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Posted: 29 Mar 2017, 07:31 

Now that the last Laserdisc player was produced already many years ago, wouldn't it be nice to have a complete list of all LD player models sold from 1978 until 2009?
I have nowhere seen such a complete list and try now to produce one by myself, I appreciate every help to complete this list.

Thanks to retro_games the laserdisc player model LJR I from Runco got into my list.
Thanks to lons_vex I could add the laserdisc player Acustorama CDV 496 from Grundig, which is a OEM model from Philips.
Thanks to svwees I could add 6 "CDV players". "CDV players" are players restricted to 12cm VSD, 12cm CDV, 12cm CD, and 8cm CD (=CDS). CDVs and VSDs contain a 5-6 minutes long laserdisc part with analog video and digital audio. CDVs contain additionally a 20 min CD part with audio only. CDV players are "laserdisc enhanced" CD players that cannot play the large laserdiscs, because they have got only a small CD type tray. The "exotic" Pioneer LD-V3000 that can play only 20cm laserdiscs was already in my list before.
Thanks to scytales I could add 3 LD players manufactured in the Soviet Union by Rus and Amfiton, plus 1 manufactured in Russia by Kolibri, the latter being a licensed clone of a Philips CDV 496.
Thanks to admin Julien I could add Clarion MV-7000A.

My last update was on July 15th, 2017 .

----- THE STILL INCOMPLETE LASERDISC PLAYERS AND RECORDERS LIST - currently showing 1024 devices -----
"Laserdisc" is a registered trademark of the company Pioneer, and in the year 1989 Pioneer has allowed that this name be used for all compatible laser videodiscs, i.e. compatible with the MCA and Philips optical videodisc specification. Therefore this list contains devices for NTSC Laserdiscs, PAL Laserdiscs, and MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdiscs. The one-time recordable RLV discs (NTSC, CAV format, analog sound) are compatible with normal NTSC Laserdiscs players, therefore a RLV recorder is also listed here.

Aiwa (4): LV‑X310, LV‑X510K, LV‑Z1000(H), XV‑999,

Akai / A&D (2): DP‑L1000, LD‑V10,

Amfiton [Амфитон] (1): VP 201 [ВП 201],

Carver (1): MD/V‑500,

Clarion (6): MV-3000A, MV-3100A, MV-7000A, MVA‑300‑100, MVA‑400‑100, MVA-450,

Columbia (17): CLK‑100 (system), CLK‑1500 (system), CLK‑5000 (system), CLK‑600 (system), CLK‑600D (system), CLK‑610 (system), CLK‑650 (system), CLK‑750 (system), CLK‑800 (system), CLK‑888 (system), CLK‑88G (system), CLK‑90 (system), ULA‑100, ULA‑110, ULA‑120, ULA‑130, ULA‑88,

Curtis Mathes (1): CDV‑901,

DaiichiKosho / DKKaraoke (3): LD-V10 (system), LC-V30 (system), DKK-100 (system),

Denon / Denonet (31): DCD‑GX, LA‑1500C, LA‑1600C, LA‑2000, LA‑210, LA‑2100, LA‑2150K, LA‑2200K, LA‑2300, LA‑2300A, LA‑2500, LA‑260C, LA‑2700, LA‑270C, LA‑280, LA‑280C, LA‑3000, LA‑3100 (G), LA‑3200, LA‑3300, LA‑3450K, LA‑3500, LA‑3500K (G), LA‑550C, LA‑560C, LA‑600, LA‑600D, LA‑700, LA‑800, LA‑900, LA‑V200 (G),

EAD (3): T‑7000, T‑8000, TheaterVision,

Faroudja (1): LD1000 ,

Fujitsu General (2): VKC‑20, VKC‑300,

Funai (1): MD‑K55,

Giga Networks (1): Visual Factory D20,

Grundig (1): Acustorama CDV 496,

Hitachi (27): HLD‑1000 (MUSE), LKS‑2900V (system), MX‑LD500CD, VIP‑11, VIP‑12, VIP‑15K, VIP‑16K, VIP‑200LK, VIP‑20D, VIP‑23D, VIP‑25DX, VIP‑30C, VIP‑31C, VIP‑32C, VIP‑35C, VIP‑5, VIP‑9500, VIP‑9550, VIP‑9600, VIP‑KX10, VIP‑KZ55EX, VIP‑KZ77G, VIP‑RX10EX, VIP‑RX6E, VIP‑RX6EX, VIP‑RX8EX, VIP‑SX55,

