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 Post subject: Re: Greetings from Ireland!
Posted: 18 Nov 2018, 03:57 

Big LDDB welcome to the Isles of Erin .....

Connas Da Tu ! ? !

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 Post subject: Re: Greetings from Ireland!
Posted: 18 Nov 2018, 18:54 

I like your webpage. Rather, I like that you even have a webpage instead of linking us to Facebook or God help us another Youtubber. Keep it going and I’ll keep reading it.

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Posted: 19 Nov 2018, 13:54 

That looks perfect for a few low power Japanese devices in the UK:

If you intend to get more Japanese devices, you might want a slightly bigger one with a multi-socket strip.


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 Post subject: Re: Greetings from Ireland!
Posted: 19 Nov 2018, 16:09 

Loved the Macross game page, I had that disc, mine was really rotted but it is very rare.
Had to sell it a few months ago.

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 Post subject: Re: Pioneer vs Yamaha
Posted: 27 Nov 2018, 15:33 

If you must have AC-3 then the best thing to get are the stand alone pieces.

What you have is good enough, if you want to get one of the decoders that has all the inputs and outputs then piggyback that into a larger AV then fine.

But you are just going to be buying the same things in different shapes.

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Posted: 14 Dec 2018, 03:07 

Hello everyone,

Our friend accuozo was kind enough to submit a lot of scanned versions of The Videophile (here's a quick tribute here ).

Mostly about non-LD matters but the "optical disc" does how up a few times and the discussion about U-matic, VHS and Betamax is already entertaining to read after so many years!



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Posted: 03 Oct 2019, 05:32 

Hello everyone!

For the longest time I believed that "Sample" copies with the sticker on the cover were simply normal production batches that were picked up randomly, got a sticker, and were shipped around as test/preview.

But I found out that I was a little wrong about it. They put a little more efforts in making sample (pre?) production batches because the disc labels ALSO indicate that the copy was a sampler.

It sometimes comes as an additional sticker on the label itself (見本盤) but most of the time the label is printed with these additional Kanjis.
That means they really made a separate batch of sampling copies before starting the real production batch.


SM058-3157 front.jpg SM058-3157 label.jpg


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Posted: 03 Jan 2020, 00:45 

Tightly curated?? Are you joking right? They look like the most random titles I could think of> all look weird and great though, congratulations

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Posted: 15 Jan 2020, 15:56 

teddanson wrote:
I bought a copy about 3 weeks ago of Deathstalker III. A very lucky find in my opinion. I am looking for Deathstalker IV now but I think that wasn't released on LD was it?

It was cancelled:

Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans (1991) [ID2804NH]


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 Post subject: Re: Angel Cop?
Posted: 02 Apr 2020, 13:59 

Perfect! I didn't spot it for some reason so thank you. I thought it was just the dub.

Right Stuff have it on their website for sale but as usual, international shipping to anywhere outside the USA just breaks hearts and souls. I'm getting it right now from WOW instead.

I did some more reading up this. The reason the Blu looks so soft is because of the source they used. Discotek used an original Betamax master which I think was a 1st gen tape from the original source; which was what? A broadcast Betamax as it wasn't shot on film?

Doesn't matter to me. It's highly doubtful we will ever see a better transfer of Angel Cop so I'll take what I can get. Is it 100% uncensored though? Taking the source tape in to account again my hunch is it is?

Probably a good time to pick up the Blu, I don't think the print run for this would be particularly high. Also, I'm drawing blanks on any LD's at all. Did find a Japanese DVD box set though!

Your welcome, hope you enjoy it.

It should be uncensored (I don't think Discotek has a history of censoring) but I don't have this particular BD to check.

As far as print run I was recently listening to a podcast with Justin Sevakis and he said some of their smaller titles are lucky to sell 1000 copies. Not sure if Angel Cop is in that range but it definitely re-affirmed that I should be buying anything from them that I want pretty quickly. He said stuff like Lupin pays for multiple other releases essentially.

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Posted: 22 Apr 2020, 21:56 

Regarding the 925....oh yes and don't you just love the way the expensive luxurious plastic facia creaks & squeaks should you wish to push the front power button of a machine so light that the whole player almost moves aswell lol! What did we European PAL nations do to deserve this as our high end player especially as a replacement for the previous far superior build 2950? Jeez Americans & Japanese etc. really don't know they are born :D

Anyway your post really cracked me up when I first read it (infact still got a smile on my face) but it's also got me drooling too about this disc, although noting your words of warning I'm presuming its one PDO UKs finest so just wondering if there is a US or Japan release of this also?

Regards, Steve.

