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 Post subject: J-Pop
Posted: 19 Feb 2012, 16:19 

Anyone into J-Pop?

Have just noticed this title was even not in the LDDB... (just made the entry)

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 Post subject: Re: J-Pop
Posted: 26 Feb 2012, 13:49 

Some of my favorite bands are from Japan. I would say that in the end of the 80s and in the 90s Japan was top class in making music. Making there own style inspired from all western genres made a great mix and are still today quite unique.

1998-2000 ended up an awesome period and even Japanese people would still agree with me since songs from that period are constantly re-elected in the "Best 100 songs ever" each year on NHK. The explanation seems to be that computer, direct-to-disk, notator and other Macintosh-based recording technologies made possible the birth of indies/private labels outside of the big majors's control. Somehow the majors re-aquired most of them in the early years of the 2000's and musical creativity in POP music significantly dropped.

Some mainstream (or less mainstream) songs of the 90's are still classics to this day (multiple YouTube links for each when available): SMAP , Kinki Kids , G L A Y , Ayumi Hamazaki , Dreams Come True , SPEED , Brilliant Green, T R F (TK's group before GLOBE ), SPITZ , Hitomi , Every Little Thing , Utada Hikaru , Namie Amuro (another of TK's protegee).

And I'm missing a bunch of other cool singers/groups, I could go on for hours :P

Recently K-POP has been raising my attention production quality suddenly jumped to international standards. To be followed closely!


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Posted: 02 May 2012, 01:33 

Well......... :problem:

We already sent 12" Gold Platters out on the Pioneers 10 & 11 Missions which preceded the Voyager missions ....
Now these were phonographs with a needle stylus along with a playing cartridge and including instructions to operate.
These were Analog recordings folks !
Animal sounds,earth sounds like surf and thunder and an assortment of various greetings in 50 different human dialects, along with 115 images selected for NASA by a committee chaired by Carl Sagan and his associates.

Other Humanoids and possibly more exotic life forms could be HUNGRY FOR MORE............

We had better show them our trend in evolution and have a decent selection of LaserDiscs along with a high end audio/visual set up to convey the precious analog they had already been exposed to.

So I propose that we set up a grand home entertainment experience in the middle to TYCHO crater for maximum enjoyment.
Perhaps invenio and laserbite34 could help out with the equipment list, technical details and logistics !!!!

Tycho is 4 km deep and 84 km in diameter with a central peak that would be perfect for the proposed site !

Depending on if they are carbon based or even methane based life forms, no alien should be omitted from a fully rounded out LaserDisc experience that they can go home and tell their friends, families, and / or colonies about !!!!

My suggestion would be to include a copy of Dr.Strangelove in the assorted titles to give them fair warning what to expect if they decide to venture forth to Terra for further exploration !

Thank You tomtastic !

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Posted: 06 Nov 2014, 12:26 

No offense, but your taste is freckin' awful.

The word is "feckin'". Either you have started watching anime in the past 5 years or you missed the fact that my hatred of the thing is not a reflection on the talent of the artist. It is the f***ing, horrible, "makes me want to throw up" modern style of it. It is an insult to both the original anime designs and of course, Takahashi's own designs. I hate modern anime designs, I hate modern game designs. Every time I see some pathetic little girly POS "male" design that the talentless hack that destroyed the Final Fantasy series made so popular, I want to punch something.

I think the picture is horrible as well. I think quite a few 90's series are pretty good, but I do think the quality decline in anime started in the 90's. Dirty Pair is one of my favorite anime series, and I could only stand to watch a few minutes of Dirty Pair Flash.

Agreed! I do like Flash but the designs, yuck! It is not a patch on the original series though be it TV, VAP OVA series, or movie and BANDAI VISUAL OVAs. It annoys the HELL out of me every time I see some child make a comment like "the animation is good, considering how old it is". 80's and some 90's animation is probably as good as it get's. AKIRA was made in the late 80's for crying out loud!

The digital crap is horrible. It's as if no one knows how to draw anymore. A perfect example of how awful digital crap is in comparison to the glory of hand drawn 80's anime is Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The re-animated parts are horrible. It goes from beautifully drawn, highly detailed characters with gorgeous colouring to characters with no detail at all, and badly drawn to boot, with washed out, pale digital colouring. I own all the DVDs but I am going to start buying the LD boxes when I can so I can see the original versions. The static grain on the DVDs is also bloody horrible!

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Posted: 18 Sep 2015, 02:56 

Ah good memories...

I remember setup'ing my CLD-R5 via my PC videocard (with composite IN and OUT) able to layer subtitles on the fly.
Got to watch Chronicles of Lodoss War and Escaflowne like that.

That was in 2001. Time flies.


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Posted: 13 Sep 2017, 14:14 

That is very true, forper, especially in China, for instance. Things are also getting much better in Indonesia. My Indonesian wife told me she used to go to bed hungry at night sometimes because her family could not afford
to buy enough food. Things are much better now in Indonesia. The only thing I worry about is the spread of radical islam in the entire world. I can see how much Indonesia has changed over the past 10 years, more and more
headscarves and I really don't like it !!! And I really worry how a country such as Nigeria with a population that is growing so god damn fast will be able to provide for all of its citizens with all the rampant corruption in Africa. It's crazy.
But it's true, it is getting better in general, especially in East Asia.