Kenwood (22): LVD‑07, LVD‑280, LVD‑290, LVD‑300, LVD‑310, LVD‑320, LVD‑68, LVD‑700, LVD‑710, LVD‑7i, LVD‑820R, LVD‑89V, LVD‑930R, LVD‑97, LVD-K1000 (system), LVD‑K300V, LVD‑K590V, LVD‑K7000, LVD‑K7100, LVD‑K9200, LVD‑V7, LVD‑Z1,

Kolibri [Колибри] (1): VP 101 [ВП 101],

Luxman (2): D‑08, D‑408,

Magnavox / MagnaVision (9): CDV‑305, CDV‑474, CDV‑484, VC‑8005, VC‑800GYOi, VC‑8010, VC‑8040, VH8000, WRV100,

Marantz (19): CDV‑400, CDV‑50, CDV‑570, CDV‑580, CDV‑610K, CDV‑70D, CDV-70K, CDV‑770, CDV‑780, CV‑55, LV‑100, LV‑101, LV‑10CD, LV‑11CD, LV‑1CD, LV-500, LV-510, LV-520, LV-520BL,

Matrox (2): CDV-1082, E‑VDP/MSNI,

MCA DiscoVision (1): PR‑7820,

McIntosh (1): MLD7020,

Mitsubishi (9): DL‑L1500, M‑V6020, M‑V6021, M‑V6022, M‑V6027, M‑V7010, M‑V7025, M‑V7057, M‑V8000,

MSB (7): CDV, Gold CDV, Gold LS2, Platinum LS2, Silver LS2, Silver LS2X, Silver LS2X w/int.AC3RF-dem,

NAD Electronics (1): NAD 5900,

NEC Home Entertainment (14): LD‑2000, PCE‑LD1, VP‑L700, VP‑L750, VP‑L760, VP‑L800, VP‑L850D, VP‑L860CV, VP‑L900, VP‑L900CD, VP‑L910, VP‑L910CD, VP‑L960CV, VP‑LS‑100,

Nikkodo / BMB (5): LV-100, LV-1200, LV-1500S, LV-2000, LV-220A,

ODC Nimbus (1): LVDR 610 (RLV recorder),

Onkyo (5): DX-V350, DX‑V370, DX‑V500, DX‑V801, ML‑200A,

Panasonic (42): AG‑LD20, AG‑LD30, LX‑100, LX‑1000, LX‑101, LX‑101U, LX‑120, LX‑121, LX‑200, LX‑200PX, LX‑300, LX‑310, LX‑600, LX‑900, LX‑900U, LX‑D570, LX‑H170, LX‑H180, LX‑H670, LX-H670U, LX‑H680, LX‑HD10 (MUSE), LX‑HD20 (MUSE), LX-K500, LX-K550, LX‑K570, LX‑K580V, LX-K590V, LX‑K630, LX‑K660, LX‑K670, LX‑K680, LX‑K700, LX‑K750, LX-K7500, LX‑K770EN, LX‑K770U, LX‑K780, LX‑K8000, LX‑V860, LX‑V860EN, LX‑V880,

Philips (44): CDV 185 (CDV-player), CDV 305, CDV 400, CDV 474, CDV 475, CDV 484, CDV 485, CDV 486, CDV 487, CDV 488, CDV 495, CDV 496, CDV 500, CDV 600, CDV 750, CDV 786, CDV 800, CDV 900, CDV 988, LDP‑400, LDP‑410, LDP‑600WS, VP 301, VP 310, VP 312, VP 380, VP 405, VP 406, VP 410, VP 412, VP 415, VP 500, VP 600, VP 620, VP 700, VP 720, VP 830, VP 831, VP 835, VP 837, VP 923, VP 931, VP 932 (=LVP‑22VP932), VP 935,