Ah here now come on! I love my CLD-D925! I bought it back in 2013 and it was like new, fully boxed with paperwork etc. She's my treasure, my sole link to the world of Laserdisc! With that said a 919E would take it's place in a heartbeat but I cover my CLD-D925's AV ports whenever I contemplate the 919E out loud. :mrgreen:

I don't think this whopper classical disc received a USA release (unless someone else can verify?). These things are genuinely not my thing. I have one other one in my collection by this eccentric bloke who made a classical album and then dragged an ensemble out to the Grand Canyon to shoot a feature length film for his magnum musical opus! It's in my collection, look up the name in there somewhere.

I love weird crap like that. You wouldn't see the likes of it made today.

Regarding this disc, I think I maybe got lucky that the disc was in such good playback condition (physically it doesn't look so great, which baffles me how it plays back so well). The sound on this thing though is truly tremendous and made my little AV setup actually sing.

There's a slightly odd looking chap who's a cross between that Dr. Whatshisname who does the Nintendo Brain Training games and a serial killer. He plays the cello with the other 3 chaps in their 'Be Sharps' quartet of geography teachers. His cello actually made my subwoofer gurgle and burble rather handsomely. If anything this disc is a testament to how good Laserdisc audio actually was. Well, it blew my socks off anyway, but I'm easily pleased. :thumbup:

Ah, was only joking regarding the 925 (build quality aside) I've had this one for around ten years now and it's never put a foot wrong tbh, kept another one as back up until about a year ago but sold it on. Would love to get hold of another 2950 the player that introduced me to the format back in 1995 which was purchased brand new, it had a smoother less digital looking image than the 925 although perhaps a tad softer which I think is my preference. Anyway Ted with the way you've been banging on about this classical CD Video disc any potential seller will by now be hiking its asking price to T2 Squeezed THX version insane levels no doubt! Well done you :lol:

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Posted: 22 Apr 2020, 22:54 

teddanson wrote:
Opened up a repair thread. Just about to post a video.

Hopefully something simple.

Just seen that, fingers crossed there's no actual damage and you manage to sort it.

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 Post subject: Re: [CLD-D925] E0 Error
Posted: 23 Apr 2020, 22:57 

Remove the plastic notch on the back of the chassis to see if you can get a better look. I can't tell what (if anything) is getting caught here. The pickup is bouncing back and forth right about where the mechanism tilts up/down on the side change.

For reference:

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Posted: 23 Apr 2020, 22:58 

No real reason to be honest other than I read somewhere that it is basically a 925 with a DVD player stuck on it.

What other European players would you recommend that meet my specs list? Open to all ideas. :thumbup:

I am no expert here but pretty sure it is not a 925 with a DVD player stuck on it.

One of the few places that will still take on laserdisc player repairs here in Glasgow commented on the 925 that I took in for repair a few years ago which they managed to do & the guy did know about the various UK players. He did state that the 925 was the best of all the UK models & when I mentioned the 919E that I had at the time he really did not rate it, he thought it was a nice looking machine but that was all then running through why he would have the 925 over the LD DVD combo players. He compared the picture quality to be very similar to the 515 & I would agree on that one, quite a soft image.

I do love my 925 & don't think I will find anything better at a price I can afford here in the UK unless I win the lottery but as I don't buy a ticket that is not going to happen.

Your 925 packed in after spinning a warped disc? How bad was the warp as any slightly warped discs that have been spun in my 925 were a little louder when playing but no other issues thankfully. Can the player not be fixed?

Hope you find a good player at the right price for you.

Good luck with the hunt :thumbup: .

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Posted: 24 Apr 2020, 07:44 

ted, your posts are so awesome..hahahha

teddanson wrote:
swamp insurance

:lol: Damn what is this a reference to? hope you can tell me, I'm too dumb to work it out myself but I feel like it's a reference to something I know..

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 Post subject: Re: Akira 4K Remaster
Posted: 25 Apr 2020, 17:33 

I have the two Demon Records releases on CD. Where can I get the DSD?

HDTracks 192Khz/24bit DR=12
HDTracks DSD5.6MHz DR=13

Or if you want to go the extra mile: the DVD Audio (v1.01) in 192Khz/24bit 4.1ch mix.


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 Post subject: Re: Eraser (1996)
Posted: 30 Apr 2020, 13:44 

Definitely not cut in the UK:

From that page you linked to, under details>remarks
This film was originally seen by the BBFC in an unfinished version, for advice as to the film's suitability at '12A'. The BBFC advised the company that the torture scene placed too much emphasis on both the infliction of pain and the sadism of the villain for the requested '12A' category. When the completed version of the film was submitted for classification, reductions to the torture sequence had been made, including the removal of lingering shots of the rope, close shots of Bond's facial reaction and the substitution of a more distant shot of the beating compared to the original version. This re-edited version of the scene was considered acceptable at '12A', where the Guidelines permit violence provided there is no dwelling on detail or emphasis on injuries.

So yeah, as I thought. The initial UK version had the torture scene partially cut down so it could get a 12 certificate. The 2012 release, which has 15 certificate, is uncut.

