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Posted: 10 Mar 2017, 09:40 

Try tweaking the pots. That was what people here recommended I do with my LD-S9. I now have an LD-S9 brick that was worse than before, but hey maybe it'll work for you.

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Posted: 14 Dec 2018, 23:23 

just some things but :
Deinterlacing : film mode for 90% of movies.
Color Space : 4.2.2
Auto aspect ratio : off
1:1 frame rate : on
frame rate : lock (60hz)

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Posted: 23 Mar 2021, 22:41 

Sorry guys...I have an EAD T-7000 with what I believe is a Dead Pickup...I bought the Magnavox CDV305(owned by Phillips) which is a clone of the Phillips CDV400 ..They are Very close ,butt no cigar...
Note the Clamper Assy on both and the belt that moves the Pickup Assy and the change on the EAD ,,,,No Belt..just gears..
The Theta
The Magnavox CDV305
The EAD T-7000
Compare the Pickups...note the slight difference

Hope this answers the question that the EAD T-7000 is Not built on the CDV400
The Theta Data II and the Monarchy(I asked him) are built on the Phillips CDV400 and the EAD?....I think its a slightly newer model...The Phillips LDP400 or its Magnavox clone...
Ive already dropped the money on the wrong unit,butt I think I can modify it to work...trim a bit of plastic near the track tube and drill 2 small holes for the tiny bolts that holds the track piece.
Interesting article by a guy that coveted the Theta II when he was young ,when he bought it years later and opened it up...well,,read the article...he reverse engineers it back to the Phillips.

This is my first post here ,and pictures too...I think I got it right...if I didnt?....Be nice...Im a Senior Citizen...lmao..

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 Post subject: Re: [LD-S9] E3 error
Posted: 03 May 2021, 13:58 

Based on the video and the Pioneer Error codes:

E3 = Slider problem at clamping stage

You seem to confirm the slider of the optical block is the one having issues since you can reset it manually.

During slider movement, a time over-run occurred (track count search 20 seconds, mandatory movement 10 seconds)

Probable cause(s):

Slider ceased being able to run
The slider mechanism is mechanically locked and can no longer move to its target
Slider position switch KO

Probably a good idea to focus on the slider!

I know the sound sequence of LD-S9 quite well and yours, when playing a disc, seems to spend too much time at each stage... multiple time outs?


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 Post subject: Re: [LD-S9] E3 error
Posted: 03 May 2021, 22:31 

This could also be a bad spot in the movement motor and it needs to be replaced, I have seen that in players. My first guess would have been the position microswitch.
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