Pioneer (448): CLD‑01, CLD‑02, CLD‑05, CLD‑07G, CLD‑100, CLD‑100K, CLD‑100KV, CLD‑1010, CLD‑1030, CLD‑1050, CLD‑1070, CLD‑1070 Mil, CLD‑1080, CLD‑1090, CLD‑1091, CLD‑110, CLD‑110KVT, CLD‑110‑N, CLD‑1190, CLD‑1200, CLD‑1260, CLD‑1400, CLD‑1450, CLD‑1500, CLD‑150K, CLD‑1570K, CLD‑1580K, CLD‑1580K Mil, CLD‑1590K, CLD‑1600, CLD‑160K, CLD‑1700, CLD‑1710K, CLD‑1720K, CLD‑1730K, CLD‑1750, CLD‑1750K, CLD‑1750KV, CLD‑1800, CLD‑1810K, CLD‑1850, CLD‑1850K, CLD‑1950, CLD‑200, CLD‑200K, CLD‑2050, CLD‑2070, CLD‑2080, CLD‑2090, CLD‑210KVT, CLD‑2290, CLD‑2400, CLD‑2590K, CLD‑2600, CLD‑2700, CLD‑2710K, CLD‑2720K, CLD‑2730K, CLD‑2750K, CLD‑2760K, CLD‑2850, CLD‑2950, CLD‑303, CLD‑3030, CLD‑3060, CLD‑3070, CLD‑3080, CLD‑3090, CLD‑31, CLD‑313, CLD‑3380, CLD‑3390, CLD‑360, CLD‑3750K, CLD‑3750KV, CLD‑3760K, CLD‑3760KV, CLD‑406, CLD‑500, CLD‑5000, CLD‑505, CLD‑510, CLD‑5104, CLD‑52, CLD‑53, CLD‑535, CLD‑555, CLD‑59, CLD‑600, CLD‑605, CLD‑606, CLD‑616, CLD‑7, CLD‑70, CLD‑700, CLD‑700S, CLD‑7100, CLD‑737, CLD‑757, CLD‑77, CLD‑770, CLD‑79, CLD‑800, CLD‑838, CLD‑8380, CLD‑900 (NTSC), CLD-900 (PAL), CLD‑9000, CLD‑900S, CLD‑901, CLD‑909, CLD‑91, CLD‑91 mil, CLD‑919, CLD‑92, CLD‑939, CLD‑95, CLD‑950, CLD‑959, CLD‑97, CLD‑970, CLD‑98, CLD‑980, CLD‑99, CLD‑990, CLD‑995, CLD‑99S, CLD‑A100 LaserActive, CLD‑AK700, CLD‑C1, CLD‑C3, CLD‑C5G, CLD‑CLKV900, CLD‑CLKV920, CLD‑D1, CLD‑D104, CLD‑D304, CLD‑D380, CLD‑D390, CLD‑D3V, CLD‑D406, CLD‑D500, CLD‑D501, CLD‑D502, CLD‑D503, CLD‑D504, CLD‑D505, CLD‑D515, CLD‑D550, CLD‑D560, CLD‑D570, CLD‑D580, CLD‑D590, CLD‑D604, CLD‑D605, CLD‑D606, CLD‑D700, CLD‑D701, CLD‑D702, CLD‑D703, CLD‑D704, CLD‑D750, CLD‑D760, CLD‑D770, CLD‑D780, CLD‑D790, CLD‑D925, CLD‑D99, CLD‑DV3, CLD‑E100, CLD‑E110, CLD‑E130, CLD‑E140, CLD‑E2000, CLD‑E2200, CLD‑E505, CLD‑F1, CLD‑F7, CLD‑HF7G, CLD‑HF9G, CLD‑J420, CLD‑J700, CLD‑J720, CLD‑J910, CLD‑J990, CLD‑J990G, CLD‑J990‑K, CLD‑J990V, CLD‑K1000, CLD‑K11, CLD‑K1100, CLD‑K150, CLD‑K22G, CLD‑K33G, CLD‑K50, CLD‑K55G, CLD‑K600, CLD‑K66G, CLD‑K7, CLD‑K700, CLD‑K77G, CLD‑K8, CLD‑K80, CLD‑K800, CLD‑K88G, CLD‑K8V, CLD‑K99V, CLD‑LK66 (system), CLD‑LK80 (system), CLD‑LK99 (system), CLD‑M301, CLD‑M401, CLD‑M403, CLD‑M450, CLD‑M460, CLD‑M5, CLD‑M502, CLD‑M503, CLD‑M90, CLD‑M90‑J, CLD‑P2, CLD‑PC10, CLD‑R4, CLD‑R4-N, CLD‑R4G, CLD‑R5, CLD‑R6G, CLD‑R7G, CLD‑S104, CLD‑S105, CLD‑S180, CLD‑S180V, CLD‑S201, CLD‑S2010, CLD‑S250, CLD‑S260/SD, CLD‑S270, CLD‑S280, CLD‑S290, CLD‑S300V, CLD‑S303, CLD‑S304, CLD‑S305, CLD‑S310, CLD‑S310F, CLD‑S315, CLD‑S320F, CLD‑S330, CLD‑S350, CLD‑S360, CLD‑S370, CLD‑S406, CLD‑S500VT, CLD‑V1008, CLD‑V101, CLD‑V1212D, CLD‑V121G, CLD‑V190, CLD‑V202, CLD‑V2120D, CLD‑V2300D, CLD‑V2400, CLD‑V250, CLD‑V250G, CLD‑V2600, CLD‑V2800, CLD‑V300, CLD‑V303T, CLD‑V500, CLD‑V5000, CLD‑V510, CLD‑V520, CLD‑V700, CLD‑V710, CLD‑V720, CLD‑V730, CLD‑V740, CLD‑V750, CLD‑V760, CLD‑V820, CLD‑V840, CLD‑V850, CLD‑V860, CLD‑V870, CLD‑V880, CLD‑V900, CLD‑X919, CLD‑Z1, CCS‑LV1, CL‑7700S, CL‑J35, CL‑J350, CL‑J35LD, CL‑J35LDV, CL‑J550, CL‑J55LD, CL‑J55LDV, CL‑J560, CL‑J75, CL‑J750, CL‑J75LD, CL‑J760V, CL‑X90, CLK‑V900, CLK‑V920, CLK‑V940, CLK‑V950, CLX‑J100D, CO‑V100 (commander), CO‑V12 (commander), CO‑V200 (commander), CO‑V300 (commander), CO‑V50 (commander), DVK‑1000, DVK‑900, DVL‑700 (J), DVL‑700 (U), DVL‑9, DVL‑90, DVL‑909, DVL‑909E, DVL‑91, DVL‑919 (J), DVL‑919 (U), DVL‑919E, DVL‑H9, DVL‑K88, DVL‑V888, HLD‑1000 (MUSE), HLD‑V500 (MUSE), HLD‑V700 (MUSE), HLD‑X0 (MUSE), HLD‑X9 (MUSE), LC‑330 autochanger, LC‑V100 autochanger, LC‑V20 autochanger, LC‑V20‑K autochanger, LC‑V200 autochanger, LC‑V300 autochanger, LC‑V330 autochanger, LC‑V50 autochanger, LC‑V800 autochanger, LC‑V80TL autochanger, LD‑1000, LD‑1100 (AE), LD‑1100 (U), LD‑200, LD‑5000, LD‑510, LD‑5100, LD‑600, LD‑6200A, LD‑660, LD‑700, LD‑7000, LD‑707, LD‑7100, LD‑717, LD‑7200, LD‑7700S, LD‑8100, LD‑8200D, LD‑838D, LD‑850D, LD‑870, LD‑9200D, LD‑E100, LD‑E150, LD‑K17, LD‑K5, LD‑K7, LD‑LK77, LD‑S1, LD‑S2, LD‑S9, LD‑V10, LD‑V1000, LD‑V1001, LD‑V1003, LD‑V1010, LD‑V1012, LD‑V16, LD‑V17, LD‑V170, LD‑V180, LD‑V18T, LD‑V200, LD‑V2000, LD‑V2020, LD‑V2100, LD‑V2200, LD‑V3000 (LD20 only), LD‑V400, LD‑V4000, LD‑V4100, LD‑V4200, LD‑V4300D, LD‑V4400, LD‑V500, LD‑V510, LD‑V515SE, LD‑V520, LD‑V530, LD‑V540, LD‑V600A, LD‑V6000, LD‑V6000A, LD‑V6010A, LD‑V6100, LD‑V6200A, LD‑V800, LD‑V8000, LD‑W1, LD‑X1, LD‑X710, LJ‑V10 (commander), LJ‑V20 (commander), LJ‑V20‑K (commander), LJ‑V66 (commander), LK‑1030 (system), LK‑55 (system), LK‑60 (system), LK‑620 (system), LK‑630 (system), LK‑77 (system), LK‑80 (system), LK‑810 (system), LK‑820 (system), LK‑830 (system), LK‑88 (system), LK‑99 (system), LK‑P11 (system), LK‑V32 (system), LK‑V350 (system), LK‑V37 (system), LK‑V38 (system), LV‑4300D, LV‑P1, PD‑707V (CDV-player), PR‑7820, PR‑8210, PR‑8210A, SYSCOM D7100‑K, SYSCOM D7300‑K, VP‑1000, WAVE1000TV, WAVE700, WAVE700TV,

