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Posted: 11 Oct 2017, 14:45 

I just won the following from an E-bay seller: .

This box can accept 2 composite and 2 component inputs (both video and audio) and convert the video from 480 to 1080. The audio is digitized and output through a toslink jack. The box will also accept 3 HDMI sources. You can then select from 7 inputs to output to the one HDMI jack. See the item description for more details.

In some situations, this "box" maybe helpful. I am going to use the box for my CED players. Their video is not that great; but, the HDMI is version 1.3 so it should not matter.

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Posted: 28 Oct 2017, 20:42 

The following applies to the majority of Sony AVR's. Check your owner's manual if you have a non-Sony AVR.

On my AVR (Sony DA3300ES), there are a number of inputs on the back. For the DVD input, there are usually 2 analog audio jacks, a composite video jack and a Toslink/coaxial input for digital audio. When there are signals on the DVD inputs, the AVR will take the digital audio over the analog audio for sound. If there is no digital audio, the AVR will switch to the analog audio. For the Sony, this is its normal operation.

Sony SDP-E800:

The E800 has an analog input on the back and you switch to it using the button on the front. Say you have an LD connected to the digital 1 input. This will give you digital sound when you press the digital 1 button on the front. If you want to play an LD without digital sound, you are out of luck with this setup. To get around this, connect the composite video and analog audio outputs of the LD player to the analog analog and video jacks on the back of the E800. Now, connect the front L and R outputs on the back of the E800 to the analog inputs that you are using for the E800 on the back of your AVR. Now when you want to play a non-digital sound LD, you press the analog button on the front of the E800.

You may ask how is the above possible. I found out that when you press the E800's analog button, the red carrier light in the digital out of the E800 is turned off. The lack of the carrier causes a Sony AVR to switch to the analog audio.

As of this writing, I have not tested the above thoroughly yet. Maybe someone else could verify the above.

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Posted: 03 Nov 2017, 00:19 

Here is the service manual for the MDP-650:

There are 2 of them so select whichever. I have not inspected the two to see if there is any difference. I will leave that up to you.

(I have downloaded the SM for my MDP-600 just to have it. You never know when an "off-brand" player could die.)

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 Post subject: Re: Repair Options?
Posted: 09 Mar 2018, 15:24 


I'm just wondering is there anyone in the United States; preferably east of the Mississippi, and even more preferably, New York that works on vintage electronics anymore such as CED? I have a 400 series player that has a busted rod transfer gear and while I do have a replacement gear coming, I do not have the tools or space to affect a successful repair. Thoughts? Options?


Several things:

1) Do you know about Go there and request a membership and post your problem. There are a number of hobbyists that repair CED players and any number of them can help you.

2) Are you talking about the transfer rod coupling? I have changed the coupling on an SJT-200 and found it to be a bear of a job.

3) Go here: for a service manual for your SJT-400.
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