? And also 0 point rating ?
Because now, we have only the choice between 1,2,3,4,5. If the movie it not bad or not good, I would like to rate it 2.5. If it is crazy bad, 0.

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Posted: 19 Dec 2018, 11:47 

hello powerofld !
I think that the screen will shake in still mode with any video processor, except IDK video processors. I don't know why.
Even lumagen can't stop the screen shaking in still mode.
IDK is a really really strange creature...

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Posted: 02 Jan 2019, 00:26 

I never watch TV. Only movies or animation (not on TV, but only on LD, DVD or BluRay).
My screens are not connected to any device allowing to watch channel. Don't want to be brainwashed.

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 Post subject: Re: My LD captures
Posted: 03 Jan 2019, 11:50 

Movie : Showgirls (ML105525)
LD player : CLD-959
Deinterlacer : Lumagen 2144 in film mode
Capture card : Live Gamer HD 2
Movie size : Letterbox (open)
review in french :
Quality : 5/5

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 Post subject: Re: Showgirls
Posted: 03 Jan 2019, 11:53 

I did captures today !
My LD captures
(end of the page)

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 Post subject: Re: Showgirls
Posted: 11 Jan 2019, 02:36 

but "who did it first" is less important than "doing it good".

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 Post subject: Re: My LD captures
Posted: 23 Jan 2019, 09:40 

Screens of the week !
Quite good LD quality this time !

Movie : Scream (PILF-2674)
LD player : LD-X1
Deinterlacer : Lumagen 2144 in film mode
Capture card : Live Gamer HD 2
Movie size : Letterbox
review in french (ongoing) :
LD Quality : 4/5

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 Post subject: Re: Premium Shops?
Posted: 24 Jan 2019, 07:58 

No. I don't like the system of premium.
If you need more money for maintain the site, I am not against going to 5% for each item sold.

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 Post subject: Re: My LD captures
Posted: 12 Feb 2019, 04:27 

Hello everyone !
I didn't have time recently to do screens... sorry.

Movie : Hell in the Pacific (8028-85)
LD player : LD-X1
Deinterlacer : Lumagen 2144 in film mode
Capture card : Live Gamer HD 2
Movie size : Letterbox
review in french :
LD Quality : 2.5/5

The LD image is not so bad, but lot of parts are not well deinterlace by the lumagen (in film mode, I get better results with DVDO Edge !), and the face B quality is very low.

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 Post subject: Re: My LD captures
Posted: 06 Mar 2019, 09:18 

I had time to do screenshots this week !

Movie : Cat People (SF078-0063)
LD player : LD-X1 (S-video out)
Deinterlacer : Lumagen 2144 in movie mode
Capture card : Live Gamer HD 2
Movie size : Hybrid open-matte
review in french :
LD Quality : 3.5/5

The quality is very good, but too much censored scenes are spoling the LD... the I can't add more than 3.5/5...

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 Post subject: Re: My LD captures
Posted: 27 Mar 2019, 04:21 

This week, I took pictures of my favorite movie : Exotica !

Movie : Exotica ( 4704 AS)
LD player : LD-X1 (Video out)
Deinterlacer : Lumagen 2144 in movie mode (Auto mode in frame detection = 15 is also good, even better in some scenes thanks to the lumagen filter)
Capture card : Live Gamer HD 2
Movie size : Letterbox
review in french :
LD Quality : 3.5/5

The quality is not as bad as people says (See "image quality review" on LD page of LDDB). But it certainly lack of details. But the result is not that bad in term of cinema rending.
LD cover is very bad as they are trying to sell the movie as a Serie B sexy thriller.

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 Post subject: Re: My LD captures
Posted: 29 May 2019, 07:17 

Hello everyone !
Long time no see !
After my TV completely died, I have been busy to buy a projector (, and change everything in my settings. I also had to buy a HDMI splitter (Orei, very happy with it !) to connect my PC. (As I have now 3 sources out : projector, PC screen and capture card.)
Now, everything is back to normal ! Then I can share with you my captures and review (in french only !)

Movie : Tous les matins du monde (460 001) PAL
LD player : LD-V4300D (Video out)
Deinterlacer : Lumagen 2144 in movie mode
Capture card : Live Gamer HD 2
Movie size : Letterbox
review in french :
LD Quality : 3.5/5
A good quality movie for a PAL LD ! Can't beat NTSC movies on LD-X1, CLD-959 although.

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 Post subject: Re: My LD captures
Posted: 05 Jun 2019, 02:57 

I added a newcategory on my website !
the thema is :
"Pole dance in LD movies"
2 purposes : 1. getting an good excuse to take capture. 2. proving there is a cause and effect relationship in a movie between pole dance scenes quality and the mediocrity of the movie :) .
Here is my first capture : a very good Pole dance film in my opinon, in a very bad movie : Species II !
link to my page :

my capture :
LD reference : PILF-2724
Player : CLD-959
Upscaler : lumagen
Lumagen mode : video
Contrast : high
Scene : Face A / min 53"
scene length : 30 seconds
sexy : ★★★★★
dance performance : ★★★★☆
camera / picture : ★★★☆☆
A very good pole dance scene in a passable movie. A little bit short, but the rhythm and choreography are good. The dancer is skillful and beautiful.

Click on the image to see the video :

have a good time !

Edit : I think there is a long version of the scene at the end (cut scenes) of the LD. I will check this week end.
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