Proscan (5): PSLD40, PSLD41, PSLD43, PSLD45, PSLD46,

Proton (1): LD‑901,

Quasar (6): LD‑500, LD‑510, LD‑600, LD‑700, LD‑710, LD‑9090,

RCA (8): LDR‑300, LDR‑307, LDR‑310, LDR‑400, LDR‑500, LDR‑600, LDR‑610, LDR‑900K,

RDI Halcyon (1): Model 200,


Rus [Русь] (2): 501 VIDEO [501 ВИДЕО], VP 201 [ВП 201],

Samsung (20): DV‑430C, DV‑4260V, DV‑500K, DV‑500KN, DV‑5000, DV‑5000N, DV‑505K, DV-5100, DV‑530K, DV‑530VK, DV‑5500, DV‑550KP, DV‑550NKC, DV‑555K, DV‑6000, DV‑710K, DV‑710KN, DV‑7620KV, LD‑K700V, RS Renaissance,

Sansui (3): CL‑900XD, CL‑V3000, SV‑L1000,

Sanyo (7): LV-P1, LV-P500, LV‑P7, LV‑PK30, LV-PK45, SLV‑J1, SLV‑J2,

SEGA (1): VIP 9500SG,

Sharp (13): LD‑V950, MV‑D100, MV‑D1002, MV‑D200, MV‑D2000, MV-D50, MV-K20, MV‑K33, MV‑K520, MV‑K70, MV‑K7000, MV‑K7600, QT‑93V (CDV-player),

