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Posted: 08 Aug 2018, 17:33 

@Rein-o: Yes, when watching discs. Tried several ones and it happens on both CLV and CAV titles. Weird because on the blue screen (idle screen), it doesn't show anything like that. Only the vertical ones as shown above. But when you play a movie, you get these weird zigzag pattern. It's like interference, but again, not sure what's causing it as my other four players don't have issue.

Kind of sounds like you have two separate issues going on. But I'm no expert on repair/diagnosis.

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Posted: 08 Aug 2018, 17:50 

Another possible issue besides what I brought (bad caps) could even be aged glue on the boards. I have a Mitsubishi VCR that exhibited odd scan line drops when playing tapes (but its blue screen and tuner looked fine) that wasn't caused by bad tapes. The shop I worked @ looked it over and they found that some of the issues (not all) was the aged glue starting to breakdown and causing some odd interference.

This may or may not be the issue with your LD player but it be worth a look (especially in the video section of the player).

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Posted: 11 Aug 2018, 00:33 

You need to clear the blue screen noise before looking at anything else. You have an oscillating noise in your player and it will affect everything. My guess would start with a bad power supply or try re-capping all the electrolytic.
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