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Posted: 31 Dec 2019, 21:30 


I'm thinking of picking up the Blu Ray but the UK 101 release doesn't appear to have the Sensurround track. The Shout Factory USA Blu and the German Koch Blu both have the Sensurround track.

For me this is a critical component. Yes, Rollercoaster is a great film, but I would LOVE to experience the Sensurround track. Crank the subwoofer up and destroy the foundations of my house!

Do any of the LD releases carry the Sensurround track? For that matter do any releases of Earthquake or any other Sensurround films have said audio tracks on their LD releases?

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Posted: 03 Jan 2020, 11:46 

Tightly curated?? Are you joking right? They look like the most random titles I could think of> all look weird and great though, congratulations

Yep. Tightly curated to me! :lol:

My rule of thumb is to try and buy discs unavailable on other formats, or perhaps OOP and too expensive on other formats. Also curiosities, oddball stuff, interesting stuff and then things like Cannon, Vestron, New World Cinema, Guild sub par movies. That Dirk Benedict and Linda Blair film for me was a must. I bought Blue Tornado on DVD the other day, starring Dirk Benedict and Patsy Kensit. It turned out to be directed by Dario Argento's favourite editor (worked on Demons and Demons 2 etc etc). it was surprisingly good. Figured I'd give Ruckus a try. Ye can't beat a bit of Face from the A Team in films! :mrgreen:

If it's available on Blu Ray or UHD that is where I start first. If not I go to DVD. Then VHS or LD (whichever is cheaper/better print/different cut etc). Or I mix it all up depending on what the cut/commentary/extras etc are. A good example being The Thing. I bought the HD-DVD of that too. Still looking for the LD of it with the extra commentary on it (I think it's on a 1998 R1 DVD too so I bought that for now).

Then finally there's just the other 'stuff'. Oddball documentaries. Weird subjects. OOP anime (Goddam!!, Urban Square and Future War 198X - which was worked on by Toshio Maeda! - and other 80's/90's anime are my favourites). 3D stuff. Odd music projects, the Canyon project for example. I got an AC-3 demodulator a while back from Japan. I have to run it on a step down transformer and it's hassle just for the couple of AC-3 titles in my collection, but feck it, I'm curious to see how it all works and sounds like.

I think there's lots to see and explore on different formats that may otherwise never see the light of day again. That's the joy of LD collecting for me, and why I think of my collecting habits/collection as tightly curated. :thumbup:

Ordered and to arrive shortly: Hercules in New York. Schwarzenegger's first American film, iirc. Pan and Scan, mono analog. Can't wait!
It's hilarious that they both dubbed over his voice in that movie, and credited him as "Arnold Strong".

Have fun with it. It's a real kick & a laugh.

I have this on R2 DVD from years ago. It was released by Hollywood DVD. The quality of the transfer is really good too (the video, not Arnold's voice :lol: ).

The opening credits have Arnie listed as Arnold Strong (Mr Universe)! The cover makes a big deal about it being the first time his real voice is heard. You know what is odd though? I can't seem to find the film with Arnie's voice dubbed over. Is that present on a separate channel on the LD? If so I would love to pick up a copy as I can't find the dubbed version anywhere.


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Posted: 08 Jan 2020, 11:23 

Nice, always wanted that Starflight One but now collecting habits have changed and I no longer want it but I know its a cool one.

I love 70's disaster films! :lol: I couldn't wait and watched Rollercoaster uncut yesterday. The 101 Films Blu looks like the Shout Factory release (it uses the same extras as they are copyright/presented by SF). The bitrates seem to match too. Still going to get the German Blu as it has a whopper bitrate and the all-important Sensurround audio track that apparently the LD releases don't have. Still a superb film to this day. Timothy Bottoms is awesome as 'The Young Man'. I didn't realise the daughter in the film is a very young Helen Hunt!

Yeah Starflight One was on my list for the longest time but it was about tracking it down. I don't think there was a US or EU release on LD? I know there is a German DVD of it, but I don't think the transfer is very good. Maybe someone else will know?

In my opinion it's the kind of film that is crying out for a boutique Blu! I'd also add The Last Chase and Killer Fish to that list. Maybe a boutique Lee Majors box set!? Imagine! :o

Mannequin I think already has a Blu release. However I think it may be a slightly different version on the Japanese LD. I'm not 100% sure. I picked it up for the retina-shattering sleeve colour and because I don't seem to watch anything made after 1999. :lol:

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Posted: 15 Jan 2020, 14:27 

I bought a copy about 3 weeks ago of Deathstalker III. A very lucky find in my opinion. I am looking for Deathstalker IV now but I think that wasn't released on LD was it?

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Posted: 01 Feb 2020, 13:42 


I thought to share this blog post I wrote here. Hopefully to inspire folks who may be looking for new films to watch.

For no reason at all I ended up watching a film a day over January 2020 and posted the results (ranked in order) and shared some thoughts on what I watched.

Anyone else done something similar over a month or more?
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