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Posted: 31 Aug 2021, 03:52 

I come from the old school so I'm partial to the era. I've been meaning to get one for years. There are also some Japanese releases that were never released anywhere else so it was just time :)

The best reason to get a laserdisc player is because you want one. I've had one for thirty years and never regretted it. I've got a lot of discs over the years but who cares? It's my money. As long as you're not neglecting your family it's a great hobby. I also really enjoy searching through old collections at garage sales and second-hand stores (some countries like Japan are amazing for this), though that has become less frequent in recent years. I will probably never get a PAL player but I have found PAL discs in the past that were cool, like Charro!, a Star Trek tribbles box, or animated Lone Ranger discs.

I've had people tell me over the years that I should buy VHS or DVD or what-ever. I haven't seen any reason to do it. It's not like my eyesight is getting better with age anyways! :P

Having been stuck at home more for the past two years, I've still been finding new movies and shows to watch, plus I still enjoy re-watching my favorites all the time.
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