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Posted: 11 Jun 2020, 02:49 

Your Name is excellent.

signofzeta wrote:
I watched Modest Heroes, three shorts from Ponoc on Hulu...or maybe Netflix, I don’t know. It was exceptional and also used some interesting techniques rarely seen today. It makes me optimistic for future anime.

This looks delightful, I'll have to try it.

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Posted: 11 Jun 2020, 17:18 

A Boy in the World (Brazil 2013) is animation i found to be utterly compelling from beginning to end. With no stupid American Otaku to satisfy it could just be what it what it was supposed to be. It has a point and style and drama and all that stuff that is hard to work into anime because anime at this point, commercially speaking, is made for gaijin to wank to.

Added to my list.

I agree with this generally. Ergo Proxy wouldn't be the same if made now hell it might not even have been made. Unfortunately often times to find gems you have to look through or past the b******t. Yurikuma Arashi is a prime example.

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 Post subject: Re: Fawlty towers is racist
Posted: 12 Jun 2020, 15:29 

Ha, this piqued my interest. I placed a buy order from a shop here. :)

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 Post subject: Re: Fawlty towers is racist
Posted: 13 Jun 2020, 13:57 

Erasing history is a very bad idea.

The thing about the current protests that gets me are the people that think they want the police abolished. I am by no means a fan of the police but I think they are necessary. We have plenty of examples of 3rd world countries with little to no police presence. You don't want to become that. And some people would say well this is a more civilized country but the fact of the matter is many human beings are evil, it would not end well. We need laws and accountability.

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 Post subject: Re: Fawlty towers is racist
Posted: 13 Jun 2020, 17:38 

I think anyone should be able to make artistic media however they choose. And of course they are open to criticism for it.

Spike Lee is a fine film maker that makes thought provoking films.

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Posted: 16 Jun 2020, 18:38 

it all just feels SO damned disposable anymore... :thumbdown:

I've got a nice little library of games I absolutely love on PS4. That said, I sure am interested in a lot less with modern games. Not too interested in open world* or cinematic press x a few times games.

Uncharted is probably the closest thing I enjoyed, but that's fun enough on harder difficulty where you can actually die.

*I'm not the biggest Metal Gear fan, but wow was 5 depressing...I couldn't even finish it...

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Posted: 19 Jun 2020, 19:07 

Just a wee update.....

The MATRIX 1999 Double LASERDISC Watched ONCE Stored upright in dark CAT# 17665
This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.
Ended:19 Jun, 2020 17:30:54 BST

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Posted: 24 Jun 2020, 17:13 

Boy and the World might be my favorite movie of the last ten years.

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Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 01:09 

There are a couple users here that repaired players at some point in the past but I don't know of anyone taking on new repairs sadly. I need my LD-S1 repaired at some point, but haven't found anyone willing to do it.

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Posted: 30 Jun 2020, 19:19 

My Fawlty Towers box set came in today, it will be my first time watching it.

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Posted: 02 Jul 2020, 12:47 

Started on Fawlty Towers. Downright hilarious.

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Posted: 04 Jul 2020, 16:17 

I have successfully dodged ever watching The Notebook.

My mom thought it was s**t (I was in highschool when this came out) so I can promise you not every woman likes it lol.

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Posted: 09 Jul 2020, 00:07 

Yeah Family Video is pretty much the last rental chain. They are everywhere. They had to shutter a couple locations around here but they honestly had too many.

Topeka had what was probably one of the last totally local rental shops on the north end of town. Duncan's Movie Magic. I was trying to find the date they closed but nothing conclusive. They outlasted every Blockbuster though, it was rather impressive. The owner was old, so while I'm sure business was down it was also in part simply retirement. I went to his garage sale about 4 years ago. The amount of awesome stuff he still had was impressive. Prices were blowout too, so I bought some stuff.

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Posted: 15 Jul 2020, 00:16 

Braveheart was way too long for its own good and had a host of issues. That said it's not the worst movie, far from it. I think I gave it around a 7/10 after watching it. Good but not the 9/10 type score I sometimes see for it.

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Posted: 16 Jul 2020, 20:16 

Yeah it could certainly end up being a deal. I got the vibe that it is more than they want to spend but I could be wrong.

I've got a 30 w/ add-on card, 50pro, Duo and other non-DVDO standalone processors so personally, I think they are worthwhile. XD

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Posted: 19 Jul 2020, 14:38 

I know this is an old thread, but how are the last few generations of Toshiba 16:9 CRTs? I had a 30" HDMI model 5 years back in the bedroom (free on CL post divorce when I was just replacing things as cheaply as possible) and remember it having a solid picture, but replaced it with a larger 50" LCD fairly quickly. Now that I'm dabbling with LD again I started looking and can get a similar late-model 34" Toshiba HDMI model for free and I still have the cabinet in the bedroom sitting empty. Thoughts?

If you won't kill your back and it doesn't have bad issues I'd say go for it. The big thing as with any TV is usage. Even though it's free you really don't want one with a worn out tube that looks like crap, has discoloration etc

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 Post subject: Re: Sailor Moon LD
Posted: 20 Jul 2020, 16:10 

rein-o wrote:
As much as I prefer the look of anime on LD over DVD or Bluray you do know that there should be no "grain" right?

Technically correct but it's still jarring going from all other releases of something like City Hunter compared to the BD with all that dnr.

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 Post subject: Re: Sailor Moon LD
Posted: 21 Jul 2020, 20:16 

please use a crt tv to watch your Ldiscs.

It is the way. I've never been happy with tapes or LDs on anything else.

I was wondering about the colors of these captures myself but I am very much not an expert, they just seemed off to me.

