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Posted: 05 Sep 2017, 00:34 

Hello all,

My name is Keith Shores. I am a private investigator and I have helped two of you recover Laser Disc Players from Duncan Hunter. I would like to let you all know that I have made arrangements with Duncan to locate, recover and return property to those who would like to contact me and agree to my offer.

I charge $75.00 per hour and only charge for the time it takes to pick up the property and deliver it to a shipper to ship it back to you. This usually takes two hours and I don't charge for the few phone calls and or emails I have to send to Duncan to initiate the search. I realize much more than this is not optimal return on investment for you but it is literally as low as I can go. Duncan contacts me when he has located the property and I pick it up and deliver it to the shipper. It is your responsibility to pay for shipping as well and this can usually be accomplished by setting up an account with UPS, FedEx or USPS. I recommend FedEx as this has been the least expensive alternative to date (under $50.00).

Some things to consider:

I can't guarantee what shape the property will be in when I recover it or if it will be properly packed. My experience so far has been that the ones I have recovered so far were not even unpacked and were sufficiently packed for re-shipping. If that is not the case for your property you will also be responsible for paying for the packing for shipping.

Duncan has so many items it takes quite some time to sift through them and find your property. If you are patient, I can likely recovery your property and get it back to you but there are no guarantees regarding condition of your property or how long the process will take. So far both have not even been unpacked from the original shipment so it is likely that the item you receive back will still not be working.

I have seen laser disc players around his storage area that are in varying states of repair and assembly. He has moved them all to a new location and they seem to be in a safer environment than the shed you have all seen in pictures on this forum.

Although Duncan has created quite a mess, I do not believe he intended for this to happen. He has stated to me that he wants to get your property back to you if he can. I believe he had good intentions and got in WAY over his head with the amount of work that came in. He has told me about several unfortunate issues he has had to endure and health problems. I am not a doctor but I think he may have dementia issues. I have not verified any of this. I am not an advocate for Duncan, just someone who wants to make this situation right for all involved.

You will ask yourself why Duncan does not pay to ship them back. That is a fair question and you could seek legal council regarding this but let me just say, I have seen the number of items he has in his possession and can tell you that, in my opinion (I am not an attorney and have not done research) the cost of an attorney would be more than the shipping cost you would pay and the $150.00 you would have to pay me to recover it for you. Even if you took legal action and won, I don't believe Duncan could ever afford to ship all of them back to their rightful owners.

I have to be careful not to run into the same problem Duncan has. I risk a landslide of interested clients who want to get their property back. I will take these requests on a case by case basis as I have time for them. I am a busy Private investigator who does everything from Executive Protection and Surveillance to Fugitive Recovery to Training and also run the apartment complex I live in. There are no guarantees I will be able to get to you in what you consider to be a timely manner. I will do my best and give everyone the same service I already have in this situation. If I cannot, I will stop taking cases until I can.

If you wish to pursue this option contact me at:

I am:

Keith Shores
Lead Investigator
Olympic Tactical and Investigations LLC
I am a licensed Private Investigator, Private Security Professional, Recovery Agent and Trainer.

I do not monitor this forum regularly so it is not a way to contact me. I thought it would be a good place to reach all of your at once and let you know there is hope if the conditions are right for you. I understand that some of you may want to cut your losses as they stand and I respect that.

Please no other contact until I have accepted your case and we have an agreement.

Thanks and good luck!
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