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Posted: 13 Oct 2016, 22:20 

Yeah, another thing not mentioned is that when Criterion started out home video was only barely considered worth doing so it was no problem to license them Ghostbusters or whatever. Now studios release all that stuff themselves. Their first two releases were King Kong and Citizen Kaine. Clearly they aren't opposed to mainstream hits.

Armageddon had to be some kind of ironic hipster joke though. I still don't understand why they did that.

Criterion's founder is buddies with Michael Bay. He allowed them to do the Rock and Armageddon while they were also released from Universal at the same time.

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 Post subject: Re: Ultra Stereo?
Posted: 28 Sep 2017, 04:00 

Made a quick update to the "advanced search" to add soundtrack (mono/stereo/surround/etc.) on top of sound encoding (Digital/CX/DTS/AC3/etc).

Because soundtrack internal IDs do not match between Digital/Analog, it's limited to LDs with a digital soundtrack for now.

Here are the results:

Ultra Stereo (553 titles)

As well as:

DTS Stereo (22 titles)
Chace Stereo (30 titles)
Roland Sound Space (11 titles)


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Posted: 08 Jan 2018, 18:52 

The suggestion I had was to use a very thin, even layer of Plasti-Dip or something like it, a liquid rubber compound. If necessary it could be "tooled" for extra grip.
But, happily, I've not needed to test that so far.

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 Post subject: Re: LD Player Purchase
Posted: 26 Feb 2018, 19:47 

Sorry to say there is a lot of great info when doing a google search on these models.
Any working player at this point is the best player you can own.

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Posted: 16 Mar 2018, 20:56 

I can kind of barely be bothered but best friends sometimes describe me as a khunt :-) so here we go! All things being equal (or even somewhat unequal) BD PQ s**ts on LD. The bigger the screen the more noticeable it gets; simple really. We love and collect LD for other reasons. The length of your post doesn't excuse the inability to figure that all out. Neither do we all necessarily need to jump up and defend our personal reasons.

Your whole post while seeming genuineish also basically tends to read as comment bait; kind of more so than a genuine enquiry. Sorry if it's not meant to be but it does. This isn't Facebook (thankfully). "Not to mention that I dropped about $400 on Laserdisc equipment when this could go much further with a more modern format. This makes me scratch my head a bit, wondering if I am going too far."

LOL I've blown way much more money on outdated irrelevant formats. Can''t work it out? (despite saying how you love LD)? Oh poor dear, just get/wait for the 4K HDR release (or perhaps some counselling as needed???).

Sorry for sounding somewhat harsh, but if you don''t have your reasons for collecting LD then why are you? and if you need our validation to do it.........

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Posted: 16 Mar 2018, 22:25 

If you watch all old movies on LD and only new ones on BR you’re missing out on a LOT. The fact that you even make that distinction on purpose makes me feel you put too much thought into this kind of thing. If you aren’t enjoying LD then please sell your stuff to someone local and move on.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2018, 15:50're browsing through cable channel menus and as you notice the movie titles you try to remember if they were released on Laserdisc're running on a treadmill and as certain times come up on the clock, they make you think of Laserdisc player model numbers (ie: 406, 604, 704, 909, 919, 939, 959, 1010, etc.)'re talking movies with a friend or friends and when their favorite movie is mentioned you try to recall if you have it on Laserdisc (bonus points if you actually say you have it on Laserdisc)

...a friend of yours posts a music video that they like on social media and you comment that you have the video on Laserdisc find a music/thrift shop that sells old records and you HAVE to check to see if they sell Laserdiscs find a used electronics shop and you HAVE to check to see if they have Laserdisc players

Feel free to add more!

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Posted: 21 Apr 2018, 01:23 

Or leave Facebook. I did a decade ago after a couple of months of using. The most pointless thing ever.

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Posted: 23 Apr 2018, 14:01 

That LD group is awful. Just thousands of crap photos of common garbage and people getting exiting about prices. Torture.

We need some of the guys from LDDB to post some cool stuff. It will never be any different if no one contributes....

That makes no sense. That group sucks, why would you want to take energy away from this group and put it into Facebook where intelligent posts are instantly burried forever? It’ll just kill this place, as Facebook as killed so many forums. On a website that bans nudity but allows beheading videos, sells our info to companies so people can screw with what’s left of our political process and in the end lacks dozens of features than any decent forum like this one has had since the 90s? Why? For what purpose?

They don’t want need or deserve quality posts. Let them drown in a bathtub full of Red Octobers.

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Posted: 09 May 2018, 18:20 

Some chicken and eggs

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Posted: 20 May 2018, 05:54 

Here's the thread with that mod I was talking about if anyone is interested.

CLD-D606 and Video Essentials

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Posted: 20 May 2018, 22:33 


I started working on a scratch built AC3-RF output board 10 years ago but never got anywhere with it when I couldn't get it to work. So a couple of months ago, I got the itch to finally get it done and found that I had my mute control transistor wired up incorrectly. :problem:

So here are some images of the board and the player that I used for the experiment (a Pioneer, CLD-2090 clone in case anyone was wondering ;) ).

