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Posted: 15 Sep 2018, 17:48 

Just curious, in theory could I swap out the ABT2010 chip in my Yamaha receiver for the ABT2015?

I stumbled across Anchor Bay's info sheet which proudly proclaimed "The ABT2015 is pin-for-pin compatible with the ABT2010."

Other than it being technically beyond my ability for the de-solder/re-solder, what would the results be?
What "improvments" are on the 2015 that are not on the 2010?
Would it be more like swapping out a CPU where everything just works better,
or would firmware be necessary to access new features making this have little or no difference w/o it.

I do have a local repair guy I might trust & the part isn't very expensive.

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Posted: 25 May 2019, 04:14 

Here's an interesting page I ran across:

Showing several industrial series remote/unit pairs:
CU-V113 (aka DXR1036) Wireless Remote & UC-V109BC Pen-type Barcode Reader for CLD-V2800, CLD-V2600,
CU-V113 only listed for the CLD-V2400 & CLD-V2300.
With this description:
Barcode Reader & Remote Control
(for Industrial DVD and CLD Players)
This affordable pen-type scanner for Industrial LD & DVD players is slim, lightweight and easy to use. Simply trace the light-tipped end over the barcode, while holding the "read" button, allowing instantaneous access to any frame.

Also a basic lightweight wireless remote with pause, play, scan, still/step and skip button controls. Functions with most Pioneer LaserDisc and DVD players, including Home Entertainment models (barcode functions only with Industrial/Educational LB2 players).
With this description:
Pioneer Industrial Wireless Remote Control
DXR1036 (aka CU-V113) for CLD-V series
This large button, membrane surface, durable remote is for use with most Pioneer CLD industrial players, particularly the CLD-V2400, CLD-V2300D, CLD-V2600 and CLD-V2800. Primary functions are clearly marked and easy to use: Play, Pause, Stop, FF/FR, StepF/R, Search, Repeat, etc.

RU-V103 for LD-V series

Note: "REJECT" button functions as "STOP", does not open disc drawer.

also see UC-V109BC: Pen-type Barcode Reader
(functions as basic light weight Wireless Remote Control: pause, play, scan, still/step, skip)

...may be more in some of the site's other links.

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Posted: 03 Jun 2019, 17:58 

"There is no privacy; only privacy settings."
(Can't remember where I read that... so true.)
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