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Posted: 21 Jan 2017, 19:58 

And another round of 30+ new manuals and service manuals!

New brands: Onkyo and Philips.

Tons of service manuals for SONY and Pioneer.


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Posted: 25 Jul 2018, 01:25 

You don’t have a picture?

It’s absolutely not retail and probably totally unique. I’d wager each clip had some use of its own. Discovision era, 1981, means there were no recordables at the time and therefore this was very expensive to make. In 1981 the format was still being very actively developed and there were some unsolved issues with the format. I would assume they were at MIT for a technical reason. Summer 81 was the format’s first wide-ish launch, or some time in 81 anyway. This was probably work done in preparation for that.

Please digitize and preserve it as well as possible and quickly.

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Posted: 26 Jul 2018, 04:07 

I'm not 100% positive of anything, I just know that I can turn CX off and on via the remote, which is something I don't think you can do on non-CX discs. But this is all still new enough to me that it may be a quirk of my system. I'm using a Pioneer CLD-D701, if that helps. Once happycube has the disc, hopefully he can double-check my work and update/fix anything I got wrong. :)


Added => M.I.T. Summer Session 1981 (1981) [07708]


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Posted: 31 Jul 2018, 07:33 

I've got the disk! The signal quality is a bit off - there's a sort of internal staining effect that might be affecting SNR/signal quality quite a bit, but it's playable. (I saw a very similar effect last night on a Toshiba/EMI BGV demo disk which had a stained cover - I think it might be a water stain effect. water-rot?) I've got a rough DVD-R .zip I made using a Panasonic DVD recorder that's on it's way to Google Drive right now. It'll be a while until I have something better.

Link here (for a few days @ least):

And yeah - I think Disclord would've loved this too.

Also, a couple of 1981 era MIT papers I found (not about this, but other stuff they were doing):
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