Sony (151): CDP‑301V (CDV-player), CLK‑700, HIL‑1000 (MUSE), HIL‑C1 (MUSE), HIL‑C2EX (MUSE), HIL‑C3 (MUSE), LDP‑1000, LDP‑1000A, LDP‑11, LDP‑1100, LDP‑1100A, LDP‑1200, LDP‑1400, LDP‑1401, LDP‑1450, LDP‑150, LDP‑1500, LDP‑1500P, LDP‑1550, LDP‑1550P, LDP‑1600, LDP‑1600P, LDP‑180P, LDP‑190, LDP‑2000, LDP‑2000P, LDP‑2100, LDP‑2200, LDP‑250CD, LDP‑330, LDP‑3300P, LDP‑330LC, LDP‑3600, LDP‑3600D, LDP‑505, LDP‑515, LDP‑525, LDP‑530, LDP‑550, LDP‑730, LDP‑750, LDP‑900, MDK‑500, MDK‑77A, MDK‑77P, MDP‑1000, MDP‑11, MDP‑1100, MDP‑111, MDP‑1150, MDP‑1200, MDP‑1550, MDP‑1700, MDP‑1700AR, MDP‑20, MDP‑200, MDP‑201, MDP‑210, MDP‑212, MDP‑222GX, MDP‑290, MDP‑315, MDP‑322GX, MDP‑333 (NTSC), MDP‑333 (PAL), MDP‑335GX, MDP‑355, MDP‑355GX, MDP‑3600D, MDP‑405, MDP‑405GX, MDP‑440, MDP‑450, MDP‑455 (J), MDP-455 (U), MDP‑455GX, MDP‑455SA, MDP‑500, MDP‑510, MDP‑515D, MDP‑533D, MDP‑550, MDP‑550AE, MDP‑555, MDP‑555F, MDP‑555SA, MDP‑600, MDP‑601, MDP‑605, MDP‑605GX, MDP‑640, MDP‑640D, MDP‑650, MDP‑650AE, MDP‑650D, MDP‑700, MDP‑711, MDP‑722, MDP‑722GX, MDP‑740D, MDP‑750, MDP‑755, MDP‑800, MDP‑801, MDP‑850D, MDP‑9, MDP‑911, MDP‑999, MDP‑A1, MDP‑A10, MDP‑A2, MDP‑A3, MDP‑A30, MDP‑A3000, MDP‑A500, MDP‑A600K, MDP‑A660K, MDP‑A7, MDP‑A800K2, MDP‑A880K, MDP‑A9, MDP‑AV1, MDP‑K1, MDP‑K15, MDP‑K3, MDP‑K35, MDP‑K5, MDP‑K50, MDP‑K8, MDP‑L405, MDP‑MR1, MDP‑MR2, MDP‑RC20, MDP‑RS10, MDP‑U10, MDP‑U3, MDP‑U30, MDP‑U300P, MDP‑U330P, MDP‑RS1, MDP‑V1, MDP‑V10, MDP‑V7, MDP‑V70G, MDP‑V70K, MDP‑V8K, MDP‑V900G, MDP‑V90K, MDP‑V9K, VIW-3020 (controller), VIW‑5000 (controller),

Sylvania (1): VP‑7200,

Tandy Realistic (1): MD‑1000,

Teac (24): LV‑1000, LV‑1200, LV‑1400, LV‑1500DS, LV‑1700DS, LV‑2000, LV‑2200K, LV‑2300, LV‑2400, LV‑2500, LV‑2600, LV‑3000V, LV‑3300K, LV‑3500KC, LV‑5000, LV‑5000DS, LV‑5000W, LV‑5500DS, LV‑5700DS, LV‑6000W, LV‑7000, LV‑7000V, LV‑8000V, LV‑9000,

Technics (1): LX‑1000,

Teknika Electronics (1): HA VD10,

Telefunken (2): VDP 500, VDP 800,

Theta (4): Data universal transport, Data II universal transport, Data III universal transport, Voyager,

Toshiba (13): XR‑K65, XR‑L10D, XR‑L800, XR‑L8D, XR‑LK30, XR‑LK44, XR‑LK55, XR‑LK70G, XR‑W70(A), XR‑W70(M), XR‑W75, XR‑W90, XR‑W90A,

Wurlitzer (1): Lasergraph (autochanger),

Yamaha (18): CDV‑100, CDV‑1000 (J), CDV‑1000 (U), CDV‑1100, CDV‑1200K, CDV‑1600, CDV‑1700, CDV‑300K, CDV‑870, CDV‑M777 (CDV-player), CDV‑S100 (CDV-player), CDV‑W701K, CDV‑W901, CLV‑1, CLV‑M88, LV‑1000D, LV‑X1, LV‑X1 DIGITAL,