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Posted: 29 Oct 2017, 05:31 

I can only think of two reasons, #1 the spindle motor is aging and too much friction to get it started; #2 the power supply is not supplying enough current to start the motor.

I don't think it would be #2 if it changes speed with no issues playing a CLV recorded LD or if a side change works. I would suspect a spindle motor bearing issue #1. It's a SONY so no new part are available to fix it.

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Posted: 30 Oct 2017, 16:40 

Sorry to me a service manual is usually something that goes way over my head when I look at it. Just endless board diagrams that make no sense to me.
If you want to work on LD players, the service manual is not just your best friend, it's an indispensable guide. These machines are complex enough that even a very experienced electronics service tech can do little without extensive documentation.
It's not shameful if this is not for you.

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Posted: 03 Nov 2017, 00:19 

Here is the service manual for the MDP-650:

There are 2 of them so select whichever. I have not inspected the two to see if there is any difference. I will leave that up to you.

(I have downloaded the SM for my MDP-600 just to have it. You never know when an "off-brand" player could die.)

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Posted: 22 Dec 2017, 15:14 

OK ! I found it !
Sony Mdp-605
Release in 1993, same year than the movie.
Same face design, same round button on the right, same eject button on the top (she is pushing the eject button in the scene on the movie). Same distance between the Sony logo and the tray.
I will try to buy one from yahoo aucton some day !
And I will add it to my collection of "LD players in movies".

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Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 13:16 

No, it is about what happens prior to the original series/movie trilogy. It is a prequel.

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 Post subject: Re: Hello everyone!
Posted: 16 Feb 2018, 21:03 

forper wrote:
Denson, you've never been the sharpest kid on the block. Some people said you were dense. Like diamonds.

That is a correct analysis mr forper
I've always stayed as far away I could from SHARP products all my life :)

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Posted: 17 Feb 2018, 06:47 

Thanks again, everyone.

I got it fixed. I recently switched from a projector to an LCD and the new LCD required different black/contrast settings on the Lumagen. I used the color bars and had to move the black way up.

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Posted: 28 Feb 2018, 03:54 

20103 Twister had about 5 seconds of Philip Seymour Hoffman dialogue Ive never seen anywhere else. Id have to watch again to find the exact time.

LV 32270 Major League has a shot of Rick Vaughn in the bar by himself that lasts about 2 seconds that I have never seen on another version.

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 Post subject: Re: The Future
Posted: 13 Mar 2018, 15:50 

From the gents who already have upgraded to 4K, they say that plugging their LD players into the displays via just composite have yielded very good results:

I am thinking of jumping into 4K too, once I get my finances in order (moving again soon), and like you I want to get one of those play 'em all players with 8-channel output. One of the Sony or Oppo's on this site (because their 4K players are also region free for DVD and standard blu-ray):

I probably won't completely abandon LD, but I might start thinning the collection out of titles I have gotten on blu-ray and 4Kbr. So long as there aren't supplements or edits that make keeping the LD release worth holding onto.

I find myself doing that with even some DVD releases that have supplements that later releases don't have.

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Posted: 13 Mar 2018, 21:52 

I posted some pictures in in another thread. So far I have yet to find a problem with it. I’ve mostly been watching anime on it but last night I watched Brazil (CAV Criterion) on it to test it out with more subtle tones. Frankly, I’m really impressed. I’m pretty sure I’m going to unify the two home theaters into one because this new screen does so well with LD. The player is a CLD-604, not even my 99.

I’m sure other people will have complaints but I’m failing to find much issue with it. I imagine they don’t sell this exact display in Oz though and I can’t recomend any other TV since my experience is limited. One would assume the larger Bravias in the same series would all do is well but you never know. I would say 2017 4K HDR Bravia is the safest bet of all...but again, no promises.

FYI: it also handles all normal ratios well with options. I know that’s an issue with some cheap Korean sets that sometimes don’t stretch or zoom in as many ways as they need to to make LDs good. This will handle 4:3, letterboxed, or squeeze.

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Posted: 17 Mar 2018, 21:41 

I can think of thousands of reasons why Laserdisc is the best format ever!

Here's just 10:

The Blue Nile - Downtown Lights
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Red Light
Roachford - Kathleen
Berlin - Like Flames
Survivor - I Can't Hold Back
Bad English - Forget Me Not
Beastie Boys - She's On It
Bass-O-Matic - Fascinating Rhythm
K-Klass - Rhythm is a Mystery
Duran Duran - Breath After Breath

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 Post subject: Re: What is Zero Signal?
Posted: 25 Mar 2018, 17:30 

according to this article its ground
ne connection I’ve not encountered on a Blu-ray player before is a Zero Signal terminal. This phono doesn’t deliver any sound or vision, but connects to the Blu-ray player’s ground, or earth. The idea is to tether it to an unused phono input on your AV receiver (at last, something to do with those composite legacy inputs!) and thereby harmonise the GND reference level between the two devices. Apparently this is beneficial; while I couldn’t actually hear any difference, I took panacean pleasure from the process.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2018, 05:28 

Just use the CLD-99 service manual, only difference is the Adaptive filtering board which Pioneer does not publish the details for anyway and the LD spindle motor clamp piece. Items like the tray that is common with the HLD-X9 are no longer available that is common with the HLD-X9. All the adjustments for the 99 work for the S9.