Id like to know if anyone has their favorite anime's on multiple formats just to compare sizes and color .

A few. I generally do not because of the big shipping cost from Japan for big LD sets. Every anime tv series set I do have, shipping was more than the item.

Something I do have in multiple formats is Ghost in the Shell. The LD is my favorite.

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 Post subject: Re: Sailor Moon LD
Posted: 22 Jul 2020, 18:14 

If this all sounds like LD and CRT are black magic well that is basically true.

You can spend a lot of money on upscalers/processors and spend a lot of time tweaking them. I have done this myself. Lumagen, DVDO, Micomsoft, Extron, Faroudja, Silicon Optix I still own processors from all these companies. Many are in chains that I use daily but not for LD. Or you can hook it up to a CRT and it will look better. For LD I think HD CRT sets are just amazing but standard def is fine too.

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Posted: 31 Jul 2020, 03:37 

Watched the Crusher Joe OVAs on my new projector. Looked absolutely stunning.

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Posted: 31 Jul 2020, 03:48 

No so much deals but nothing rare on there anymore or cheap that I can find.

Been looking for the past 2 months, some cool stuff but odd to see Lensman the movie sell for 140 and an Ultraman
disc I sold on ebay for 65 sold on YJ for 300.

Yes these rare box sets are very cheap now but can't you get UY on DVD or Bluray now? That's why its so cheap.

Very few rare unique LDs on there, lots of the same stuff over and over.
Guess most has been tossed :(

You COULD but the price is outrageous.

That's just part of it.

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Posted: 01 Aug 2020, 15:33 

....thank you sir, it is 800 bucks! WHAAAT ?

Did you not know that this is what these things cost?

Most 50 ep TV series were about $800, usually sold in two half-boxes for $400 each. OVAs like Bubblegum Crisis, Giant Robo, etc were $100 per episode. The UY box set was...I want to say $5000? I can’t remember.

Not what they cost, it is the crazy price japs put on them when there was nothing above LD quality for otakus, and a rare one episode OVA on VHS also at 8.000 yen like Cosmos pink shock for example is again the crazy price they put to a cheap cassette to save the production

That is how it has always worked in Japan. The top format is very expensive because they are not targeting the common person as their market. So I think Zeta's point is what the retail price was.

I bet the sales of the UY LD Boxes were pretty low in japan and near cero outside japan
Criterion USA are 39-49$ per disc not 100, and Signatures(jap) are more than double the price of the Signatures (usa). The jap editions are hard covers and kanjis look great but crazy expensive

Probably so, especially since you would have needed to know Japanese at the time to watch it. Plus that price point does just generally not work in the US. Aniplex and Ponycan tried, it did not go well for them. Aniplex packed up their toys in a huff but is back now with a slightly new but still bad approach.

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Posted: 16 Aug 2020, 01:00 

Cels are a great medium because even mediocre drawings look amazing as a cel...but drawings that are really really good lose a lot when they become cels. Because of this the cel is a sort of equalizer valve. The anime industry doesn’t need people who can draw well beyond a certain point but if you can draw OK you’ll fit. As the budgets fell out and producers were trying to save money...eventually they just fired everyone and outsourced it all to Korea. The anime industry that existed in the 80s Japan is somewhat gone. I say that because if you call up a studio in Japan to have them make something they will send all the grunt work to Korea. Even Ghibli has a studio in Korea. To me this is what’s lacking in new anime as much as cowardly producers. The people aren’t working together anymore. No kid can paint Transformers cels in a guys attic after school and see them on TV a week later. Those days feel like 1000 years in the past.

I think there is a lot of truth to this. There is still newer anime made passionately with soul as there was garbage older stuff just churned out for quick profit but there is no denying that the vast majority of series now are complete trash. This isn't even nostalgia either as I'm not overly fond of the time period of when I got into anime which was the early to mid 2000s. I had to work backwards to discover 80s/90s gems. There was at least still some more ambitious stuff then. Ergo Proxy never happens now.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2020, 18:14 

My advice is to close your browser and never come back. Star Wars on LD isn’t as magical as people think it is. Just pirate some perfect cut and be done with it.

I have multiple SW releases on LD (the cost of acquiring lots) and the "bootleg" theater cut HD stuff. Without a doubt, the bootleg is leagues better. The old Japanese releases feel like you are in a dingy old theater which, is perfect if that's what you are after. Personally I like both and would not sell my Japanese LDs.

I would agree with the sentiment of don't come into LD just for Star Wars.

I also back what shopkins is saying. LD is best when it's cheap. I acquired a player and 95 LD for $175 as well as two players (including an S1) and about 200 LD for $200. Then a couple other medium purchases/trades for multiple LD. That's the way you want to do it. If you can get deals like that, I think it's worth it provided you have the space and don't mind LD pq. The movies should be cheap because outside of extremely niche stuff these movies are available on BD and are much better on that format.

A lot of early DVD's were rushed to market and are full screen with stereo sound and cheap transfers.

Few LD's can compare to later DVD's and Blurays, but i'd argue that the late 90's LD's, when they were a premium product, compare VERY favorably and are sometimes superior to early DVD pressings that were rushed to market.

I'd take a widescreen LD with AC3 over a fullscreen DVD in stereo/pro-logic ANY day.

Very well stated. Early DVD is often trash. Even Criterion re-issued stuff. Late DVD is often quite good especially if you aren't watching on that big of a screen.

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Posted: 25 Aug 2020, 20:37 

My problem is more so availability. A lot of the stuff I would love to have is anime that is probably sitting in a junk shop in Japan.
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