Schematic that I used to create the board

Top view of the board

Bottom view of the board

Size comparison of the scratch built board and a BDE custom made board w/ surface mount components

Solder points in the player for the board (+5V = red, -5V = blue, GND = green, Mute = yellow, AFM = coax wire)

The board installed w/ all wires connected

Wide view showing the board and RCA jack

RCA jack internal view

RCA jack external view

The player playing an AC3 disc w/ Sony SDP-E800 showing a lock ("discrete" indicator lighted)

So now that I have successfully made this board a reality, now it's time to make more of them so I can get the rest of my players up to the AC-3 RF spec. My next version will be on a board half the size (this one was bigger than it had to be but I was learning along the way so I needed space to figure it out).

Hope everyone enjoyed the images. It's quite exciting that I can now make these boards from scratch since all my past player retrofits were always from DIY kits that unfortunately are no longer available to purchase.

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Posted: 28 May 2018, 08:20 


As I mentioned in my previous post, here is the repair that I did on my SDP-E800's minor display issue (the missing "i" and "a" digit depending on the input selected). This repair will also fix any dimming issues as well (will have to solder more pins to the left and right of the one's I highlighted in the first picture).

After you remove the five screws holding the cover of unit in place, take a quick look @ the back of the display board and you will notice the row of pins I highlighted here....

Although every pin is not going to have weak joints, it's still a good idea to resolder all of them since one can make the case that if one already got weak the others stand a chance of going bad later as well.

Now, in order to make this fix easy, it's better to remove the display board from the facade so you can lie it down on a table for a more convenient angle to solder.

So the next step is as follows.....

Now with the board removed, you can see how the these pins connect to the display unit.

Now it's time to solder and all you need to do is heat up each point and add a very tiny bit of solder (watch out and don't accidentally bridge one pin to another as you will damage the display when it gets powered back on; might want to ask someone with experience to help if need be).

After getting all the pins soldered, it's a good idea to take a voltmeter, place it in "continuity mode" (it will beep on many voltmeters when the points are bridged by accident), and go down the entire row of pins w/ the probes touching the next adjacent pin. If these pins you test never set off a beep on the voltmeter, you're good to go with putting the unit back together.

I ran my unit for over two hours after I was done and it's was perfect. No more disappearing digits. :thumbup:

Lastly... as a disclaimer, I don't hold any responsibility for damage to your unit if you try this on your own. It's still a risk if you don't have any experience w/ soldering irons and voltmeters so I do emphasize getting a friend to help who has some basic electronics knowledge.

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Posted: 14 Jul 2018, 04:26 

So I wasn't sure if this posting should have been in the "LD Player" section or this "AC3RF Demodulators" section as the topic I'm writing about is a bit of a hybrid. In the end, I decided it really was more about Demodulators so here we go.

What I have in the following pics is one of my home theaters that utilizes dual players that are both capable of outputting Dolby Digital, DTS, PCM and analog audio. I recently made a change to this set-up by adding a Denon, AVD-2000 to act as a switch box for the two players and then having the signal carry over to a Denon, AVR-3805 (via S/PDIF optical).

So here are the two players. One player has an AC3-RF out mod and the other has the same mod but with an internal AC3-RF Demodulator.

Next up is the back panel of both players showing two sets of digital outputs from each player so I can send Dolby Digital (on the modded outputs) and PCM/DTS (on the factory S/PDIF outputs).

Now we see the back panel of the Denon, AVD-2000 showing what connections I have coming into it from the LD players (Player 1 connected to "AC3-RF" and “Optical 1" while Player 2 is connected to "Coaxial 2" and “Optical 2"). Also, I do have the S/PDIF out of the AVD-2000 actually going to a S/PDIF splitter (the square box in the pic) to create a dual S/PDIF out so I can run two sets of digital outputs to the AV Receiver to sync it with the two players video and analog audio outputs.

Finally, a front image showing the basic signal flow of all the "digital" connections (the LD players video and analog audio connections are going directly to the AV Receiver).

So the beauty of this system is that I literally have two AC3-RF Demodulators to pull off this dual player set-up (one demodulator in player 2 and another in the AVD-2000 processor). Also, since I am using the AVD-2000 as more of a switcher, it solves the issue of assigning multiple digital inputs on the Denon AV Receiver since as we know it's a pain that we can't assign more than one digital input for every video/analog audio input.

Now I just sit back, pop in two discs at a time like a Pioneer LD-W1 (keeping one player off at a time), and enjoy a movie in any sound format I want with the utmost ease in switching inputs. :thumbup:

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 Post subject: Delights of selling LDs
Posted: 29 Aug 2018, 20:33 

Whenever I complete a happy transction with a collector it reminds me of why I turned my hobby into a little side business. As a movie collector I remember the dark pit that opened in my stomach when I realized the title I wanted was not in any store on Earth, and was often not available on line either. After going from collector to collector looking for a title I wanted, it became my goal to stock my shop with all the offbeat connoisseur stuff that is so hard to acquire.

Thanks to all of you who have used my shop as I hoped. It's so much more rewarding to sell on LDDb than anywhere else.

I'd like to hear from other sellers about why they opened a shop here, and any suggestions from collectors on how the shops can be improved.


G and J Rarities

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Posted: 05 Sep 2018, 14:45 

admin wrote: is "let's encrypted" now!

I am experiencing some trouble switching from a PC to another PC.

If the forum will not log you in automatically, just make sure that the URL has in front of it!

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