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Posted: 27 Mar 2018, 00:29 

If you’re watching a DIVX rip and the copy you own just sits on a shelf...35mm all the way. Even a “rare” Laserdisc is still 1000x more common than any original theatrical print. It’s also older, so more OG for that too. I would love to own an LD and the 35mm print they used to make it, if that was in any way verifiable. That would be better than owning Mickey’s XMas Carol on CED, LP, LD, DVD, for example (it just so happens this is me).

If you actually watch the stuff and you don’t have Laserbite’s weird home theater then it’s completeiy unworkable to go 35mm.

Recently I’ve been getting into Tamiya Mini 4WD and the variety in price is crazy. Oh, here’s a Lunchbox Jr for $90 and here it is for $12. I know where $12 came from, pretty close to original price, but $90? And the thing is, if you have more money than brains or patience then you’ll just believe it’s worth $90 and buy that one. If you’re some tool that thinks his collection is for getting rich off some day then the last thing you want to see is low prices. Buy high and sell higher. Bargains are for haters not players. :) “I’m going to double my money, so what I really want are the most expensive LDs I can find.” is what they think reality is. They think it’s like gold or oil where you just invest as heavily as possible because it’s all going to sell for more. You can see Christine on LD for $0.50 but I can’t retire on a dollar, so I better buy the $600 version of it.

The world has a lot of a holes in it, is what I’m saying. Some people just roll with it but others are like...”Man, if I worked hard, *I* could be the a hole!”

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Posted: 30 Mar 2018, 05:33 

The last jedi - not only a bad Star Wars movie, it’s a bad movie period.

Agreed => it was giving a giant middle finger to the Star Wars universe/fan base.

Having no plan to rewatch it after seeing it once in the theaters, waste of precious life time.
It makes re-watching "Force Awakens" sad to watch because they had setup the beginning of something possibly good there.

Maybe it will end up like Episode 2? You can watch Episode 1 and roughly move straight to Episode 3, you're not missing much.


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Posted: 02 Apr 2018, 06:04 

Man you actually got sucked into Disney's propoganda pretty good, either that or you're trolling hard and just being contrarian for fun. I actually notice you doing that on other threads here too.
Wait, who/what exactly are you dis/agreeing with? :?

I definitely got the impression even during watching it that it was far too busy indulging itself in it's own subversiveness to actually be an entertaining movie. Why tell a story that makes sense when there's a yet another opportunity to yank the proverbial rug from under the audience?

And as for the feminist agenda, well, it is kind of depressing that they decided to shove an actual strong female character (Leia) in the closet in favour of this woman who looks like some kind of a third wave feminist icon with her ridicilous purple hair, all she needed was some pointy glasses.

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Posted: 17 Apr 2018, 14:04 

I purchase titles that I want, doesn't matter cheap or expensive the only thing that matters for me is cosmetic condition and no rot.

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Posted: 24 May 2018, 21:53 

I had great first day with AC3 today.
Tried 3 movies: SW Episode 1, X-files, Fifth element.
The sound is so much sharper and deeper than regular digital sound, I am afraid there is no turning back from it. :D


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Posted: 03 Jul 2018, 14:54 

Tutorial for removing foxing on LD or LP covers.

I already wrote some lines about it, but the pictures were erase by the hosting website.
I decided to create a dedicate page on my webpage about this method. Very effective.

You can find the original page here :

Tutorial :

Old LD or LP has often brown marks on their cover. This is due to the oxydation of little
parts of metals inside the paper or inks. There is a very good way to remove those marks !

This is a chemical experience, made by a guy without any chemical knowledge. (me)
It can be dangerous for skin of breath. Be careful. Open the windows, and don't touch
the liquid directly with your hands !

For this, you need :
- A LD cover with foxing !
- A cotton swab
- Hydrogen peroxide (過酸化水素)
- Ammonia (アンモニア)
- Water

Inside a little cup, add the Hydrogen peroxide. (for one cover, you can add a spoon)
add around 1/10 of ammia (for a hydrogen spoon, you can add 10 drop of ammonia.
add a spoon of water. Mix the solution with a cotton swab.

You can now add gently some of the liquid with the cotton swab on the marks.

I recommand to add it to around ten marks. Then wait 30 minutes like this. You
can then take a humid tissue to wipe it. The action of the solution will continue
after that during some hours. For now, you can continue to add the liquid on other
marks. Waiting for 30 minutes, wipe it, etc... For very hard removing mark, you can
try to add the solution again after 1 hour, on the same mark.

Doing that during the day, near a well lighted window, give more results than doing
it evening. Because the action of Hydrogen is connecting to the light.

Also, never shut or store your LD/LD, with the solution not perfectly dry.
Don't do that on thin paper. The marks will disapear, but the paper will be damage.
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