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Posted: 09 Dec 2018, 02:55 

Very nice setup forper.

forper wrote:
It stopped firing up once and I did surgery on it for a week to install a new chip.

Are parts that readily available for these?

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Posted: 12 Jan 2019, 05:55 

CLD-D702 CU-CLD068

Based on manuals uploaded here:
CLD-3080 CU-CLD024
CLD-97 CU-CLD090
CLD-D504 CU-CLD112
LD-S1 CU-LD008
LD-S2 CU-LD019

For my CLD-1070 I have CU-CLD017 which *should* be the original remote.

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 Post subject: Re: Sony MDP 650D
Posted: 27 Jan 2019, 17:56 

Have you taken a look at the service manual? The one for MDP-650D isn't uploaded here, but I do see that it is available for free online. It covers tray removal and gear alignment.

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Posted: 03 Feb 2019, 22:32 

How is your back :lol:

Managed to get it out of its car to its final destination. I have a feeling if it had the side panels on it, that extra 2lbs would have been too much :lol:

$600 is a lot of money. I feel you either need to be affluent or have an unhealthy obsession with LD. I'm the latter. Yes, it does look ridiculously good.

I'm hoping there are no issues with it since I was only able to spot check it. No telling if this was moved improperly before I got there. :|

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 Post subject: Re: How about a Discord ?
Posted: 03 Apr 2019, 03:25 

signofzeta wrote:
This forum lets us put all our thoughts out in well formatted posts that are actually worth something an hour or a year later
signofzeta wrote:
When you make your posts on this forum you make it better and better.

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