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 Post subject: Re: CLD-3030 Dolby AC3 Mod
Posted: 18 Feb 2019, 01:45 

Here are all the points you need for the CLD-3030 (CLD-99S)...

Wide view from bottom

Close up view of the AFM and Mute point

The points for +5vdc (red), -5vdc (blue), and GND (black) can be found anywhere and clearly labeled so you don't have to use the points I chose on my player.

Now you just need to build an AC3-RF board for the player.

Hope this helps. :)

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Posted: 26 Apr 2021, 03:18 

Hey everyone. I came across a CLD-505 at a Goodwill for $19.99, took her home and found a broken M Mount inside. I did research looking for replacements and of course discovered they were no longer being produced. I then searched for files to 3D print a new one and found that others were working on them, but not much progress or public releases. So I started trying to create my own in the last 2 weeks and have successfully created a working prototype. It's by no means perfect and could probably still use some tweaking, which is why I am fully releasing not only .STL files, but also model files in Fusion 360 and .STEP format for others to tweak the design themselves. I've released the files to the public domain without any restrictions.

You can find the files on my Thingiverse page here :

Also available at Prusa Printers :

I've modified the design of the original to accept metal shafts which can be found on Amazon.
The smaller of the 2 gears has a 2mm inner diameter for the shafts, and the larger gear is 2.5mm.

2.0mm :
2.5mm :

This is more of a DIY solution. You must be willing to tinker around and assemble the part. It's working for me, but YMMV.

Hope this helps!
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