Zenith (1): LDP‑510,
The large 30cm and 20cm laserdiscs in NTSC or PAL I call just "Laserdisc" (LD) independent of whether they were called "DiscoVision", "LaserVision", "VLP", "CDV", or "Laserdisc" by the manufacturer. "LDS" = 20cm LD-Single, "CDS" = 8cm CD-Single. I use the name "CDV" only for 12cm CDV, aka "CDV-Single", and for VSD.
(system) refers to "complete" laserdisc systems that comprise at least a LD player, amps and speakers. I am sure that I have not yet marked all of them.
(autochanger) refers to a player that can hold several laserdiscs, and can be ordered to pick any one of them to play it back.
(commander) refers to a device that does not play back LDs by itself, but is used to control one or several autochanger LD player units.
(recorder) refers to a device that is used for recording a video onto a videodisc. Some recorders have built-in video processors, some use standalone processors. Only RLV recorders can produce a disc that is playable in a normal laserdisc player.
(processor) refers to a device that does not play back LDs by itself, but is required to be used with a videodisc recorder when recording.
(MUSE) refers to players that can play MUSE Hi-Vision Laserdiscs. Many of these players can play back also NTSC laserdiscs.
(CDV-player) means that it can play back only 12cm CDV, VSD, CD, and 8cm CD-Single. It cannot play back the large Laserdiscs.

(HDVS Videodisc recorders use one-time recordable videodiscs in a plastic caddy. HDVS Videodisc players use the same or prerecorded pressed discs, but without a caddy. HDVS Videodiscs do not use MUSE compression - the player output signal can be directly plugged into a HD TV set. NOT compatible with Laserdiscs and NOT compatible with Hi-Vision LDs.)

Sony (2): HDL-2000, HDL-5800 (recorder),

(The "Color Videodisc" was a result of a co-development of Teac and Sumitomo Chemical. The recorders are labeled "TEAC Laser Videodisc Recorder". These discs are similar to RLV discs as they are also 1x writeable and can store up to 54000 frames resp. 30 minutes of video on one side (NTSC, CAV), there are single-sided and double-sided discs. However they can be written only in the Teac recorders of the LV-200 series - and unlike RLV they also can only be played back in the recorders and players of the Teac LV-200 series! NEITHER the discs NOR the players are compatible with Laserdisc.
NB: since I have not yet found a picture of a real "Color Videodisc", I am not sure whether they were labeled as such or used a different name.)

Teac (5): LV-200A (recorder), LV-210A (recorder), LV-210P, LV-220P, LV-250HC (recorder),

(CRVdisc are 30cm one-time writeable discs sealed in a plastic caddy, the recorders themselves are labeled "Sony Laser Videodisc recorder". NOT compatible with Laserdisc.)

Sony (15): LVA-3500, LVA-3700P, LVA-4700P, LVA-8000P, LVR-3000N (recorder), LVR-4000P (recorder), LVR-5000 (recorder), LVR-5000A (recorder), LVR-6000 (recorder), LVR-6000A (recorder), LVS-4000A (processor for LVR-5000), LVS-5000 (processor for LVR-5000), LVS-5000A (processor for LVR-5000A), LVS-6000AP (processor for LVR-6000A), LVS-6000P (processor for LVR-6000),

(LaserRecorders use a 1000000 times rewriteable blank LaserRecorder Videodisc, sealed in a plastic caddy. NOT compatible with Laserdisc.)

Pioneer (2): VDR-V1000 NTSC (recorder), VDR-V1000 PAL (recorder),

(LaserFilm videodiscs 1984-1986 are 30cm discs out of thin photographic film in a plastic caddy. Master discs are transparent with black dots, replicas are black with transparent dots. The player can playback both types. NOT compatible with Laserdisc.)

McDonnell Douglas (1): LFS-4400,

(Optical Memory Discs 1987-? are mostly 20cm discs. The recorders are labeled "National Optical Disc Recorder". OMD were introduced into the market 1987 and used mostly as storage medium for medical picture and video material. NOT compatible with Laserdisc.)

National/Panasonic (2): ODR TQ-2600F (recorder), ODR TQ-2700F (recorder),

----- NOT LISTED HERE: TED 1975-1977, CED 1981-1986, VHD 1983-1988 are needle-read videodisc systems without any laser. (NOT compatible with Laserdisc.)
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