US initial version had cuts to get a PG-13 rating but maybe not that torture scene, there were cuts to some fights. This cut version was used for DVD/BD releases.

German initial version has at least one tiny cut, although the DVD might be uncut idk.

Chinese version has a lot of violence cut out including torture.

The Australian version has always been uncut afaik, some other countries probably always got that same original version (which was available on UK BD in 2012).

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 Post subject: Re: Wishlist shopping
Posted: 01 May 2020, 05:10 

Added another filter for "Wishlist with conditions" and improved the visuals:


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Posted: 01 May 2020, 15:54 

Are you kidding? Yes. I have spare grip rings and seven players. Collecting LD with one player is walking a tightrope.

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 Post subject: Re: [CLD-D925] E0 Error
Posted: 01 May 2020, 23:37 

Fingers crossed for you here as well.

Hope the outcome is positive & you are spinning your big silver discs again.

Cheers :thumbup:

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 Post subject: Re: Akira 4K Remaster
Posted: 02 May 2020, 18:47 

Screenshots are up now.

Must say that, judging from these captures, I am not convinced to upgrade from my 10+ year old UK Blu-Ray. While the former release still has its share of issues, the new one suffers from serious noise reduction that I do find very frustrating. At the same time, improvements in terms of sharpness and color timing are not very apparent. I'm fully aware of that film restoration is very expensive and takes time, plus I have no idea what kind of limitations the team had to face so I'm not saying they've done a bad job. It's just that the end product isn't enough for me to buy it once more. Oh well, saves me some money at least.

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Posted: 03 May 2020, 16:38 

I have open my APD-1 (japanese) to verify.

There is a strap between BE and BR. And the manual seems to indicate that if i made a strap between RE and BE, it will switch to 230 V. (on the bottom right corner)

The photo is here :

Actually, i have not tried, beacause i will not broke it, and i have only this model.

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Posted: 03 May 2020, 17:38 

All the flippers do is hoard rare discs that people want to actually watch while not watching them and holding onto them until the end of time where they will remain forever unseen, all because they refused to lower their stupid BiN prices to something reasonable.

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 Post subject: Re: Akira 4K Remaster
Posted: 05 May 2020, 16:51 

Waiting on Julien's review first before I put in an order.

Watched it tonight!

The image is really, really clean and steady but it does looks a little less colorful than it used to but it may be because of the HDR->SDR conversion.
Will try the BD version another time and run the CLV LD in parallel to switch from one to the other via the Radiance VP.

Also had to adjust my speakers, the dialogs on the central speaker were half lost in the loud multi-channel soundtrack.
The TrueHD 5.1ch 192kHz (announced at 24bit reported at actually 16bit ?) brings a LOT more surround efects/ambiance. The DD 5.1ch is more focused on the front with less dynamics, of course. Haven't tried the Linear PCM Surround (probably a port from the Laserdisc?) or the English soundtrack.

Nice English subtitles, quite good.

English subtitles on the bonus disc only apply to trailers and TV spots, not the remaster making of :-/

It's been 22 years yet the animation details are still amazing.
The "Akira Sound Clip" is a direct port of Akira: Sound Clip (1988) [LM025-8108] I think. They apologize for the video noise in the introduction.

Weird to see Tokyo 2020 Olympics cancelled and the army calling for a state of emergency in Tokyo!


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Posted: 06 May 2020, 18:14 

Superbit is a marketing term. It is not a standard. Sony released some titles under Superbit. These titles have no special content on the first disc but the entire disc is used for the film. This allowed much higher bitrates. It is not a constant bitrate but highest possible depending on the length of the film. They also advertised full bitrate DTS audio but this is not true. Full bitrate DTS is 1.5mbps on DVD (1.4 mbps on LD) but only used on 25 or so titles ever. All other DTS discs including all Superbit discs are at half bitrate of 768kbps. It is nevertheless higher than DD at 384kbps (320kbps on LD).

Sony did the same thing for Blu-rays and called those Super Bit Mapping (SBM) or Mastered in 4K titles. Some of these titles have huge “Mastered in 4K” on the front or some of them have a small SBM logo in the back. Same was done for Superbit, earlier titles have Superbit all over them but later ones had a small logo in the back (Ex.Panic Room). On the Blu-ray iteration Sony claims higher bitrates are used. If you use a later generation Sony blu-ray player with SBM, you get better picture when upscaled to 4K. Sony claims their SBM blu-ray players use the inverse formula of the downscaling algorithm used on their Blu-ray mastering (4K master downscaled to 1080p for Blu-ray). Does it work? I don’t think so. I believe all Sony video equipment applies artificial sharpening to achieve faux 4K from lesser resolutions. It is simply not possible to reconstruct bits that aren’t there in the first place.
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