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 Post subject: Re: CLD-2090
Posted: 26 Jan 2019, 08:40 

The CLD-2090 is part of the same model year as the CLD-3090. The difference is that the 2090 does not have a digital field memory circuit as the 3090 and thus can't do any trick play effects on CLV discs.

The other models for that model year are the CLD-M90 (first five disc CD changer / LD player combo), CLD-990, and CLD-1090.

It doesn't appear to be the NTSC version of the CLD-2950.

That is for sure since the 2090/3090 are Alpha Turn units and the 2950 is a Gamma Turn unit that does appear to be the equivalent of a D503.

The player's output is quite solid, comparing it to the CLD-79 it has slightly more noise, and the black levels aren't quite as good, but it isn't a bad player.

I have the ProScan, PSLD43 which is a 2090 clone. I can't really judge the picture to other players since it's hard to do that w/ today's digital displays and I don't have all my players in one location to do an A / B comparison. However, it's looked upon as an average player for the most part but I do like it for its build quality (much more robust than the later Epsilon and Gamm Turn units).

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 Post subject: Re: CLD-R5 Fine Wide
Posted: 05 Feb 2019, 05:18 

The detailed written about the fine wide in the instruction manual

I think that it is not a high-performance one that is so effective

Since there is contour correction in the instruction manual,
I think that it is a sharpness effect
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