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 Post subject: CLD-D702 Drive Belt
Posted: 30 Jan 2016, 17:39 

I received my CLD-D702 from Goodwill, and I went through the motions of getting it running. It was mostly functional when I got it, so I did a maintenance re-lubricating of the drive rails, a good dusting of the internals, and a check of the capacitors since the early 90s was a time of very bad capacitors being made (leaking being the worst issue). It flips sides eloquently (got the pleasure of seeing the mechanism in motion...really cool in my opinion), and plays beautifully once I cleaned the laser of dust and debris....but it has an issue with the door on the front which slowly opens or doesn't open. It's the drive belt that's the problem (it's slipping like mad), I cleaned the belt with alcohol, and the pullies as well, it works better but not to what I desire.

Since the belt is likely 23 years old, and likely in storage for a good portion of that 23 years, it is likely to assume the belt has just memorized it's shape on the pully, making it harder for the mechanism to work and putting more strain on the motor. So my options are to buy a new belt. Where can I acquire this belt? The only belt on Ebay is listed as only working for these models; CLD-53/79/99/D406/D502/D503/D504/D505/V870. Would this belt work for my 702? The 702 is from the same year as the 502, so the belts can't be THAT different.
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